Top 10+ Best Beaches In Hawaii You Can’t Miss

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Hawaii is a tourist paradise and famous for its beautiful beaches. Let’s find out the best beaches in Hawaii. Hawaii is a famous archipelago known as a tourist paradise with beautiful scenery and exceptionally long coastlines, white sand, clear water, etc. Therefore, you cannot ignore the ten best beaches in Hawaii below.

Kiholo Bay – The Big Island

Kiholo Bay is one of The Big Island’s most iconic beaches – best beaches in Hawaii Big Island. Located in the island’s North Kona District and flanked by lava flows created by Mauna Loa and Mount Hualalai in the 19th century. Much of the current area of ​​the bay was formerly used as a fish pond built by King Kamehameha in 1820, although public structures were destroyed by lava flows in 1859.

Today, this Hawaii beach is an area for diving and swimming is popular due to its calm waters, with a miniature lava rock island visible from the shore. Nearby at the private Wainanali’i Lagoon, visitors can observe green sea turtles in their natural habitat from afar.

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Halawa Beach – Molokai

You can feel the peace on Molokai Island as soon as you put your feet on the sand. When boarding a plane to Hawaii, visitors are all given a necklace made of porcelain flowers. Halawa Beach is a beach in Molokai and is famous for its indigenous culture and unspoiled beauty.

However, if you are passionate about surfing, this is the right place to conquer the big waves. Winter is the most intense and dangerous wave season if you want to be more challenging. However, even the locals do not encourage you to conquer the waves at this time.

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Big Beach – Maui

Big Beach can be considered a great place to make scuba diving trips and have relaxing experiences if you do not like a crowded space with white sand. This is the ideal place for family gatherings. However, depending on the season, Big Beach organizes festivals and parties to attract tourists and make a special point to create a unique point for this island.

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Lanikai Beach – Oahu

When it comes to the best swimming beaches in Hawaii, it’s impossible not to mention Lanikai Beach. In the Hawaiian language, Lanikai means “sea sky”. Lanikai beach is perfect with golden sand that blends into the turquoise of the sea and the green of the leaves. The cool breeze gently blows in to alleviate the hot Hawaiian heat.

Lanikai is a beautiful beach that attracts locals and attracts many Hawaiian tourists around the world. Lanikai Beach is perfectly beautiful with a wonderful combination of the yellow of the sand, the turquoise of the sea and the fresh green of the surrounding trees.

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Hanalei Bay – Kauai

Hanalei is one of the beautiful bays of the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaiian tourists often come here in the winter to surf and go sailing, swimming, and sunbathe in the summer.

Green mountains surround this beach, over 1,200 meters high. In winter, the waves on the sea are very high, spoiled for visitors to come here to surf. But during the summer months, the seawater is calmer and suitable for swimming.

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Mahai’ula Beach – The Big Island

With unspoiled beauty, Mahai’ula beach will welcome you with white sand, clear water and lots of shade. Alternatively, you can visit Makalawena beach by a coastal lava trail from here.

The path to the beach best beaches in Big Island Hawaii will be quite difficult for first-time visitors because the road is mostly covered with bumpy rocks. However, it is not too difficult to find the path to the sea. However, visitors who have come here still appreciate the beauty and comfort of nature here.

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Green Sand Beach – The Big Island

One of the best beaches in Big Island Hawaii is Papakolea Beach (also known as Green Sand Beach in Mahaana Bay) is in the Ka’u district on the beautiful island of Hawaii. A famous sandbank was formed more than 49,000 years ago, southwest of Mauna Loa volcano.

The sea has eaten away the volcanic ash around Papakolea, affecting the Olivine rock and giving the sandy shore a green color. Standing from above, looking down, you will admire the beautiful blue color of the Papakolea coast. This wonderful landscape is created by stones bearing the mineral Olivin, captivating any visitor.

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Kawakiu Beach – Molokai

Kawakiu Beach is located in Maunaloa. Spend the day exploring the local sights and attractions and learn more about the lives of the locals. And travelers like the surrounding area for its seaside, island views and beautiful sunsets.

The path leading to Kawkiu beach is quite easy when taken by the coastal path. However, it takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour on foot from Make Horse Beach, which is more wonderful when the natural landscape has not been explored by humans during the explorations here. You could have spent a whole day here just relaxing and being one with nature.

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Red Sand Beach – Maui

Red Sand Beach can be a little more red than pink. But the beach here is still a place worth experiencing. They called Kaihalulu beach in Hawaii with a picturesque location. There is red sand from nearby red lava cliffs that are eroding. And only hikers have the experience of walking down to the beach because the part of the trail was lost in a landslide.

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Tunnels Beach – Kauai

A beach surrounded by blue-covered and towering mountains. You can’t find a place more suitable for you if you love adventure, exploration and relaxation with a clear blue beach. A special feature is that in the mountains there will be hidden, beautiful and quiet Tunnels that are very suitable for you if you like adventure and what could be better than snorkeling in the summer!

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Punalu’u Beach, Hawaii

Punalu’u is one of the heart-stopping black sand beaches in Hawaii that is close to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. You will be really surprised to see the black sand and sea turtles basking in the sun.

The most beautiful Hawaii beaches are places that many tourists want to visit once in their life. Because of the clear blue waters, romantic sunsets, pristine beauty and attractive tourist activities here. Hopefully, through this summary of the top 10 best beaches in Hawaii, you can’t miss. You have given suggestions to choose a destination to enjoy a relaxing day with your family.

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