All You Need To Know When Visit Beer Can Island (Longboat Key)

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This might be the very first time for lots of people to hear about Beer Can Island. Beer Can Island is known as a hidden gem in Florida, The United States. Here are some crucial things you ought to know when it comes to Beer Can Island! Let’s take a quick scan and put down everything you need. 

Where is Beer Can Island?

beer can island tampa
An amazing view of Beer Can Island

Beer Can Island is a remote, quiet and peaceful place that is perfectly fit for your relaxing days. It is also known as Greer Island, and it is a picturesque beach getaway that you probably don’t want to miss.

The Beer Can island is located in the North of Longboat Key, Florida. 

You can see it right before crossing the Longboat Key Bridge, which connects Longboat Key with Anna Maria Island. Since there are no other bridges except Longboat Key Bridge, it is quite easy to spot the Beer Can Island. 

Location: N Shore Road, Longboat Key, FL 34228

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Where can I park when visiting Beer Can Island? 

Years ago, it used to be available for tourists to park along the road, but according to our information, the city council has not allowed it to park there. 

Since it is not allowed to park along the road, we highly recommend you to park at Coquina Beach. Coquina Beach is right across the Longboat Key Bridge, which is nearby. There is a tip for you: Park as far South as possible at Coquina Beach, then walk across the bridge, go through the neighborhood so that you can get to the island. 

beer can island beach
You can park at Coquina Beach parking lot

If you have heard of N Shore Rd, you would have known that it is filled with expensive houses. If you want to stay away from troubles, you should not park in that area. 

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How can I get to Beer Can Island?

The track of going to Beer Can Island is quite easy to follow. But to get there without a minute of losing, you have to need a little bit of help from GPS and Map on your smartphone. Don’t forget to bring your phone along with you. 

We recommend you should park at Coquina Beach and then add the address of N Shore Road, Longboat Key, FL 34228 to your Map/GPS so that the tracking process will be easier. 

As we’ve just said, to get to Beer Can Island, you have to walk over the Longboat Key Bridge, then head South from the Coquina Beach parking lot. After crossing the broad, you will be at the entrance of the rich neighborhood. Next, walk down the roads that wind between houses, then you will be at the public beach access. 

beer can island florida 1024x682
The place is filled with mangroves and driftwoods

When you’ve reached there, take a right and head toward the mangroves. You need to take a careful look at the path. Remember to walk into the mangroves so that you can get to the Beer Can Island. Seeing dead driftwood and trees along the path means that you’re finally at Beer Can Island.

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How long should I spend at Beer Can Island? 

Since Beer Can Island is such an amazing place, you could spend as long as you want there. For a fully memorable experience, we highly recommend you to spend at least 3 hours there. The Beer Can Island is a perfect place to relax, have a picnic or just simply enjoy the view, so don’t hesitate to treat yourself a day there. 

There is a note we want you to know: The Beer Can Island is a fragile ecosystem. Please do not leave any trash behind. It is also warned that you should not mark up the driftwoods or take some pieces home. The island also prohibits camping and fires, you should not spend the night there. 

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Tips for visitors

In this article, we want to give you some tips for your trip at Beer Can Island. Let’s take a quick scan at them: 

  • Bring your bug spray 

Since the Beer Can Island is filled with mangroves and standing water, there will be lots of bugs and mosquitoes there. That’s why you and your trip partners should bring some bug sprays. 

  • Bringing a hammocks 

As we’ve introduced, there are many sturdy trees there so it is quite ideal for you and your friends or family to bring hammocks and put them up near the shore to enjoy the beautiful sunset. 

  • Set the time and clear your calendar

The Beer Can Island is one of Florida’s hidden gems, but it is still popular on the weekends. You should take a rest for a week day, but if you go there on the weekends, don’t expect to be alone. 

  • Bring your trash bag 

On the island, there are no bathrooms, trash cans and lifeguards. You can go to the bathroom at Coquina Beach near your parking lot, and remember to take all the trash with you before leaving. 

  • Photography time 

If you want to have some gorgeous photos at Beer Can Island, sunset is the perfect time. The colorful hue of Beer Can Island’s sky will surprise you. But please make sure to not hog the area while other people are enjoying the view.

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And that’s all the essential information you need to know before visiting the Beer Can Island. If you find our article helpful and interesting, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and loved ones. Don’t forget to subscribe to our website to get the latest notifications about traveling, from places, hotels to tips. Thanks for your reading, and we hope you will have the best time at the Beer Can Island.

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