30+ Fun Texas Souvenirs + Gifts You Will Love

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Well, I suppose that one of the most enjoyable things to do in Texas is to go shopping for souvenirs. However, there are so many people who need to buy presents and there are so many different options to choose from. Some souvenirs that can be mentioned are: fridge magnet, T-shirt, etc. So, what should you buy? This article will answer which Texas souvenirs that you should have! Let’s get started!

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Texas Candle

texas candle 1024x1024

The very first thing that we wanna share with you is the best souvenir from Texas ever – Texas candle! 

Things you should know:

This is one of the greatest presents from Texas for friends and family members as it will make them sentimental about home. The candle is constructed from natural soy wax mix and provides you a burn period of 60-80 hours.

When your family and friends light this candle, they will be reminded of the things and events that they discovered in Texas. From college to road vacations, this candle is a terrific way to remember it all. Trust me, this is one of the finest Texas souvenirs to offer your loved ones.

Texas Bluebonnet Soap

texas bluebonnet soap

Well, if you have read my other posts about finding a spot to observe Texas bluebonnets, you would probably know that Texas is famous for its bluebonnets. So, I think that Bluebonnet Soat is quite a good gift option! 

Things you should know:

This is a homemade soap that is produced from shea butter, olive oil, palm oil, and coconut oil. Because of these organic and natural ingredients , it is healthy for your skin and will leave it smooth and moisturized after usage. Since it is a 100% natural product with no chemicals or chemicals, it delivers the required care to your skin.

One of the greatest Texas gifts you can buy online, the soap is an angelic combination of jasmine, lilac, and honeysuckle. That’s why when you use this soap, you will be emotionally transferred to a gorgeous field of Bluebonnets in Texas.

Texas Scratch Off Map

texas scratch off map 1024x771

Are you looking for presents with a Texas theme to give to someone who loves to travel? Here is the solution for you, the Texas Scratch Off Map! The Texas Scratch Off Map by Mapspinners is among the best Texas mementos that can be purchased online.

Things you should know:

This scratch-off map, which is available on many online buying platforms (go check it out), depicts 254 Texas counties as well as two national parks. The gold foil covering the states, counties, and national parks may be scratched off after the traveler has experienced the state, county, or park in question.

It is printed on high-quality paper and packaged in a lovely tube with ornamental accents, making it a breeze to give as a present. The dimension of the map is 16 by 20, which allows you to frame it and hang it on a wall to display your voyage of wanderlust through the state of Texas.

San Antonio Texas Plate

san antonio texas plate

The San Antonio Texas Plate is an antique porcelain plate that is considered to be one of the most impressive keepsakes from Texas that can be purchased online.

Things you should know:

This porcelain plate was made in San Antonio and has a diameter of 8.5 inches. The ceramic plate, which is decorated with a bright image, is one of the nicest presents you can get from San Antonio. The Alamo is located in the middle of the plate, while the tower of the Americas, La Villita, the Arneson River, and the other missions may be found on each side of it.

It is an antique item that, whether hung on the wall or displayed on a table, would look just stunning. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing antique presents from Texas, then this would be an excellent option for you to consider.

Fine Art Wildflower Print

This one-of-a-kind pattern was produced by hand, and it illustrates a variety of flowers, including the Texas state flower, the bluebonnet. 

Things you should know:

The picture was made on a thick cotton paper that was 220 pounds in weight using watercolors and liquid ink. One of the greatest Texas-themed presents, the Texas Fine Art Wildflower Print is suitable for a variety of occasions, including a wedding anniversary, a housewarming celebration, and more.

It is a wonderful print for use as wall décor, and it is given in two sizes: 8 by 10 inches and 11 by 14 inches. You may easily purchase a frame to put it on your wall, despite the fact that it does not come with a frame. Many people who have purchased items from Etsy have mentioned how impressed they are with the print quality and how the item gives the space a cozier vibe.

The Great Book of Texas

the great book of texas 640x1024

And here it is, another best souvenir from Texas, The Great book Texas. 

Things you should know:

This book gift is a fantastic tool for increasing one’s knowledge about the Lone Star State. Not only does it offer information about the assassination, but it also gives details on Texas’ mythology, culture, sports, and other topics. Even the most knowledgeable Texas residents are likely to pick up fresh information from the 177 pages contained in this book.

Texas Bluebonnet Seeds

texas bluebonnet seeds

As I have mentioned before, Texas is famous for beautiful bluebonnet blooms. And because of it, I suppose that one of the best Texas souvenirs is the Texas Bluebonnet Seed. 

Things you should know: 

One of the most impressive purchases you can make in Texas is to get a personalized Texas Bluebonnet Grow kit. These handmade Texas shapes come packaged in a brown gift box tied with a raffia ribbon, making them an ideal option for wedding presents or gifts to be given out at other events.

This is one of the greatest presents with such a Texas theme, and each kit comes with a plastic flower pot, instructions, a Texas shape that contains Bluebonnet seeds and Texas soil, a Texas shape that says “Take a little bit of Texas home with you,” and the phrase “Take a little bit of Texas home with you.” You also have the option of adding a personalized touch to the message, but you should keep it to no more than ten words.

Retro Texas Sweatshirt

retro texas sweatshirt 1024x812

Another Texas souvenir is the unique Texas sweatshirt. It has an excellent cut and is of high quality; as a result, one may feel comfortable wearing it to the theater, Disneyland, or other locations.

Things you should know:

One of the most convenient keepsakes from Texas that can be purchased online is this item. Simply select the size and color of the sweatshirt you want, and we will deliver it right to your home. In addition, it is quite simple to place several orders for sweatshirts, which you can then present as mementos of your trip to Texas to your friends and family.

Whisky Glass

whisky glass 1024x876

If your friend is a wine lover, consider buying a Whisky glass as a Texas souvenir for her or him.

Things you should know:

The glasses have been crafted with care and include etchings that were done by hand. It has a weight of 11 ounces and can be cleaned quickly and simply in a dishwasher.

Many buyers said that they have expressed satisfaction with the glass quality, remarking that the etching on the glass looks really fantastic. This is one of the greatest Texas mementos that can be purchased online in huge quantities and given away as presents for special occasions such as birthdays and holidays.

Old Texas Map

Finding something old, unique and traditional for your family? The old Texas Map would be a very great option of Texas souvenirs for you to choose! This antique map of Texas from 1841 would make an excellent present for someone who just moved into a new home.

Things you should know:

One of the most interesting mementos you may get from Texas is a map of the state that was created by John Arrowsmith, a company based in London. It is mentioned in the handwritten records that were created by William Bollaert and serves as the location of the seats of both the Republic of Texas and the General Land Office of Texas of The Republic.

Texas Keychain

texas keychain

It is one of the greatest Texas gifts for couples or closest friends that has a Texas-related theme.

Things you should know:

The coating on these keychains may be either gold or silver, and they come with a number of different personalization possibilities.

You may select the wording that you would like to have added to the keychain charm when you place an order for these incredible keepsakes from Texas through the Etsy store. Not only that, but you also have the option of choosing whether you want it to be engraved on a single side, a double side, or if you want a keychain without any inscriptions at all.

After you have made your selections, you will then be able to input whatever you would want to have engraved on the keychain. You will need to take a photo of the engraving you want and then give it to us through a message if you want it to be handwritten. Believe me when I say that giving this to the people you care about is one of the most thoughtful things you could do in Texas.

Bluebonnet Earrings

bluebonnet earrings

If you are still looking for perfect Texas gifts, the Bluebonnet Earrings are just the one to consider! As we have mentioned before, Texas is famous for its bluebonnet, so bringing a small bluebonnet gift home might be a great choice. 

Things you should know:

These adorable bluebonnet flower stud earrings were crafted by pressing the flowers, covering them in 18k gold foil, and embedding them in carbon-neutral plant-based resin. Put on those earrings to keep the beauty of Texas in your mind.

You may also give these Texas mementos as presents for special occasions, such as birthdays or the holidays. They come packaged in an attractive gift box that can be folded up and stashed away with ease.

Texas Cookie Cutters

texas cookie cutters

If you want a present for your baking lover, here is the best gift ever, the Texas Cookie Cutters. Texas Cookie Cutter is one of the best Texas themed gifts to bring home and share with friends and family! 

Things you should know:

You will receive a set of seven cookie cutters made of tin plated steel. These cookie cutters are in the shape of the state of Texas or anything linked to the state. This collection of cookie cutters comes with a star that measures 2 inches, cow boots that measure 3 inches, a longhorn that measures 4 inches, and the state of Texas that measures 5 inches.

Not only can you use these cookie cutters to cut cookie dough, but you can also use them to cut sandwiches, fondant, and a variety of other foods. Anyone who enjoys creating Texas-themed cookies and snacks would be thrilled to receive one of these cookie cutter sets as a gift.

Texas Cutting Board

texas cutting board

Here is another worthy gift that you should get to your loved ones and relatives. The Texas Cutting board is not only a small gift that you can share, it is also a small cute symbol of Texas.

Things you should know:

If the recipient of your Texas gift is someone who enjoys spending a lot of time in the kitchen or who has a passion for cooking, then this Texas Cutting Board is an excellent option to consider.

The bamboo board has the form of the state of Texas and has been expertly fashioned into this configuration. In addition to this, the colorful engravings on the board that emphasize the best attractions guarantee that it can also be used as a decorative element on walls.

It comes with a hang tie that you can use to display it as a piece of wall art in the kitchen, the living room, the workplace, or any other location you like. When flipped over to its blank side, this knife-friendly board may be utilized as a cutting board, making it one of the greatest keepsakes to bring back from Texas.

Cowboy Hats

cowboy hats

Another cute souvenir that you might wanna pack home- Cowboy Hats! 

Things you should know:

The cowboy hat is more commonly linked with the state of Texas than any other state in the United States. There are a wide variety of hats available in Texas, ranging from 10-gallon hats and Stetsons to Cattleman hats to straw cowgirl hats in a variety of colors. Paris Hatters in San Antonio, which is located in a very accessible location just around the corner from the Alamo, is considered to be one of the greatest sites to make a purchase.

 This Texas landmark is not just the most successful Stetson dealer in the whole United States but also the Stetson Dress Hat Retailer of the Year for 2018. In the event that your travels lead you to Dallas, make it a point to stop at Wild Bill’s Western Wear, which is widely considered to be the city’s most famous business selling cowboy hats and boots.

Alamo Souvenirs

alamo souvenirs 1024x1024

It is impossible to leave the state of Texas without going to the Alamo, and no trip to the Alamo is complete unless the traveler brings something meaningful to remind them of their time there. A wide variety of goods, including jewelry, coonskin headgear, Alamo flags, books, apparel and accessories, toys, and even decorations for the house, such as tea towels with the phrase “Remember the Alamo” and snow globes are all available in the Alamo Gift Shop. The store also sells Texas souvenirs with a “Alamo” theme.

Cowboy Boots

cowboy boots

Every region of Texas has its fair share of cowboy boots, making them one of the most lasting icons of the Lone Star State. Unless you want the greatest, you should go to Austin and look for the big red boot that is located outside of Allens Boots on South Congress Avenue. AAllens is a Mecca for Austin’s musicians and hipsters as well as cowboys and cowgirls. Men, women, and children of all ages may get great cowboy boots in a wide variety of colors and styles everywhere in Texas, including the state’s major cities as well as its smallest towns. These boots are available for purchase.

Belt Buckles

Buckles for belts are maybe the most popular and widely used fashion item in the state of Texas. They are available in a wide variety of materials, ranging from sterling silver and brass to gold plating and turquoise. Belt buckles in the shape of Texas, the Lone Star, longhorns, or anything else that screams “Texas” are popular souvenirs for tourists who travel to the Lone Star State. 

Things you should know:

Visitors may actually take a bit of Texas home with them when they purchase one of these buckles. To complement your genuine Texas belt buckle, you should definitely pick up a belt in the Western style as well. This is without a doubt a wonderful present, and it can be stored in any kind of baggage. 

BBQ Sauce

bbq sauce

If you visit Texas and want to bring a taste of the state back with you to your own home, you won’t have any trouble finding barbecue sauce there. In Texas, barbecue sauce is almost a must, and the state is responsible for the creation of some of the best barbecue sauce in the world, which can be found all around the Lone Star State. Bull’s-Eye, Kosmos Q Cherry Habanero, Daddy Sam’s, and Famous Dave’s Texas Pit BBQ Sauce are regarded as some of the finest examples of Texas barbecue sauces by Greatest Reviews. For true cuisine enthusiasts, nothing will do except the authentic Texan sauce.


salsa 1024x1024
Another gift choice for your loved ones? Consider Salsa! 

Things you should know:

 Because Tex-Mex is practically synonymous with the state of Texas, there is an abundance of flavorful salsa available to complement the state’s famous cuisine. 

In fact, Texans put salsa on nearly everything they eat. You are in luck since any grocery shop in Texas is sure to provide a selection of salsas that are among the greatest in the world. Look for salsas such as Native Texan Restaurant Style, which is delicious with tacos; That Green Sauce, which is a favorite among those who dip chips in sauce; and La Costea Ranchera Salsa, which is versatile and can be eaten with everything from chips to scrambled eggs.

Texas-Themed Jewelry

texas themed jewelry

Things you should know:

The Capitol Gift Shop in Austin is the place to go if you’re looking for merchandise depicting popular Texas themes. They sell things like single Lone Star bracelets made of sterling silver, oil derrick sterling silver cufflinks, state seal gold plated charm bracelets, and a lot more. In addition to jewelry, it sells a wide variety of Texas mementos and one-of-a-kind gift items. These include books on the state’s history and culture, maps, things for the house, toys for children, clothing and bags bearing state-inspired themes like the Texas state logo, and more.

Sports Items

Getting a present for your gym addiction friends? Don’t worry, let’s grab some sports items! 

Things you should know:

Are you going to Houston? Then you should go to Gifts of Texas, which is located in the Galleria. Gifts of Texas sells a broad variety of Texas souvenirs and gift items, including apparel, accessories, and memorabilia related to collegiate and professional sports.

 As the Houston Astros are the current champions of the Major League Baseball World Series, you will be able to locate mementos of the team all throughout the city of Houston as a result of their success. Find one of the Dallas Cowboys Pro Shops if football is your favorite sport to watch or play. Visit the AT&T Center in San Antonio to watch a Spurs game, where you can also shop for officially licensed Spurs merchandise, if basketball is your game of choice.

Texas Rodeo Souvenirs

texas rodeo souvenirs

There are ten official product booths that have been set up for the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. These booths offer a variety of souvenirs, since the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo is one of the finest and most significant events that takes place in San Antonio. If you are unable to attend the rodeo, you may visit the ProRodeo Gear Shop to purchase a variety of merchandise, including t-shirts, jackets, coolers, decals, keychains, sunglasses, and more.

Texas Music Souvenirs

texas music souvenirs

Austin is not just the capital of Texas, but also the state’s music capitol and the greatest destination to buy Texas music souvenirs. Accessories, jewelry, presents, and home decor are all available at Wild About Music. It’s not hard to find a guitar to take home as a memento if you’re in Texas. Dolly Python Vintage is the place to go in Dallas if you’re looking for vintage music memorabilia. Hand-selected vintage vinyl, 8 tracks, posters, and other rock memorabilia may be found at this much-loved store. Dolly Python’s also has a wide variety of vintage items, including apparel, boots, jewelry, Texas Pride pins, glasses, unused old Texas postcards, and much more.

Top Texas Beer

There is no need to state the obvious by stating that Lone Star Beer is produced by one of the most successful breweries in the state of Texas. In addition to bucket grills and keychains depicting the Lone Star armadillo, Lone Star memorabilia also includes t-shirts, baseball caps, and hats, as well as other apparel and accessories.

top texas beer 767x1024

According to Texas Monthly’s list of the 10 Most Important Texas Beers of 2019, there are many more excellent Texas beers:

  • Training Bines by Pinthouse Pizza, Austin
  • Concha la Flor by Isla Street Brewing Company, San Antonio
  • 5 O’Clock Pils by Saint Arnold Brewing Company, Houston
  • Best Maid Sour Pickle Beer by Martin House Brewing Company, Fort Worth
  • Rainout Hazy IPA by Westlake Brewing Company, Dallas
  • Mini-Boss by Eureka Heights Brewing Company, Houston
  • Bitter Soul ESB by Mad Pecker Brewing Company, San Antonio
  • Night Fog Black Hazy IPA by Austin Beerworks, Austin
  • Fireman’s Light by Real Ale Brewing Company, Blanco
  • SPON Beers by Jester King Brewery, Austin outskirts.

Texas Wine

texas wine 1024x683

Although Texas has earned its reputation for having some of the best barbeque and beer in the country, many visitors are shocked to learn that the state also boasts a thriving wine industry. Because of Texas’s warm climate and lack of humidity, the state’s wines are sometimes compared to those produced in Portugal. In addition, winemaking has been practiced in Texas since the 1650s, when Spanish missionaries introduced the method to the state from their own country.

Both the Texas Hill Country and the Texas High Plains are home to around fifty wineries throughout the two regions. Don’t pass up the opportunity to acquire and try out one of these highly regarded Texas wines: William Chris Vineyards Pétillant Naturel Sparkling Rosé, Duchman Family Winery Aglianico and Brennan Vineyards Rosé, Mourvèdre. Wine connoisseurs have the opportunity to choose the perfect bottle of white wine, red wine, or rosé wine in the Texas wine area.

Buy Chocolate

buy chocolate 1024x867
Texas chocolate and sweets! 

A thriving chocolate industry can be found in Texas, which is excellent news for tourists on the lookout for gourmet presents and souvenirs. The state of Texas is home to a significant number of experts in the field of chocolate making. Some of the best places to get chocolate in Texas include Chocolat in Fredericksburg, Delysia in Austin, Dude in Dallas, and Cocoa & Cardamom in Houston. Chocolates and gifted chocolate baskets are also available to purchase from Goodies Texas.

Toys for Kids of All Ages

toys for kids of all ages
Texas boots! 

If you are looking for a gift for your children, toys are amazing choices! 

Toys for kids are a Texas institution, right up there with barbecue and the rodeo in the Lone Star State. For the future bronc rider in your life, you can consider getting them a Texas toro longhorn plush toy or an inflatable lasso steer ring toss game. In addition, the state manufactures a range of Texas souvenirs including baby Western boots, Texas baby rattles, and Texas ABC posters, as well as other toys, games, and books. Toys that are considered to be more appropriate for adults, such as sports figures, longhorn cow toys, and car toys like Walker Texas Ranger, might be purchased for children who still consider themselves to be children at heart.

Fredericksburg Souvenirs

fredericksburg souvenirs 1024x768
Fredericksburg best gift and specialty shops

Texas’ German town is Fredericksburg is a German Town in Texas. Texas German, a dialect spoken by the early German immigrants, is a city in central Texas. You could buy many merchandise such as clothing, drinkware, accessories, and more, all with a German-Texan flair here. This city also has the Christmas Store, located near Fredericksburg and it is a year-round Christmas shopping destination. You’ll discover a wide variety of European blown glass, Santas, and Snowbabies porcelain figurines at this shop. Additionally, the Christmas Store is the biggest U.S. reseller of Department 56 Villages.

Cotton Products

cotton products
Kings of cotton are from Texas

Cotton is popular in Texas, and rightfully so. Cotton was chosen as the official state fiber and fabric in 1997, and according to Netstate, Texas is the state that produces the most cotton in the whole US. Because of this, things made in Texas from cotton are among the greatest and most sought when it comes to choosing the best souvenirs from Texas. You may find an insignia of Texas on a variety of cotton goods, including socks, T-shirts, towels, and linens.


pecans 1024x683
Fresh Texas pecans in shell

The state of Texas produces a significant amount of pecans, which are recognized as a “health nut.” Pecans and Texas-themed presents are available from Texas Pecans & Gifts in Fredericksburg, Texas. These souvenirs from Texas include the Aggies-N-Texas Tin and the Longhorns-N-Texas Tin, both of which have pecan treats in a range of sizes. According to NBCDFW, pecan trees in Texas typically provide a harvest of 50 million pounds of nuts annually. Delicious pecans are a classic local memento that can be found all around the Lone Star State. 


And that is all the information you need to know about Texas souvenirs! We hope that, with our sharing today, you will be able to choose for your friends and family, loved ones some souvenirs that bring out the Texas spirit! If you find our sharing information helpful and interesting, please share it with your friends and loved ones. Hope that you had a great trip at Texas!

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