The List Of 14 Maui Waterfalls You Should Visit

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In this article, we will give you the most essential and detailed information about the best 14 waterfalls in Maui, Hawaii, that you might wanna visit with your friends and family. We bet that here is the best list of 14 amazing waterfalls that won’t let you down.

Twin Falls

The very first destination that we are gonna introduce you today is Twin Falls, which is located on the Road to Hana, a few miles from the Paia Town. The Twin Falls amazed visitors by its gorgeous natural look. And the Twin Falls is also reported as the busiest falls in Hawaii, so you might wanna book and plan it out carefully. 

One of a few tips if you want to visit the Twin Falls is having a close parking lot. You need to park at the Wailele Farm, which is known as the starting point for the Maui waterfall hike. Once you get there, just follow the lead and then you will make you way to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world- Twin Falls.

The Twins Falls is located in such a serene and peaceful pool, so you might wanna explore that area. We promise Twin Falls won’t let you down! 

twin falls waterfall in maui 1024x583

Opening hours: All year accessible, but we highly recommend you to visit after heavy rain to see the most spectacular view. 

Location: 6300 Hana Hwy, Haiku, HI 96708, United States

Opening hours: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm 

Contact: 1 808-463-1275

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Waimoku Falls

The next beautiful Maui waterfalls that we are gonna tell you about is the Waimoku Falls. The Waimoku Falls is one of Maui’s tallest waterfalls, and it is also 400 ft tall. Since the Waimoku Falls is located in the Oho’s Gulch’s head, once you visit the Waimoku Falls, you will see the sheer lava rock wall, which is straight into the boulder-strewn pool. 

For your information, the Waimoku Maui waterfalls is reported to have some roaring sound, so it is kinda dramatic. Well, we all think that this might be a memorable experience for you to try! 

The Waimoku falls will impress you with the lush green as well as the bamboo forest and the banyan trees. These spectacular views will be breathtaking and can not be forgotten! The Maui waterfall is not very astonishing, but its huge height with magnificent surrounding landscapes will bring you to heaven! 

If you are addicted to mysterious travel, what are you waiting for? Let’s pack your things and let’s go!

waimoku falls waterfalls in maui

Opening hours: open all time 

Location: Hawaii 96713, USA, 96713, Maui, United States

Contact: go to their website

Puu Kaa Falls

Puu Kaa Falls, as known as Pua’a Ka’a Falls, meant the rolling pig. The Puâ Kaa Falls is a beautiful waterfall which is located on the Road to Hana in the Pua’a Ka’a State Wayside Park. The Pua’a Ka’a State Wayside Park is also the home of two waterfalls. 

Puaa Kaa Falls is also one of the few Maui waterfalls on Hana Highway that open all year-round. Please note that the traffic around might be tricky and congested, so you might wanna go there early. 

It is also reported that after heavy rainfalls, the trails at Puaa Kaa Falls are very muddy. You need to be very careful if you are planning to go there for hiking. It also has many observing points for nature trips as well as bird watching. 

puu kaa falls waterfall hikes maui

Opening hours: from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm

Location: Hana Hwy, Haiku, HI 96708, United States

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Pools of Oheo (Oheo Gulch) 

The Oheo Gulch is also known as the Seven Sacred Pools at Ohe’o. The Pools of Oheo is located in the Haleakala National Park, which is in the Kipahulu District; you might see it interesting since it is downstream of Waimoku Falls.

Since the Pools of Oheo have one of the most unique floral areas, you will have a chance to see seven swimming holes that are connected by the Ohe’s o waterfalls. Interestingly, these cascades are the ones that pour into the ocean. 

The Pools of Oheo would be restricted if it rains. That’s why you need to check the weather carefully before visiting. A sunny day will bring out the most tranquil water, which is a perfect day to enjoy the incredible scenery. We highly recommend you to come there, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Maui.

pools of oheo oheo gulch maui waterfall hikes 1024x691

Take a note that jumping into the pools is not allowed.

Opening hours: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Location: Pipiwai Trail, Hana, HI 96713, United States

Contact: 1 808-248-7375

Punalau Falls

Punalau Falls is well known for its not-so-popular location, that’s why there is a definition of Punalau Falls, Maui’s hidden gems. This Punalau Falls is also ranked top one in our best waterfall hikes Maui that you must visit. 

Remember to watch your steps while going for a hike near the Punalau Falls because there are quite a lot of volcanic boulders as well as submerged rocks all over the place. It is also noted that you should take all of the essential things along with you, from the hiking boots, hiking sticks as well as the rubber gloves. These things will support you and help your hiking much easier. It is also reported that you should not visit it during the falls since it might have some unpredicted rains as well as flash flood or falling rocks. 

Even though it might be quite challenging to get there, you will not be disappointed by its amazing views. 

punalau falls
Punalau Falls

Location: Maui, Hawaii, The United States

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Honokohau Falls

Honokohau Falls is one of the most magical and magnificent Maui waterfalls in West Maui from above. That is why we highly recommend you and your loved ones take a helicopter trip so that you can see the beauty of Honokohau Falls with your own eyes because there are no roads and trails in the Honokohau Falls. 

honokohau falls

The Honokohau Falls is 1119 feet tall with waterfall, which is made from the Honokohau Stream. A very special detail about it is that the water looks like it falls from the clouds and then disappears in the middle of green mountains. What a picturesque moment! 

Having a helicopter tour is the smartest choice. Once you are in the helicopter, you will see the most inspiring views in Maui. For your information, the Honokohau Falls was also played in the Jurassic Park movie hit! 

Location: Maui, Hawaii, The United States

Alelele Falls 

alelele falls

The next one of our Maui waterfalls list we are gonna introduce you is the Alelele Fall. This one might be a little bit tricky for you since it is not very well known. The Alelele Falls is located on Maui’s east side, which is a perfect position for you and travelers to explore.

To be specific, the Alelele Falls is located in the Kipahulu District, which is situated in the Haleakala National Park. You will need about 15 minutes to hike there, and in our opinion, it is the only way to get there fast. 

The Alelele Falls Trails are quite short and easy with some streams surrounding or crossing by. Because of that, you need to follow the caution signs and avoid those crossing streams if the flooding appears. 

Location: Maui, Hawaii, The United States

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Waikani Falls 

Waikani Falls will be the top one to go if you want to explore all the beauty of falls in Maui. The Waikani Falls is one of the most popular falls in the Hawaiian Islands with such a perfect location- just right next to the Road to Hana. 

The Waikani Falls has an upper part, which is the group of three beautiful waterfalls sitting side by side in the Wailua Nui Stream. 

Since there is no parking rule in the Waikani Falls, lots of visitors choose to enjoy the gorgeous view from their cars. But if you are a hiker and love to challenge yourself, the Waikani Falls is a perfect choice. The first part is the most challenging hike of all, but once you get through it, the road will be less slippery. It would be much easier for you to hike. We promise that the natural beauty and a huge pool below is worth trying once in a lifetime! 

waikani falls

Location: Hana Hwy, Haiku, HI 96708, United States

Wailua Falls 

In our opinion, Wailua Falls is the easiest fall to find in our Maui waterfalls list. You can see it clearly from the highway since it is located very close to the Road to Hana. This location makes the Wailua Falls become one of the most special falls in Maui. 

The Wailua Falls is right in the lush tropical forest, and it is also about 80 feet in two streams, which makes it become the most popular places for photographers. Those two trails are quite short, that is why it is so accessible for you to see the true paradise. The first trail begins at the parking lot and is kinda muddy, but once you enter the next one, it would be much easier and safer for you to hike. 

The thing that makes this fall become the most incredible thing is that you can go for a swim after hiking. We highly recommend you visit there in the morning, so that you can finally enjoy it. 

wailua falls 1024x576

Location: Wailua River State Park on Kauai, Hawaii

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Kopilliula Falls

The next falls that I will tell you about today is Kopiliula falls. The Kopiliula falls is easy to access since there is only one short trail which is two miles. 

The trailhead is perfectly positioned right off the highway, so there is no chance you can miss these breathtaking waterfalls! Kopilica Falls is located along the Kopiliula Stream, which is surrounded by beautiful flora and has a number of cascades and waterfalls.

The walk to the Maui waterfalls is steep and muddy, so be sure to bring your hiking shoes and comfortable clothing along with you. It is necessary to ascend lesser cascades and struggle down a rocky bed in order to reach the bigger falls, which promises to be a wet and exciting journey!

Take your camera with you since the route will provide you with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance.

kopilliula falls 1024x683

Location: Kopiliula Falls, Kula, Hawaii

Makapipi Falls

The next place we will introduce you is the Makapipi Falls, one of the most magnificent falls you might see in Maui. Because you will have a viewpoint to soak in the breathtaking panorama of the falls situated within deep greenery, the Maui waterfall is unlike any other waterfall you have ever seen. While traveling on the highway, you will come upon the Makapipi Stream, which provides water for the waterfall.

Please note that there is a bridge that spans the Makapipi Stream, and beyond it is a little pull-off space where you may park your vehicle. Take a walk over the bridge to get a bird’s eye view of the breathtaking falls and the turquoise pool below them.

 This place is perfect for people who are interested in getting up and personal with the falls, a short, steep climb down the edge. The greatest time to see the falls is immediately after significant rainfall, which, as you would expect, plays a crucial part in the tremendous flow of Makapipi Falls.

makapipi falls

Location: Hana Hwy, Haiku, HI 96708, United States

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Makamakaole Falls

The Makamakaole Falls is located along the Waihee Ridge, which is quite unusual on the western coast of Maui. The Makamakaole Falls is known since it is quite easy to access. When you go there, the whole beautiful Makamakaole Falls will appear. What a picturesque scene! 

This 270 foot tall Maui waterfall cascades down into two distinct levels right in the middle of a lush forest setting. The bottom tier can be seen easily from Kahekili Highway.

The Makamakaole Falls is kinda less popular than others because of its location, but the far views from the path will provide you with photograph views of the waterfall on one side, and green cliffs and the turquoise waves of the Pacific on the other. 100% worth trying, believe us! 

Location: Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii, US

Makahiku Falls

The Makahiku Falls is located at the Haleakala National Park in Kipahulu District. It is 184 feet tall and quite near the Pipiwai Trail. 

Additionally, there is an unexpected bonus: a route that leads to the top of the Makahiku Falls, in which there is a sheltered pool at the summit of the cascade.

While you swim in a pool, you need to be cautioned carefully. If the pool is flooded, do not enter.

makahiku falls 1024x680

When the weather is tranquil, the pool is referred to as the “infinity pool” because it is said that the pool continues on forever and has no end. Quite impressive, huh? Nonetheless, the pool does have an end since a 200-foot waterfall sits just underneath it. It is definitely a wonderful spot in our top 14 Maui waterfalls for relaxing and taking in the scenery, and it’s a fun way to spend a day with the family in a relaxed environment.

Location: Maui, Hawaii, US

Nahiku Pond

Nahiku Pond is one of the less popular destinations in Maui, Hawaii. But once you get there, we promise that you won’t be disappointed! The Nahiku Pond is located at the end of Nahiku Road. Nahiku Pond will impress you with its lush and calm pool. What a great place for you to relax after hours of working and studying! 

The Nahiku Pond is reported to have a tranquil view as well as a beautiful waterfall. That’s why we highly recommend you to bring along a camera, or a smartphone to take all those beautiful scenes home. 

nahiku pond 1024x683

Opening hours: All day

Location: 1155 Nahiku Rd, Haiku, HI 96708, United States

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And that is our list of the top 14 best waterfalls in Maui, Hawaii. With this article, we hope that you can have the best trip ever! If you find our sharing helpful, please hit the notification button for the latest information on trips and travel!

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