The Best 7-Day Oahu Itinerary For Your First Time on the Big Island

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Hawaii always has a special attraction for people that cannot be found anywhere else. This will be a memorable trip with many memories that anyone will want to come back one more time. Joining the Oahu itinerary for 7 days will give you the opportunity to discover all the great things in this beautiful land. Some of the shares below will help you get the most meaningful trip for your holidays.

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Prepare before traveling to Oahu

Oahu is a paradise destination for those who love adventure journeys. People know this place as a small Hawaiian island located in the United States. Oahu is not only a peaceful destination, but also a favorite with tourists with many activities such as surfing culture, watching pristine wildlife and fresh pineapples.

Best time to visit Oahu

All visitors when they have free time can join the Oahu itinerary at any time. However, the best time to visit Oahu is recommended by many to get the best experience from April to June or you can also go from September to December. Because this time, Hotel rooms will be much cheaper, and at the same time less tourists will come here, so you will not have to be crowded.

Oahu has relatively stable weather, year-round weather without too much variation, often remaining between the high 60s and the low 80°F. However, it should also be noted that it is not recommended to come in May – October because the temperature is relatively hot. After these months, Oahu’s temperatures will drop and the weather will become cooler.

Overview of the Hawaiian island

Oahu Island has a history of formation more than 2 million years ago caused by volcanic eruptions. It is because of this formation that this small island has a diverse and interesting terrain that anyone wants to explore as an adventure. When traveling to Oahu, people will be able to witness firsthand the mountains, ridges, valleys and even picturesque waterfalls. This terrain condition is ideal for a long hike.

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If you choose the Oahu itinerary for a 7-day itinerary, choose to go to Oahu Island to enjoy the island atmosphere on the last day. Oahu Beach is located in the Pacific region characterized by big waves, with a variety of marine life, diverse marine life, and unique Polynesian historical sites. When traveling to this place, whatever you love can be experienced here.

Where to stay on Oahu?

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Located along Waikiki Beach, there are many luxury hotels with many different prices that people can choose based on the amount of money they have. Waikiki is also part of Oahu’s historical mix with modernity. In the early 15th century, Waikiki became the center of government of Oahu.

After a long time, in the 19th century, Waikiki was loved by many people and gradually became an ideal and attractive resort destination of the Hawaiian ruling family. At the beginning of the 20th century, the first luxury hotel was built here called Moana Surfrider. If you have a chance, you can also come and stay at this luxury hotel to experience it

Waikiki is the Oahu beach that offers the quintessential, unique. Especially with favorable conditions when adjacent to high-rise hotels, luxury shopping centers are full of everything and endless dining opportunities.

Some places besides Waikiki Beach that you can conveniently visit include: Diamond Head, Hanauma Bay and Pearl Harbor Memorial.

Accommodation in Waikiki

  • Hotel extension (budget)
  • Laylow (mid-range hotel)
  • Moana Surfrider (affordable luxury)
  • Espacio the Jewel of Waikiki (luxury)

North Shore is also one of the most popular places to visit besides Waikiki Beach. In addition, people can also find many other places to have the most meaningful trip and experience.

Accommodation on the North Shore

The North Shore of Oahu is also an ideal destination known for its many interesting activities: surfing, sea turtles and Dole Pineapple plantation. However, when you come here, you can only find the only resort to relax in, which is Turtle Bay. Besides, this place makes many people love because it is easy to find an Airbnb here to have a peaceful resting area, without the appearance of crowds.

Rent a car on Oahu

oahu road trip

It’s quicker to get from Oahu’s North Shore to Waikiki Beach if you choose to rent a car because it’s less than an hour’s drive away. You’ll also have plenty of time to get around the island of Oahu. A note for you when renting a car is that you should book in advance to ensure that you still have the car and the price is also much cheaper.

Some recommended places to visit in Oahu by car

  1. Ala Moana Beach
  2. Manoa Falls
  3. Diamond Head State Monument
  4. Hanauma Bay State Park
  5. Makapu’u Point Lighthouse
  6. Waimanalo Beach (as pictured)
  7. Lanikai Pillbox
  8. Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden
  9. Byodo-In Temple
  10. Kualoa Ranch
  11. Banzai Pipeline
  12. Sharks Cove
  13. Dole Plantation
  14. Paradise Cove Luau
  15. Coral Crater Adventure Park
  16. Hawaii Prince Golf Club
  17. Pearl Harbor
  18. Iolani Palace
  19. Kaka’ako street art murals
  20. Waikiki Beach

Oahu itinerary 7 days

It can be said that Oahu is the most culturally diverse island in Hawaii with no other island that can compare in this area. The offerings here are also extremely diverse with a wide range and no other island in the chain can compare with its contrast of services, wide range and completeness. The sharing about the Oahu itinerary in the 7-day itinerary below will help you have a trip with a fuller experience.

Day 1: Waikiki

When starting routes from the mainland, people will pass through the Honolulu site during the afternoon or evening time is best. The change of time will also cause problems for travelers especially those making their way from the east coast. When coming here, many people will still feel tired and need to rest and relax before starting new journeys.

best way to explore oahu
Waikiki is a peaceful destination for everyone

For a convenience trip, people can choose to rent a car at Honolulu Airport and choose a trip to Waikīkī. Luxury hotels are nearby, you can choose any of them within walking distance of Waikīkī Beach. Coming here people will not be able to wait but immediately dip their toes in the sand and go swimming. Watching the sunset on the beach offers beautiful views that you should not miss. The first day just takes time to enjoy the fresh air and feel the beauty and cool breeze here.

The first day has to travel long distances, so it depends on each person’s energy to get the right activity. People can have dinner outdoors, or have a quick snack. Enjoy a refreshing dinner or rest to start your next journey.

In which people can enlist to the Waikiki skyline with Leahi. From this location it is also possible to move to the looming Diamond crater.

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Day 2: Honolulu and the South Shore

oahu trip

If you come from an area with a different time zone than this, you may not be familiar with the local time. Then you will have a habit of waking up very early on the 2nd day. The early morning dawn on the sea is really peaceful, enjoy a cup of coffee then quietly walk along the beach on the way from Cong statue. stripped Kahanamoku to Kaimana Beach. Many sports lovers often choose to hike to the top of Diamond Head in the cool early morning weather.

After enjoying the morning, you can return to the hotel to have breakfast and prepare for the next trip. Pearl Harbor is the first destination you should explore for the second day. However, a note for you when coming here is to book in advance. Next on your journey head to Punchbowl Crater or ‘Iolani Palace.

One destination to help you discover the history of Hawai’i that you may be interested in is the Bishop Museum or the famous historical sites in Honolulu.

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After the tour then head back to Waikiki’s surfing experience directly on the beach, rent a board to join in. When you return to your hotel after a day of ch
oice, take a tour of Honolulu. Then people will go through the markets in Chinatown. Don’t miss the fun activity of taking a train through the historic center as well as choosing to visit a local brewery.

It is the process of finishing the trip early in the morning, then you will return to Waikiki and continue for the afternoon cruise on the beach. The activities are very gentle, you just need to sit, swim and relax. If you want to be more adventurous, join a surfing class, then go snorkeling, or you can also jump on a catamaran sail. There are also a number of other activities for everyone to participate in such as obstacle course sailing and paragliding.

On the riverside, there will be restaurants like Hula Grill, Deck at Queen Kapiolani Hotel, come here to enjoy dinner. Breweries, tiki bars and nightclubs, will help you discover the nightlife of this place.

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Day 3: The West Side

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Another new day has come, enjoy it with an early morning walk. Enjoy surfing, snorkeling, or swimming at the Beach with the family. Return to enjoy breakfast and prepare plenty of water, sunscreen, closed-toe shoes and snacks to continue today’s plan.

The West Side has a different topography, so there are often few tourists to choose from. However, this is considered a place with beautiful beaches and many interesting experiences. Yokohama Beach should be your first stop of the day, it’s located at the extreme north west end. If you want to go to a spot where you can spend a lot of time playing as well as see the entire coastline, go to Yokohama. This trail can take you to Ka’ena Point, which is a seabird sanctuary that can be seen on a walk along the ocean. Along the way you have the opportunity to see seabirds as well as fishes offshore.

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The beautiful sunset over the Waianae Mountains at Ka’ena point State Park is also a sight you should not miss.

To get to know and join local surfers make a stop at Mākaha Beach , popular with local surfers. Another interesting experiment is to visit Mao Organic Farm to enjoy a lunch invited by the people here.

If you want to participate in advanced snorkeling, the most suitable place is Electric sea, but you need to see if the seawater is calm. There is also a snorkeling tour to see dolphins or whales coming out of Wai’anae for anyone to sign up to join. If you want, everyone can watch the beautiful sunset to the west, otherwise return to Waikiki for dinner and glasses of wine.

Day 4: Kailua

First start the day with breakfast and rent a car to Windwardside , or head to the eastern slopes, where there are many beautiful views of the island. To move more easily, you can refer to the following ways:

People will cross the Pali Highway, moving to a tunnel in the Ko’olau Mountains. You can even go to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Windwardside. Don’t miss the opportunity to take beautiful photos as a souvenir at Pali Lookout. At the same time, when you stop here, you will experience and discover many hidden things in the historical battle that took place there.

Nu’uanu Pali State Wayside offers a beautiful view of Oahu’s northeast coast, especially the sunset view.

The second way you can get there is Windwardside along the coast, past Koko Head and through Hawaii Kai. When traveling on this route, it is advisable to stop at some places such as: Hālona Blowhole, Sandy’s Beach, and Makapu’u Lighthouse.

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Start your journey on day 4 with a destination in Kailua

The Oahu itinerary is a journey to experience, so you should not rush either way. Plan your stops in advance so you can stay on track, especially when choosing to take the second route. When choosing to go through Windwardside, the environment will change. That’s because the weather here is located in the east, so it receives the island’s heavy rainfall. This makes the landscape here tropical, so it is extremely lush, unlike the arid southern coast.

Kailua used to be as idyllic as a peaceful small town, but then thanks to its beautiful scenery, it has become a tourist attraction of many people’s interest. On this trip spend time at Kailua Beach or Lanikai Beach to see the long stretches of white sand, mountain views, clear blue water and offshore islands. This place will help you relax with the peace that you can’t find anywhere else.

If you are an active person, do not miss the activity of renting a kayak to paddle around the coast. If you don’t have experience with sailing, you can join a boating tour out to the offshore islands of Kailua and admire its beautiful scenery. You can also choose to go hiking in Kailua, including Lanikai Pillbox and Olomana.

Enjoy apricots at Buzz’s or visit Lanikai Brewery for a taste of natural food. There are also many options for dinner that you can refer to. Depending on people’s preferences, choose a hotel or rent a budget motel.

Day 5: Windwardside Road Trip to North Shore

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If you want to enjoy the fresh air of the Kailua coast, do not miss the early morning sunrise when the sun is about to rise. Waking up very early to walk along the beach waiting for the sun to rise is also an extremely interesting experience. Another experience that many people choose is walking to the Lanikai Pillbox early in the morning. Don’t forget to enjoy nutritious breakfasts at Kailua before heading out to replenish your energy.

Take the Kamehameha highway and you’ll come to Kane’ohe. It’s mostly locals, but an interesting destination is the Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden, with its unusual setting against the jagged peaks of the Koolau range. In addition, there are some more experiences you should not miss such as a visit to He’eia Fish Pond for an enriching, educational experience.

Passing through Kane’ohe, a new land will open, people will be attracted by the unexpected beauty of this place. Next on the way to the Kualoa farm, this location is suitable for family trips. Here people can participate in natural activities such as horseback riding or going to the movies. Kualoa Regional Park will be a suitable stop for everyone to rest after a long journey. The site also gives you the opportunity to see the island off Chinaman’s Hat, or large parts of Kane’ohe Bay. The view of the mountains at Kualoa Ranch is also thrilling.

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In addition to the above rides people can stop at stops like Kahana Bay or Laie Point. The Polynesian Cultural Center is also suitable for an enjoyable experience for the whole family. For lunch, you can head to Kenneke’s or Waiahole Poi Factory to enjoy local dishes.

Day 6: The North Shore

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North Shore has 2 seasons with markedly different weather and environmental conditions. In the summertime, there is usually a peaceful atmosphere, and in winter there will often be more surfing and swimming activities, so it is more complicated than in summer. When you want to get into the water, you need to have security support and safety checks otherwise you will be in danger.

When choosing to participate in activities, it is recommended to go along the North Shore. Choose tours to make beach activities safer. This location offers activities like kayaking on the Anahulu River, shark diving, horseback riding and snorkeling. You can choose whichever you like. When coming here in winter, don’t miss the experience of three North Shore getaways: Sunset Beach, Bonzai Pipeline, and Waimea Bay. There are often surfing competitions and many athletes practice here.

Two great sunset options that you can also try are snorkeling at Shark’s Cove or swimming in Waimea Bay. Looking at the Waimea Valley on the side of Waimea Bay, you will see a large tropical botanical garden. Besides, there is a waterfall but it is still safe because there are lifeguards, the whole family can participate in activities here. Along the highway, the beaches are quite peaceful and without the hustle and bustle.

Coming to the North Shore, you will not have to waste time looking for places to eat because there are many food trucks passing by. The signature dish that people recommend you try once is Giovanni or Fumi. These are local dishes, which everyone can enjoy a unique fusion at Pupukea Grill. In the vicinity there are many food carts with a variety of choices. Choose unique dishes to try and feel their flavors.

Fumis is popular with a famous North Shore shrimp truck, the shrimp species are all delicious because they are caught the same day and cooked by locals. In the evening, you can skip the fast food and go to another restaurant in Haleiwa, or Turtle Bay Resort. In addition, you can also buy your own ingredients to cook.

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Day 7: North Shore/ Central Oahu

When there is not enough time, everyone’s flight back to the mainland will often have to take place late at night. This also wants to show that it is possible for everyone to have their last day full of activities, enjoying the last day to its fullest. Mornings on the North Shore are suitable for all sorts of activities, you can sneak into a final half-day excursion to explore more or also choose to revisit a beach. If you want to get in better shape before your flight back, choose the hiking route to Ehukai Pillbox.

Central Oahu is known as an area of ​​the island that is often overlooked. There are also cultural sites, extensive coffee farms and especially a local rum producer operation to visit.

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Location to the last day is North Shore / Central Oahu


Before ending the 7-day Oahu itinerary, catching the last sunset and choosing dinner in Honolulu is something anyone should not miss. This trip brings many meanings that anyone wants to experience and have the opportunity to come to this place. Before choosing the Oahu itinerary, please refer to all relevant information to get the most necessary experience.

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