Discover The Best Time to Visit Palm Springs This Year (Update 2022)

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If you’re looking to do something in Palm Springs this month and do not know what the weather is, this is the great answer for you. The city has a perfect climate for year-round enjoyment, with temperatures in the 70s and 80s. However, different times of year offer different experiences. Here’s a look at the best time to visit Palm Springs based on what you’re looking for.

Seasons in Palm Springs

Peak Season: Winter/ Spring (December – April)

The weather in Palm Springs is perfect during the winter and spring months. The temperatures range from 22 to 27 degrees Celsius, which is perfect for spa treatments, pool lounging and hiking. However, the busiest times of the year to visit Palm Springs are during these months, so attractions and hotel rates are at a premium.

If you’re looking to visit Palm Springs on a budget, April is the best time to go. The average temperatures begin to creep up to 70ºF, but the rates for hotels and attractions are still relatively low.

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Off-Season: Summer (May – September)

The weather during the summer months in Palm Springs is hot and dry. The average daytime temperatures are above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, but temperatures cool down into the 80s at night. The nightlife in Palm Springs really heats up during the summer, making it the perfect time for outdoor enthusiasts to join daytime pool parties with live DJs or after-hours events.

If you’re looking to escape the heat, you can take a sunrise hike or enjoy some outdoor dining. No matter what you do, you’re sure to have a blast in Palm Springs during the summer!

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Note: Many restaurants and attractions have shorten their operating hours during this season.

Shoulder Season: Fall (October – November)

The weather in Fall in Palm Springs is typically quite mild, with highs topping 90ºF and lows in the 50s and 60s. It’s usually a relatively quiet time of year, with fewer visitors than other seasons. However, it can get quite crowded on weekends.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, this is the perfect time to soak up natural desert beauty. You can sit by a spa pool, hike in the hills, or go shopping and dining at some of the best restaurants in Palm Springs. You can also enjoy campfire activities and local experiences such as the Living Desert Zoo or Moorten’s Botanical Gardens. Plus, the date harvest is in full swing during this time of year.

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Note: Most hotels offer off-peak pricing during the shoulder season, so it’s a great time to visit Palm Springs on a budget.

Weather in Palm Springs Month-by-Month


January is the coolest month in Palm Springs but it rarely rains. The climate is pleasant, good for activities like golf and tennis, but the first week of January is usually crazy busy with families. Average high temperatures peak at 71°F (22°C) while average low temperatures can sink to 45°F (7°C). If you’re looking for the best month to visit Palm Springs, January is a great choice. The weather is perfect for enjoying all the best that this desert oasis has to offer.


February is a particularly popular month for any design, architecture or vintage Hollywood lovers because of Modernism Week (a must see event). Average high temperatures peak at 74°F (24°C) while average low temperatures can sink to 48°F (9°C), which means you should pack layers if you’re planning on spending any time outside. However, the cool weather does have its perks – namely, the lack of crowds. You’ll be able to enjoy all of the best that Palm Springs has to offer without having to deal with the usual tourist traps.

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March is typically a busy month in Palm Springs. The peak wildflower season is in full swing, and the nearby Joshua Tree National Park sees the most visitors. Golf season is also in full swing, which is good news for hikers. Average high temperatures will breach the 80’s, while average low temperatures are typically around 52°F (11°C). All in all, it’s a great time to visit Palm Springs. So if you’re looking for a warm getaway this March, consider Palm Springs. You won’t be disappointed.


April is known as “music month” in Palm Springs because of all the music festivals that take place that month. It’s a great month for golf, and lodging rates skyrocket as restaurants get busier than ever. If you’re planning to go to the festivals, stay in La Quinta and ride bikes to the grounds each day. High temperatures are 88°F (31°C) while low temperatures are 57°F (14°C). April is a great time to travel to Palm Springs!

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May is a great time to visit Palm Springs. The temperatures are starting to get hotter, but they aren’t quite at the crazy summer levels yet. The sun rises at about five forty-five each morning, and it’s cooler in the morning hours. That makes it a great time for early-morning activities like hiking or swimming. In the afternoon, you can try out some of the incredible outdoor dining options. And in the evening, there’s always a party to join.

At the end of May, locals start packing up and making their way to cooler areas like the beach or the East Coast. The average high temperature in Palm Springs will breach the 90’s in June, typically peaking at 96°F (35°C) . The average low temperature is 64°F (18°C) . So if you’re looking to escape the heat, May is the perfect time.


Summertime in Palm Springs is a great time to visit! Although it may be a little too hot for some people, the lower temperatures at higher altitudes make it a great time to visit the mountains. You can play tennis and golf before noon or long after the sun goes down. High 96°F (35°C) and low 64°F (17°C).


There’s no doubt that July is the hottest month of the year in Palm Springs. This is when many locals use it as an excuse to travel elsewhere. However, if you don’t mind the heat, there are some great benefits to visiting Palm Springs in July. For starters, hotels offer super discounted rates. And you won’t have to fight line-ups at In-N-Out or Cheeky’s.

Most resorts also offer poolside programs with live DJ sets during the day and movies in the evening. Plus, there are lots of young people in the valley. So if you’re looking for a party scene, Palm Springs is the place to be in July. Just make sure you find a hotel, vacation home, or Airbnb with a pool, and drink lots of water! Average high and low temperatures in July range between 108°F (40°C) and 78°F (22°C). But it can feel even hotter, so come prepared.

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The weather is still hot, but the sun rises later and it’s a bit cooler during the day. You can work on your tan at one of the nearby beaches, or take a dip in your hotel’s pool (many of which are open 24 hours). The average high temperature in August is 107°F (42°C), and the average low is 78°F (25°C). So whether you’re looking to relax in the sun or enjoy some nightlife, Palm Springs is the place to be in August.


The weather in September is still warm and sunny, but the evenings are a bit more comfortable. This is the perfect time of year for evening fun, including festivals and local events. September is also the beginning of the school year, so locally-focused activities pick back up. And of course, there’s always the enjoyable al fresco dining beneath the misters.

The average high temperature in September is 102°F (39°C). Evenings and early mornings will see low temperatures of 72°F (22°C). So pack your bags and enjoy all that Palm Springs has to offer this September!


The weather in October is perfect for a visit to the Palm Springs desert. The temperatures are still warm, but not terribly hot, and there are plenty of things to do in the area. Many Canadians flock to the Palm Springs area for Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, and there are also a number of conventions and business travelers in the area at this time of year.

However, temperatures do reduce day and night, with average high temperatures of just 91°F (33°C) and low temperatures of 62°F (17°C). If you’re looking for a great place to visit in October, Palm Springs is the perfect destination.

Note: Skip a golf trip because many golf courses close for overseeding, or you can check the course websites for updates.

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This is the best month to visit Palm Springs because of the mild temperatures. The average high and low temperatures range between 78°F (26°C) and 52°F (11°C), which makes it perfect for hiking the canyons, visiting Joshua Tree National Park, and spending time by the pool or golfing. Bars and restaurants also offer great deals on happy hour during this time of year. So if you’re looking for a getaway that won’t break the bank, Palm Springs in November is the place to be!


The weather in Palm Springs during December is perfect for those looking for a winter getaway. The days are warm, but the nights are cool, and there is the possibility of snow on the mountains. This makes it the perfect time to visit for Christmas or other winter holidays.

There are also great hiking trails in the canyons of the Sonoran Desert, and the Whitewater Canyon Preserve in the San Gorgonio Wilderness Area is a great place to visit for a day trip. The average high temperature in December is 69°F (21°C), and the average low temperature is 44°F (0°C). So pack your bags and enjoy all that Palm Springs, and December, has to offer!

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So which is the best months to visit Palm Springs?

There is no definitive answer, as the best time to visit Palm Springs really depends on personal preference. However, many people recommend visiting during the fall and winter months, as the weather is perfect and the crowds are low. Additionally, expenses tend to be lower during these months, which can be a plus for adults if they have saved up.

If you’re considering a long weekend away, booking your flight for early September or October is a good idea. Trying to fight the spring break crowds in April can be challenging. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide when the best time of year to visit Palm Springs is!

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Worst time to travel to Palm Springs

The worst time to travel to Palm Springs would be in the summer months because of the dry heat and high temperatures. April can also be a difficult time to travel to Palm Springs because it is music festival month and there are huge crowds. The winter months are not ideal because the highest accommodation prices can be found and there is an influx of Canadian and American snowbirds.

It also can be difficult to find short-term accommodations outside of conventional hotels during these times. If you are looking to avoid the crowds and high prices, it is best to travel to Palm Springs during the shoulder seasons.

Find the best month to visit by activity

JanuaryFilm festivals
October-December, January-MarchHiking
April, JuneMusic festivals

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Find the best month to visit by event

January– The annual Palm Springs International Film Festival
– Desert Arts Festival (3rd weekend)
– Career Builder Challenge Golf Tournament (formerly Humana)
February– Tour De Palm Springs
– Intersect Palm Springs
March– Spring Break
– BNP Paribas Tennis Tournament
– The Dinah Presented by Club Skirts (music festival catered to the lesbian community)
April– White Party Palm Springs (an LGBT pride event)
– The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival
– Stagecoach Music Festival
MayMemorial Day Weekend (usually parties or events at the various hotels)
June– Palm Springs Desert Resorts Restaurant Week features fixed-price lunch and dinner specials
– Splash House (A multi-venue music festival hosted at 3 different hotels)
July– Desert Classic Dancesport Championships held at JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort and Spa
AugustSplash House 2
SeptemberNight Sky Festival
October– The annual Palm Springs Tram Road challenge
– The Props & Hops Craft Beer Festival
– Joshua Tree Music Festival (October 6 – 9, 2022)
– Modernism Week Fall Preview (October 13 – 16, 2022)
November– Greater Palm Springs Pride (November 4 – 6, 2022)
– The Desert Arts Festival (3rd weekend of each month in Peak Season)
– Hot Air Balloon Festival
– Indio BBQ State Championship
– Props & Hops Craft Beer Festival
– Black Friday Sales at the Outlets
– Palm Springs Vintage Market, VillageFest, and Farmer’s Markets in full swing
– McCormick’s Classic Car Show and Auction
December– Palm Springs Festival of Lights Parade
– Desert Arts Festival


Is winter the best time to visit in Palm Springs?

The weather in Palm Springs is perfect during the winter months, from late December to April. This is a great time to explore the vibrant area and experience the outdoors in beautiful desert paradise.

Another best time to go to Palm Springs

The best time to go to Palm Springs is typically in the winter when the weather is cooler. However, if you’re looking for a more affordable trip, the best time to visit Palm Springs is in the summer. The downside to visiting during the summer is that it can be quite hot, but if you can handle the heat, you’ll be able to find some great deals on hotels and activities.

If you’re looking for a mix of both, the best time to visit Palm Springs is in the spring or fall. The temperatures during these months are usually perfect and you’ll be able to find some great deals on hotels and activities. No matter when you decide to visit Palm Springs, you’re sure to have a great time!

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If you’re looking for the best time to visit Palm Springs, from October to December is the great option. The temperatures in between October and December are usually very pleasant, and there’s plenty to do in the area. Just be sure to book your trip early, as hotels tend to fill up quickly during that time of year.

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