15 Best Kihei Beaches You Must Visit Today!

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Kihei is considered one of the most popular vacation spots in Hawaii. Although Kihei is one of the sunniest and driest spots here, it has some of the best beaches in Hawaii. When you come to Hawaii, you will not be able to miss the beautiful scenery and exciting activities at the best Kihei beach.

Kamaole Beach Park

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Kamaole Beach is considered a wide beach, so it is divided into three areas for tourists to easily visit. The first is the beach with a coastline of 600 meters, considered one of the most fully equipped beach parks on the island of Maui. It also houses a variety of restaurants and healthy food shops.

The second area of ​​Kamaole is the most hidden and smallest park. This place is a beach without reefs and has a beautiful view. This is also an ideal place for photographers to take pictures.

If you are a lover of tranquility, the third park of Kamaole beach will be the ideal choice. It owns a golden coast with clear water, and also has an artificial lawn at the end for visitors to watch whales and sunsets.

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Cove Park

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If you love windsurfing or are just starting to learn to surf, you can’t miss Cove Park in Kihei. This is one of the ideal locations for those who love this sport because the waves at Cove Park are not too strong to injure you. In addition, you can also rent surfboards or take surfing classes here.

Kalama Beach Park

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Kalama Beach is among the most beautiful beaches in Kihei, especially it offers activities for all ages. Therefore, this is one of the top choices of families when going on vacation. Besides, this is also the ideal place for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings or corporate events.

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Mai Poina Beach Park

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For professional surfers, Mai Poina owns big waves, bringing great feeling to those who are passionate about this subject. After surfing, you and your friends or family can enjoy beach games, picnic, watch the sunset, and walk along the beach. However, if you love diving, this is not a good choice.

Kalepolepo Beach Park

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If you love the past and history of Hawaii, Kihei beach will be the ideal place for you because this place has a history associated with Hawaiian culture. Kalepolepo owns a thriving Hawaiian village with excellent archaeological sites, especially the ancient Ko’ie’ie fishpond.

Waipuilani Beach Park

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Waipuilani Beach is home to a very beautiful long stretch of sand and coral. This is considered an ideal place for the whole family to relax and watch coral. In addition, this is also the perfect place to hold events at sunset or whale watching.

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Oneuli Beach

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Oneuli is the only beach with red sand south of Kihei. The red sand here often attracts tourists when visiting Kihei. In addition, there are diving activities for those who want to explore the ocean. However, when diving, you should be careful because the tide can rise unexpectedly.

Charley Young Beach

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Charly Young is a quiet beach, a safe area because you can easily walk under the clear sea water without being affected too much by the waves. It is also home to several turtles, and you can easily see them when visiting Charley Young. Alternatively, you can also get into some boogie games here.

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Sugar Beach Resort

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Sugar Beach has an extremely beautiful sunset, making it an ideal place for couples and photographers to visit Kihei. This is also an ideal area where you can easily watch whales or turtles resting. Sugar Beach owns soft sand with waves that are not too strong, so this is an ideal place for those who love windsurfing.

Waiohuli Beach

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Although very few tourists know about Waiohuli Beach, it is ideal for those who love tranquility and want to get away from the crowds. Waiohuli has shallow water, suitable for walking along the beach reading a book, or having a picnic with your lover.

Chang’s Beach

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Chang’s Beach is located near Kalama Park, which is a small but popular beach. Surfing is especially popular here, although the waves here are quite strong. In particular, when visiting this place in the summer, you will have access to many activities on the beach with the locals.

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Keawakapu Beach

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Keawakapu is a beach that stretches for about a mile and is located between Kihei and Wailea, which is a fairly quiet beach. This place is famous for activities such as snorkeling, watching the sunrise on the sea, or enjoying the wonderful sunset,…

Maalaea Bay

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If you love activities like diving, swimming, or fishing in the sea, you can’t miss Maalaea Bay. This place is located just north of Kihei, is a suitable place for you to go deep diving and see corals in the ocean. In addition, Maalaea also has boats ready to take you fishing or whale watching.

Kanahena Cove

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Kanahena Cove is also a place that is highly appreciated by many tourists for snorkeling and watching corals. Kanahena possesses many extremely beautiful and spectacular scenes. In addition, there are landscapes formed from natural lava that look beautiful. Kanahena Cove is also an ideal place for you to see old sea turtles.

Palauea Beach

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Paulea beach is the quietest of Hawaii. The main activities here include scuba diving and snorkeling. This place also has extremely excellent beach-covered rock formations. This is an ideal place for those who like to be lazy and sunbathe all day at sea.

Above are the 15 best Kihei beach in Hawaii. If you have the opportunity to visit Hawaii, do not miss the wonderful scenery and interesting activities at these Kihei beaches. They will bring you a happy holiday with your family.