18 Of The Best Arcade in Las Vegas (Also Biggest)

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Entertainment is always the need of most people especially during the holidays. People want to find interesting games to have the most meaningful fun days. Las Vegas is one of the places with many interesting games for both adults and children. Therefore, the information related to the best arcade in Las Vegas is always sought by everyone, but you can also refer to the sharing below.

Best arcade in Vegas Strip

The Big Apple Roller Coaster and Arcade

the big apple roller coaster and arcade
Enter an exciting game paradise at the Big Apple Roller Coaster and Arcade

Transforming into the character riding the Big Apple Roller Coaster and aiming for ArcadeCome is the popular game at New York hotel. Big Apple Arcade is one of the biggest arcade in Las Vegas – at 32,000 square feet. The venue is really big and offers some of the latest video games & games as well as some old fashioned classics like Skee-Ball, Air Hockey and NBA Fever.

Located on the second floor of Greenwich Village, above the casino, Arcade is easily accessible and a quick walk to casinos, restaurants and bars. Big Apple Arcade is open 7 days a week from 10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., and weekends are a little more relaxed. 

Games are priced according to a credit system, with each game having a different number of credits. Credits start at $1.00 for 10 credits, and the cost per credit is lower when you buy in bulk. There are also packages that include some extras, including roller coaster tickets, meals from Nathans, and side prizes. You can find out more information about the services of this amusement park to get the best experience.

Player 1 Video Game Bar – Las Vegas

This is also one of the best arcade in Las Vegas that brings many interesting things that you should not miss. Player 1 is one of the ultimate over 21+ video games as they boast their love of craft beer and video games. Take part in a rotating selection of video games or consoles from all times while drinking from one of 50 ice cold water fountains or 150 different bottles.

They are also a full bar, specializing in martinis but ready to make any drink you want. Players 1 over 21 all day, and open until 3 a.m., making it a Las Vegas, NV video-adult haven. Prices will vary for each object so you can go here for more details.

HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas

HyperX Esports Arena is also one of the best arcade in Las Vegas. This is a new arcade concept with games all on PC. Guests can play popular PC games like Rocket League, Fortnite and Saber. There are three different areas for the HyperX Esports complex: the lobby, the arena, and the streamer room.

The lobby is for casual and socializing, while the 30,000 square foot arena is where you can enter competitions and tournaments with others in the arena. Streamer Room offers all the equipment you need to stream your game on popular streaming services.

There’s food and drink with a gamer-inspired menu and a classic video game cocktail lounge. HyperX also has some premium features such as a 50-foot LED video wall, VIP rooms, luxury suite lobby, broadcast center and production studio.

Hourly pricing, starting at $15 per hour or $50 per day. HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas is a modern tournament based on the traditional best Vegas arcade game.

hyperx esports arena las vegas 1024x683
The ideal amusement park at HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas

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Gamenest Arcade

Gamenest Arcade is located in Las Vegas’ Chinatown, just minutes from the strip. It specializes in Japanese-style arcade games, which is a bit of an interesting take on the traditional arcade games we see in the US. They also have console games to play. Rates are hourly, starting at $10 for the first hour and $30 for an all-day pass. Gamenest offers very child-friendly and safe games.

Gameworks Las Vegas

If you want to bring all your friends to the Las Vegas best arcade, we recommend Gameworks Las Vegas. Gameworks Las Vegas is located in Towne Square Mall off Las Vegas Blvd. They offer traditional arcade, PC and console games. Winning games can get prizes from The Works Shop.

The esports lounge offers over 100 titles and regularly hosts tournaments and competitions. 

There’s also bowling and you can play laser shooters at Gameworks. For refreshments off the game floor, they have a lounge and restaurant with a great menu and cocktail options to pair with every meal.

Although Gameworks is family friendly, they switch to 18+ after 10pm daily. Prices vary depending on the activity and you can buy combo deals, but the games have a credit system.

gameworks las vegas
Gameworks Las Vegas offers a variety of games

Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame

Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame is another arcade best arcade in Las Vegas worth trying out for groups of friends. The Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame has all the pinball machines you can imagine from the 40s to today.

There’s nothing fancy about this pinball hall, just a love of the game. Each game only costs between 25 and 50 coins, a very cheap number and you need to bring a lot of change to easily participate. This is the perfect place for large groups of friends as there are plenty of games for everyone to play.

Auditorium at ROUND 15

Arcades are suitable for young children because of the appearance of a bar. The Emporium at AREA15 is loved by many because they have a large selection of cocktails and even a cocktail lounge that offers a variety of choices.

AREA15 is part bar, part video game and part event venue. The lobby and arcade area are called the Emporium. Emporium offers live music nearly every night, dozens of classic and modern video games, and a wide selection of craft beers and drinks to choose from.

There are also four other places to check out while in the Emporium, including Emack and Bolio, a great ice cream parlor; Oddwood, a digital jungle cocktail bar; The Beast, a restaurant you’ll never forget; and Rocket Fizz, a confectionery. The Emporium is usually for 21-year-old travelers and has different prices for each.

Midway at Circus Circus

This is one of the best arcade in Las Vegas hotels, and it’s convenient because there’s always more to do right outside the door. Our pick for the best Vegas arcade covered play area is Midway at Circus Circus for free circus acts.

Midway is located at Circus Circus, about 3 km from the Strip. Midway offers over 200 games ranging from classics to modern video games, all surrounding the circus stage, where free circus acts are available daily. Midway is friendly to all ages. Prices vary for each object, but guests using reloadable cards to play will save extra costs.

Fun Dungeon at Excalibur

Another best arcade games in Las Vegas option from the hotel is the Fun Dungeon. The Fun Dungeon at Excalibur is a family-friendly venue as well as lots of fun for adults.

If there’s any child activity that can lead to a day at the pool, it’s playing games at the Excalibur Hotel’s Fun Dungeon. The Fun Dungeon is conveniently located downstairs and is open daily from 10am to 10pm Once your kids discover it, they won’t want to leave. Fun Dungeon offers 200 games, including 15 carnival games, 10 land games for kids, 60 arcade games, 10 sports games, and 106 redemption games.

Inside the game there are Dairy Queen and Orange Julius to enjoy mid-game. Remember to watch the biggest Pac-Man in the world, living in the Fun Dungeon. Games are still priced per game, using the classic method, and cost only 25 cents.

Earn tickets and then cash out for exciting prizes. While Fun Dungeon may not have a lot of adult amenities, it’s still fun to behold and a great place for families. 

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MGM Grand Hotel Arcade

The MGM Grand Hotel is famous for its two domes representing two types of games. The first is an 11,400 square foot game center with a variety of skill games and games for kids along with the latest in high-tech virtual reality and arcade games. This video game has no age limit, anyone can participate. The second game is known for leveling up.

Level Up 21+ Arcade at MGM Grand

Renovations at the MGM Grand Hotel are changing the way Las Vegas looks out onto the streets. Bringing a new era of interactive, skill-based fun combined with bar, lounge and traditional games like billiards and billiards. Located between the Hakkasan Nightclub and the MGM Grand Race and Sports Book, the tech-savvy, adult playground features pay-to-play offerings in a social atmosphere, designed to appeal to more than just the generation. future players but also existing players looking for innovation. One note for this game is that you must be 21 years or older to enter and participate in the game.

level up 21 arcade at mgm grand
Games intended only for adults over the age of 21

Bellagio Hotel Arcade

Hidden from view of the casino is the Bellagio hotel’s covered arcade. It’s small but has games just enough to entertain boys and girls 13 and under. The games offered here are also very safe, so you won’t have to worry when the children participate.

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Aria Arcade Hotel

Located on the Promenade area on the 2nd floor, Aria Hotel has a small arcade with the latest games and some traditional games for the adventurous like me – Pac Man, Centipede and others . There’s nothing great about this video game but it’s a best video arcade in Las Vegas to kill a few hours.

Luxor Arcade

The Luxor Hotel features Video Games of the Gods, a high-tech entertainment hub with a selection of the best video games in Vegas! The booth showcased some of the newest and most exciting products on the market: the MAXFLIGHT VR2002 Programmable Roller Coaster. Take a virtual ride on a roller coaster you design yourself in this two-passenger unit. Choose from a library of tracks and you’re on your way to an experience you’ll never forget.

The motion-based Indy 500 racing simulator puts you in the driver’s seat against up to seven other competitors in a race for the checkered flag. Strap into Xtreme Powerboat: an action-packed powerboat racing game where players can choose to race from four courts, including New York, England, Japan and Russia.

luxor arcade
One of the best arcade in Las Vegas you should not miss

Time Out Arcade

Time Out Arcade is one of the best arcades in Las Vegas that offers a fun time for kids and adults alike. This venue features the latest and greatest in video and interactive games. People will first need to earn play tickets then exchange them for a variety of prizes including games, stuffed animals, and more.

The only downside at this location is that the prices of the games aren’t cheap, averaging around $1.50 per game and up to $6 for Connect 4 Basketball Hoops. Higher redemption game prices can be offset with game card purchases as they often come with bonus amounts. For example, a $20 game card comes with a $5 bonus, a $40 game card comes with a $12 bonus, the higher your game card amount, proportionally higher. Time Out Arcade is always open 7 days a week so you can come whenever you have time.

Venetian Hotel

The Venetian Hotel is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in other locations. Coming here people can feel freedom, adrenaline, and extreme thrill. A note when participating in the games here is to make sure not to seasick or move.

Blend an escape room concept with a full 3D cinematic experience to deliver a unique, immersive and eye-catching adventure. Play in groups of 2, 3 or 4 players where each player has their own room. You’ll then talk to each other, walk around, bend, throw objects, and work together to solve puzzles and challenges.

Strat-o-fair Arcade

The Stratosphere Casino Hotel recently added a delightfully multi-faceted 17,000-square-foot downtown attraction to its already prized family image. The Strat-O Fair Center introduces the theme of the 1963 World’s Fair. The centerpiece is at the base of the 1,149-foot tower, which houses the Top of The World restaurant, lounge and observatory.

Some of the main attractions midway include: The Sky Wheel, a Ferris wheel measuring 45 feet in diameter that provides passengers at the top of the ride with views of the Strip from 80 feet above the street. The Ferris Wheel, circa 1958 was restored and renovated for the Strat-O-Fair Fair by Eli Bridge, the oldest Ferris Wheel company in America.

A smaller, equally fun version of Big Shot has been adapted for kids called The Little Shot. The ride takes visitors 20 feet high while emulating the excitement of Big Shot, but on a smaller scale. Other unique attractions at the Strat-O-Fair are the Hover Crash, a futuristic, battery-powered, futuristic bumper car ride that’s the only vehicle in the world

Hyper-Bowl, a virtual bowling game with a 10-foot display and holograms, is a signature attraction. Visitors can play a virtual reality game complete with Hyper-Bowl and real tournaments can be conceived. This computer bowling game was one of the first of its kind in the US. as plush, stuffed toys. Games include: Shooting Basketball, Cat Race, Toss Ring, Milk Box, Milk Bottle and Underwater Race.

The Gold Coast hotel

The Gold Coast Hotel is pleased to offer free kids activities for hotel and casino guests. Time Out facility offers a variety of activities to entertain your child including movies, games, crafts, puppet theater and painting.

The Gold Coast requires a parent or guardian to stay at the property while the child is in childcare between the ages of 2 and 8. In addition, the child needs to be trained in pulling and potty training and is limited to a maximum of four hours per day in the facility.

Suncoast hotel

The Time Out Arcade at the Suncoast hotel features the latest and greatest video and interactive games for every member of the family. This place is open 7 days a week so you can bring your family whenever you have free time.

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Guide to Choosing the Best Arcade

With so many fun options, you’ll have a hard time finding the best arcade in Las Vegas. People will then need to consider various factors to choose the best option for them. Some suggestions given below will help you choose the best destination to participate in and experience interesting games.

Pick up fun video games in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has countless roads with different destinations in which they will bring new and different games. Each location has everything from traditional pubs and video games to virtual reality games and circuses, depending on the game you choose. Knowing these details is important if you have a taste for any kind of game. Then, based on your personal preferences, which game you want to participate in, you can choose the most suitable destination.


Some of the trails on the list are on the Las Vegas Strip, while others are scattered throughout the city. Location is always a factor to consider to get convenience when coming to those places.

Another location factor to consider is whether the video game is in a free-standing location or inside one of the hotels. Locations in hotels can be more convenient as they are often close to restaurants and other things to do once you’re done. Depending on the needs of each person to choose the most suitable position.

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Cost to play

Cost is the most important factor when choosing a destination for yourself. You have to consider whether the location is right for your budget. Once you have determined how much money you will spend when going to the amusement park, it will be easy for you to choose the best destination. There are usually two different pricing systems in the gaming world that are paid by the hour of participation or by the nature of the game.

The pricing system will depend on the game. Each game will offer different options. If there are only a few games you’re interested in, paying per game is a much better, cost-effective option. Besides, if you want to try them all, it’s best by the hour. There are now many Las Vegas amusement parks suitable for every budget that you can explore more.

Option for adults or the whole family

Some arcades in Las Vegas are adults-only, while some still allow the whole family. The choice of where you go depends on your preferences. If you want a kid-free date night, then opting for an adult-only video game will be the best bet. Besides, if you want to bring the whole family along, make sure the restaurant you choose has kid-friendly activities.

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Las Vegas is a destination that not only offers great views, but also offers a variety of effective games. When coming to Las Vegas, adults will have more options for games than children. Whatever your gaming style, Las Vegas has something to offer. Put video games on your Vegas to-do list right alongside casino gambling, arcade games and all the entertainment this famous city has to offer. traveler.

Visiting and traveling in Las Vegas is the dream of most visitors from many different countries around the world. This is a famous resort destination with many interesting experiences for everyone. The games here always have their own style with many new things. Hopefully the above sharing will help you get the best arcade in Las Vegas for your vacation.

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