List Of 11 Best North Shore Beaches Oahu For Whole Family

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One of Hawaii’s greatest assets is the North Shore Beaches Oahu. You and your family will undoubtedly appreciate this tropical paradise, which is full of beautiful beaches and breathtaking scenery. Because the seas create large waves, the northern region of Oahu is especially famous for professional surfing competitions.

In fact, the crystal-clear waters are home to vibrant coral and fish, making it an ideal snorkeling location. The North Shore is the place to go whether you want to have some fun in the sun or go on a romantic beach trip.

Best North Shore Beaches

Pupukea Beach Park

pupukea beach park 1024x576

On the North Shore, Pupukea Beach Park is an 80-acre piece of land. Each year, hundreds of visitors and environmentalists go to the lake, which is alive with unique marine life. Pupukea Beach Park, also known as Shark’s Cove, has a vast reef that is home to a variety of marine species.

One of the most popular tour businesses on the beach, Surf Bus, takes guests around and educates them about Pupukea. Germaine’s Luau provides a selection of delectable foods as well as traditional Polynesian dancers for the best of Polynesian dining. After a day at the beach, Turtle Bay Resort is the ideal spot to unwind. Turtle Bay Resort, which overlooks Kuilima Cove, offers the finest in Polynesian hospitality. A sensation of home away from home is created by the soothing aesthetics, well-furnished apartments, and exceptional customer service.

Waimea Bay Beach Park

waimea bay beach park

Turtle Bay Resort, which overlooks Kuilima Cove, offers the finest in Polynesian hospitality. A sensation of home away from home is created by the soothing aesthetics, well-furnished apartments, and exceptional customer service.

The Wasabi Tour is a tourism organization that operates throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

With regular travels to Waimea Valley, Shark’s Cove, and Banzai Pipeline, all renowned beach locations, their Waimea outfit delivers the finest in touring activities for its guests. Cactus Restaurant is one of the top beach restaurants, and Paradise Bay Resort combines modern hospitality with an island ambiance.

Banzai Pipeline

banzai pipeline

The big waves that emerge on a break out from Ehukai Beach Park are a key draw for surfers, who flock to the Banzai Pipeline every year.

Banzai Pipeline, the world’s most famous surf location, hosts the Billabong Pipe Masters, the pinnacle of every surfer’s year.

It is the year’s last big event, bringing together some of the greatest surfers from across the world to participate in the global surf league. At the renowned festival, there is no shortage of authentic island cuisine and drink!

Ehukai Beach Park

ehukai beach park

Ehukai Beach Park is amongst the most popular destinations on the island since it is home to the world-famous Banzai Pipeline surf spot.

It also has additional surf-worthy spots like gums and Ehukai, which draw tens of thousands of surfers each year. It’s also known for its kilometers of white sand beaches, making it one of the top North Shore beaches Oahu. It’s ideal for a day at the beach with friends and family.

Around the beach, there are also a plethora of food and drink sellers. It’s a great spot for surfers, swimmers, and just plain frolicking on the beach.

For another adventure:

Haleiwa Beach

haleiwa beach 1024x618

The name Haleiwa, which means “home of the frigate bird,” comes from a late-nineteenth-century hotel of the same name.

The primary attractions, Matsumoto Shave Ice, Haleiwa Beach Park, and Pua’ena Point Beach Park, rapidly became popular with tourists.They’ve all become popular tourist destinations, thanks to its scenic ambience, rocky beaches, and white sand, as well as surfers who come in from the waves for some Matsumoto Shave Ice.

Many believe it to be the world’s surf capital, and local tour companies such as And You Creations are always available to show guests around the lovely town (and the rest of Oahu). 

Laniakea Beach

laniakea beach

Laniakea Beach is one of the best north shore beaches Oahu, with sandy shores and a vast blue sky, which is how it got its name, which means “wide sky.”

It is located in a region noted for its massive winter waves, which attract surfers from all over the world.

The major draw, though, is the sunbathing huge green sea turtles that border the beaches. As they lie around on the gorgeous shores of Oahu, these majestic creatures are a sight to see.

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Sunset Beach

sunset beach

Sunset Beach is known for its beautiful sunsets, as the name suggests. Powerful, gigantic waves abound in the winter, attracting brave surfers from the island, across the United States, and even around the world.

The waves are much calmer in the summer, providing a beautiful vista of the pure ocean spreading endlessly into the horizon. The sunsets here are breathtaking and bring a large crowd every evening. It’s the perfect spot for a romantic trip or a simply get-together with nature. In the evenings, there is generally a lively event on the beach that adds to the experience.

The sunsets are stunning here, and they attract a large crowd every evening. It’s the perfect spot for a romantic retreat or a simply nature rendezvous. In the evenings, there is generally a lively event on the beach to liven things up. 

Ke Iki Beach

ke iki beach

Ke Iki Beach is a summer refuge for visitors and tourists located an hour north of Waikiki. The immaculate white beach is ideal for diving, snorkeling, sailing, and swimming and is ideal for families. It has spectacular sunsets that are a photographer’s dream, or you can simply relax and enjoy the natural beauty.

Several resorts have developed some of the greatest hospitality services on the island. The seaside cottages are surrounded by palm trees and local plants.

They make a vacation on Ke Iki Beach that much more delightful, since they are furnished with the greatest of modern conveniences yet customized to exude island charm. It is, without a doubt, the ideal island experience.

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Three Tables Beach

three tables beach

Three Tables Beach is one of the most attractive beaches on Oahu’s North Shore, called for the three table-like pieces of coral that become apparent during low tide. During the months of May to September, it is a popular snorkeling and diving site.

Divers may frequently observe a variety of fish in a range of colors, sea turtles, and underwater lava tunnels since the water is fairly transparent.

While the beach is a popular place for North Shore Hawaii surfing in the summer, only experienced surfers dare to ride in the winter since the Oahu North Shore waves become unpredictable.

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Where to Stay in North Shore Oahu?

Courtyard by Marriott Hotel (Laie)

courtyard by marriott hotel laie

The Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in Laie is one of the nicest places to stay on the North Shore. It was planned and constructed to blend in with Oahu’s natural surroundings.

The Courtyard Oahu North Shore is a five-star retreat near the Polynesian Cultural Center, the Banzai Pipeline, and Waimea.

After a long day of relaxing by the beautiful waves of Oahu, the restaurants of the prominent hotels are sure to delight even the most adventurous palates!

Turtle Bay Resort

turtle bay resort

Turtle Bay Resort is unquestionably one of the greatest places to stay on the North Shore. It is situated on 858 acres of land with a 5-mile stretch of beach. There are also 410 hotel rooms and suites on the premises.

It originally opened its doors in 1972 and has since established itself as one of Hawaii’s finest hospitality establishments.

The famed Turtle Bay Beach, where gigantic green sea turtles may be observed lying on the beach, is one of the main attractions. Visitors may enjoy a variety of events and excursions at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Waimea Valley is extremely popular with visitors who want to see the protected gardens and natural waterfalls. Turtle Bay Resort also has a 5-star restaurant with top chef Giles Epie as its executive chef. The dishes are guaranteed to be a hit with the guests.

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North Shore Oahu Vacation Rentals

The cost for House rentals and Apartment rentals will be more economical than hotels. In addition, you will also have more options as well as authentic experiences with people in Oahu.

Best North Shore Beaches Oahu for Families

best north shore beaches oahu for families

One of the nicest things about the North Shore is how family-friendly it is, making it a haven for both young and elderly!

Almost every choice on this list is suitable for families with small children, particularly Turtle Bay, where youngsters may observe the friendly turtles at Kuilima Cove.

In the summer, Waimea Bay is noted for its quiet and clean waters, making it another favorite family vacation. There’s also a lifeguard on duty, as well as food and ice cream truck visits, so your kids will have a great time in Waimea Bay. In any case, keep an eye out for the waves, especially during the winter when they are at their peak.

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Best North Shore Beaches for Surfing

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Surfers come from all over the globe to engage in their favorite sport in Oahu, so you’re in for a treat! Several spots are more difficult to surf than others, and others you should avoid at all costs since they may be quite dangerous for someone who is unfamiliar with the currents.

Laniakea is one of the most renowned surfing sites on the North Shore, with some of the longest waves and a south end that is ideal for novices. Another fantastic place for surfers and contests is Sunset Beach. Throughout the season, Waimea Bay gets massive waves, and it’s one of the few sites in the world where you can witness 20-foot waves.

Finally, the Banzai Pipeline is home to some of the world’s most hazardous waves, but that’s best left to the natives who know how the waves break. Instead, you may take in the natural beauty of the area.

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North shore beaches Oahu FAQs

Is it possible to swim on the North Shore of Hawaii?

Both yes and no. The water is quite choppy throughout the winter months (November to April), which is why so many North Shore surf contests are held there. During the summer and fall, however, the water at North Shore beaches Oahu calms down significantly, allowing you to enjoy this swimming and snorkeling destination.

What is the time driving difference between Honolulu and the North Shore?

If you go during non-peak hours and don’t stop, it should take about 45 minutes. However, it is highly dependent on traffic. When we went at rush hour, it took us 2.5 hours. However, after you see some of the North Shore’s beaches, the journey is well worth it.

Should I stay in Waikiki or the North Shore?

This is mostly dependent on how long you want to stay in Oahu and what you want to accomplish. Our family enjoys vacationing in Waikiki and taking day trips to other parts of the island. It’s convenient to acquire groceries, stroll to eateries, and participate in Oahu excursions. However, if you intend on renting a car and looking for a laid-back Oahu vacation, the North Shore is fantastic!

Nonetheless, we’re excited to offer and show you the top north shore beaches Oahu for the whole family. We’d also want to hear about your own experiences at these locations. Let us know what you think in the comments section below. See you soon in a future post on amazing sites like the ones mentioned above.

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