14 Best Oahu Waterfalls You Must Visit Today!

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If you’re planning a trip to Oahu, Hawaii. But you only have a limited amount of time, which of the spectacular Oahu waterfalls are the most beautiful? Although it is located in a less developed section of Hawaii’s most developed island. The Oahu waterfalls are popular tourist spots that have attracted a large number of visitors. It will take a lot of work to inspect the waterfalls there once you arrive, because it is such a distant location. This article will highlight the unique characteristics of the 14 most beautiful Oahu waterfalls in Hawaii. All you have to do now is visit the one that appeals to you the most and basks in its exquisite beauty.

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Maunawili Falls

Maunawili Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in Oahu, and weekends may be fairly crowded. Hiking trails through gorgeous, lush forest and muddy pathways with a stop at Maunawili Falls are available to visitors. Here you can even go cliff jumping. The waterfall is 20 feet high and surrounded by heavy greenery and vines, creating a great jungle atmosphere.

Many thrill-seekers can jump off cliffs of various heights. Despite the fact that this is a pretty regular practice here, bad luck might strike at any time. If you plan to jump, double-check the depth, debris, and safety equipment. Maunawili is also an ideal spot to take pictures with the lush fauna surrounding the falls creating a perfect picture of nature.

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Aihualama Falls

Aihualama Falls, one of Oahu waterfalls, is located within the Lyon Arboretum and is accessible through a two-mile route. There are signs along the path that provide information about unusual flowering plants in Hawaii, in addition to the attraction of beautiful greenery.

People in Aihualama Falls are concerned not only about providing recreational value, but also about providing an educational experience. This waterfall isn’t as large as some of the others on this list of Oahu waterfalls, but it is dedicated to offering a thrilling trip for people of all fitness levels. The greatest time to visit is after the rainy season, when the water will be flowing freely.

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Kapena Falls

Even though this is an urban waterfall located underneath the Pali Highway with a lot of development around it, it is one of the greatest waterfalls for trekking on the island of Oahu, with a Jurassic Park – otherwise known as the Kualoa Ranch – vibe throughout the hike. The vines, massive leaves, and massive rocks give the impression that you are deep in the forest, far from civilization.

Kapena Falls is less than a mile from Nuuanu Avenue, so it’s a nice way to start your morning with a short trek into the jungle. Kapena Falls, located on the Kapena Falls Trail and just a short drive from downtown Honolulu, is a terrific spot for nature enthusiasts and aspiring photographers alike. It is only suited for walking and photographic activities for individuals with sensitive skin, despite the fact that it is a site of moving beauty. 

Although it is permitted to swim in this urban waterfall located below the Pali Highway with a lot of buildings around it, the water here carries a danger of leptospirosis. The 30-foot-deep pool in the fall is clean and enjoyable, according to individuals who elect to take a swim in the lake, despite the water being reddish-brown from upstream of the red clay.

The area has a pristine feel to it, with car-sized rocks and hanging vines, urging you to look back at the long-extinct predatory dinosaurs that may have lurked in the shadows. Kapena Falls is the ideal Oahu waterfall to get away from the rush and bustle of your daily life and visit a forest wonderland.

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Jackass Ginger

Jackass Ginger is a natural pool surrounded by thick forest and formed by an 8-foot-high alpine waterfall. This Oahu waterfall is one of the few out-of-town waterfalls that may be reached via the Judd Trail near Old Pali Road in Nu’uanu. Jackass Ginger Falls is a 10-foot waterfall and swimming hole in Honolulu’s Nu’uanu district. It’s said that years ago, Hawaiian nobility sat nearby and dipped their toes in the sea to cool down.

Although the route is tough to traverse because it has few signs, is tiny, and is surrounded by woods, this waterfall is a gorgeous vacation spot. Because the flowing waterfall is not very high (the height measurement of 10-15ft is very generous), adults and children can climb up and leap into the pool. On the right side of Jackass Ginger Falls, there’s even a nice smooth rock slide. It’s best to go when it’s raining because that’s when tourists will get the most out of it.

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Waika Halulu Falls

This little Waikahalulu waterfall may be seen in Lili’uokalani, a beautiful garden in Honolulu. There are several decent hotels near this waterfall, so walking from your lodging to the waterfall will be very convenient. This is an excellent spot for a picnic or for photographing the rushing water and surrounding flora. A calm natural swimming pool awaits at the end of the trail, ideal for family picnics and groups of friends looking to unwind after a busy day.

The water flows down from the wide rock’s top to the idyllic, peaceful pool below. The Oahu waterfall is currently being maintained, with additional trees being planted to preserve its pure beauty and more local animals being brought in to replace those that are becoming scarce after being utilized by the queen of Hawaii for a long time.

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Koloa Gulch

One of the best waterfalls in Oahu is Koloa Gulch. Koloa Gulch has numerous waterfalls and is especially beautiful in September when the plants are in full bloom. Waterfall Koloa Gulch is also well-known for its stunning natural beauty. Be cautious when the trail drops into the depths, as it can be very slippery in the rain.

After a 4-hour climb, you’ll arrive at a succession of stunning Oahu waterfalls, excellent for cooling off after a long day. Bring an additional pair of shoes and socks because your feet will almost certainly not get wet. However, please keep in mind that because this is a privately owned waterfall, you must either fill out a waiver or acquire an invitation before visiting.

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Kaipapau Falls

Another waterfall worth seeing on Oahu is Kaipapau Falls, which is especially popular with hikers. This waterfall is accessible by an 8-mile trek that is rugged and treacherous. If this route is safer for experienced hikers, new hikers should proceed with caution. When crossing the rail, you’ll have to cross about 40 creeks, but if in doubt, always follow the water upstream. Unlike other Oahu waterfalls, the road should be traversed during the rainy season, especially when it is raining strongly and flash flooding is a possibility.

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Waimano Falls

If you prefer not to be in crowded areas when visiting the sacred forest, Waimano Falls is the place to go. There are seven waterfalls in this series, all of which are located below the Ka’au crater. Due to the uneven terrain, this location is less popular with tourists. The trip to and from the falls is approximately 3 miles long, begins at the Manana trail, and takes about an hour.

You can’t park at or near the trailhead, but you may make the already challenging climb much more difficult by driving further down the mountain and walking back. worn before going on a solo hike. You’ll arrive at the end of the trail to see a stunning Oaha waterfall (high enough for cliff jumping) and two pools below, ideal for swimming and relaxing.

Allow plenty of time to relax and appreciate the falls, as the return trek will be taxing. Waimano Falls is one of the best cliff jumping spots on the island of Oahu. Although the jumps are not very high, each one is roughly 15-20 feet high, be cautious and double-check everything before diving into the lake. You get a fantastic vista to shoot after the climb, in addition to the well-deserved benefit of a deeper pool to swim in.

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Li’keke Falls

Li’keke Falls is one of Oahu’s lesser-known waterfalls, although it has a multi-layered flow that is stunning. Few tourists take the time to trek down the old Pali Road below the overlook to see the lovely Likeke Falls. A fantastically challenging journey across broken sections of the Pali Highway. And via a lush forest route will have you on your toes as the scenery varies along the way to the spectacular Oahu waterfalls. The falls reach a height of more than 15 feet at their highest point.

The Pali Lookout parking lot is the starting point for the 3.5-mile round-trip climb to the waterfall. Visitors have reported that the red dirt is quite slick during and after rain. Therefore avoid wearing white shoes, loafers, or other similar footwear to avoid damage to your footwear. Other trekking areas near Li’keke Falls, including Pali Notches and Pali Puka, are known for their spectacular sunsets. To fully appreciate all of these attractions, you’ll need more than one day.

Laie Falls

Despite the fact that the trek leading to Laie Falls is described as tough and dangerous. You will enjoy the magnificent views it provides. Open dirt roads, winding pathways lined with guava trees, and a Cook Pine Tree grove make up the terrain. The scents of pine and strawberry guava will delight you. Trees also give protection from the sun, which makes Hawaii waterfall hike much easier.

Although the waterfall is barely 15 feet tall. It limps up and down with many lower tiers that make walking more challenging. A steamy 6–7 mile round trip climb with a 1200 foot elevation gain. Because it is not as large as other waterfalls in Oahu, Laie Falls is one of the less visited. However, it is incredibly lovely. When you go down to the lake, you will feel at ease as you immerse yourself in the clear, refreshing water.

However, given its bumpiness, this is an expedition for people searching for an adventurous adventure. A slight snag is that you’ll need a permit to hike to La’ie Falls, so double-check before going. Permits are offered at the Hawaii Reserves, Inc. office in La’ie’s mall. Though stories differ as to whether the license is free or simply inexpensive.

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Manoa Falls

Manoa Falls is a popular hiking site on Oahu for those who want to experience the Oahu waterfalls without putting in too much work. It is not only the nearest waterfall to Waikiki. But also one of the most beautiful Oahu waterfalls worth seeing.

The verdant Manoa Valley is about a 15- to 20-minute drive from the Waikiki Hotel. This waterfall is the most visited of the Oahu waterfalls, but it still maintains its natural beauty. Hiking leads to a breathtaking waterfall that pours down a 150-foot cliff face. Although the water is not as warm as the Pacific Ocean, standing under a natural shower is delightful.

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Waipuhia Falls

Waipuhia Falls is known as the ‘Inverted Falls’ because high winds push the water so forcefully that it appears to be flowing up the falls. This waterfall, which is located just off the Pali Highway, is one of the least pedestrianized Oahu waterfalls, but it is well worth a visit on a windy day. A 0.6-kilometer walk off the Pali Highway leads to the waterfall.

Despite its short length, this trail is not recommended for inexperienced hikers because it is overgrown and unmaintained. When you arrive, you’ll observe that the water never seems to contact the earth due to the wind. In fact, it may make it difficult to locate the track. So keep an eye out if you’re out in the outdoors looking for this marvel. If hiking isn’t your thing, the waterfall may be seen from the road in the rain, so bring your camera.

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Waimea Falls

Visitors can plunge into the water at Waimea Falls, and the bottom is also suitable for swimming. Waimea Falls is located in the valley of the same name on Oahu’s North Shore. This is an excellent waterfall for swimming because the pool at the bottom is ideal for relaxing and socializing.

This is one of the most well-known Oahu waterfalls, which is known for its extensive surfing in the winter and beautiful swimming, snorkeling, and rock-climbing opportunities in the summer. The trip to the falls is about four miles long. But the majority of it is level and paved, winding past gorgeous gardens. Making it a fantastic place to take a leisurely stroll and enjoy everything this area has to offer.

With a manned swimming area, this waterfall is ideal for families with young children. The park does charge a tiny entrance fee, however it is minimal and goes to a charitable organization. Preserving these assets is profitable.

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Lulumahu Falls

Lulumahu Falls is a short distance from Pali, and it’s a terrific place to start a half-day trip on Oahu. This waterfall has a great Indiana Jones adventure-like trail to get there. The 2-mile flat route takes around 30 minutes to reach the spectacular multi-tiered waterfall. I assure you that going through a dense bamboo forest, climbing historic water infrastructure. Strolling through the mysterious Hawaiian jungle will not bore you!

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At the bottom of the falls, there is a tiny pool where you can swim. The waterfall, which is 50 feet tall and produces a pool and a small stream, is a sight to behold. The season determines whether or not you will experience the cool air. Because there aren’t many hikers on the paths leading to this waterfall. It’s essential to bring a friend and utilize a map for this trek.

Hiking in unknown locations is at your own risk. Although there are two trail openings leading to the falls. They are not well signposted and the hike will be difficult. Because there aren’t many hikers on the paths leading to this waterfall. It’s essential to bring a friend and utilize a map for this trek. Hiking in unknown locations is at your own risk. Although there are two trail openings leading to the falls. They are not well signposted, and the hike will be difficult.

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For your convenience, we’ve included some information about the top Oahu waterfalls. I hope you find them useful and that they assist you in having a nice holiday. If you have any further questions, please leave them in the comments section below!

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