16 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Texas You Need to Visit ASAP

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In Texas, waterfalls are quite infrequent. Despite its huge area, Texas has just a few waterfalls. Like those at Hamilton Pool and Krause Springs, waterfalls flow into big pools that are ideal for swimming and exploring. Both Hamilton Pool and Krause Springs contain waterfalls within an hour of Austin.

Other displays of falling water occur around the state after heavy rains. In the state’s far southwest, rainfall at Big Bend National Park brings rushing waterfalls to the parched environment. Big Bend Ranch State Park is home to Madrid Falls. Hence, this post is gonna show you the best waterfalls in Texas for your next vacation.

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Pedernales Falls

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A beautiful waterfall in Texas – The Pedernales River carves its way down a limestone terrain in the Texas Hill Country at Marble Falls, 75 miles north of San Antonio. Pedernales Falls is a great spot to visit because it is surrounded by its own state park. The riverbank’s rocky outcropping is also a fantastic area to lounge down and catch some rays.

Because the river makes multiple fast drops via narrow passageways, swimming is prohibited at Pedernales Falls. When visiting, rock hopping throughout the dynamic environment is a pleasant activity. Pedernales Falls provides for a nice picnic area in Hill Country, with cold water nearby and lots of spots to have a packed lunch.

Even if it isn’t raining in the park, the Pedernales River is prone to sudden flooding. When visiting the park, pay heed to park announcements and be aware of the indicators of a river surge (water becomes muddy or begins rising). Swimming is permitted in the park’s other areas of the Pedernales River.

Location: 2585 Park Road 6026, Johnson City, Texas

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Hamilton Pool Waterfall

hamilton pool waterfall

An hour’s drive from the Texas Capitol in Austin, Hamilton Pool Preserve is a popular recreational location with a falling 50-foot waterfall in Texas. Hamilton Creek pours into a tight canyon at its junction with the Pedernales River, creating this stunning lake. The preserve attracts big numbers during the summer, particularly on weekends, and visitors must make reservations.

The waterfall in Hamilton Pool is never entirely dry. During the dry months of the year, the waterfall does become a trickle. The waterfall and picturesque grotto are reached through a steep quarter-mile hike. Despite changing rainfall levels, Hamilton Pool stays stable. Swimming is a popular sport in Hamilton Pool, however, swimming is sometimes prohibited due to severe rain.

Location: 24300 Hamilton Pool Road, Dripping Springs, Texas

Gorman Falls

gorman falls
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Colorado Bend State Park is one of Texas’ top state parks and home to one of the state’s most beautiful waterfalls. Gorman Falls is reached by a three-mile round-way trek. The route going to the falls is mostly rocky and shadeless, and it can be treacherous and muddy after a downpour. Gorman Falls, a 70-foot-tall spectacular, is, nonetheless, well worth the effort.

Gorman Falls is a large waterfall that appears like a curtain flowing down the mossy rock wall at low flow. It’s a genuine water-wall flowing down the woodland scene at higher floods.

Gorman Falls, the state park’s most prominent feature, with a well-marked and easy-to-follow route. Colorado Bend State Park also has 30 more miles of multi-use trails and tent and RV accommodations.

Location: 2236 Park Hill Drive, Bend, Texas

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Upper and Lower Falls

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This state park, located less than 10 miles from downtown Austin, offers two stunning falls on Onion Creek. The state park’s Upper and Lower Falls drop into large pools that are ideal for fishing and swimming. In McKinney Falls State Park, parking is accessible near both waterfalls, and hiking trails connect them. On nice-weather weekends, McKinney Falls draws a crowd in Austin’s backyard. And the weather in Austin is frequently pleasant. A Texas State Park Pass can help visitors save money.

Both falls at the park are weather-dependent, and excessive rain can cause Onion Creek to overflow.

Location: 5808 McKinney Falls Parkway, Austin, Texas

Krause Springs

krause springs

Spicewood, 30 miles west of Austin, is home to Krause Springs, a famous swimming site. This private property, which is family-owned and runs, has over 30 natural springs and a big natural pool that drains into adjacent Lake Travis (one of the best lakes in Texas). Large granite outcroppings and twin waterfalls cascade down the rock face around this natural lake.

To visit Krause Springs, you must pay a day-use charge. Affordably priced primitive campsites are also available, catering to both tent and RV camping. Krause Springs also has a man-made pool where visitors may sunbathe and cool down. There’s a beautiful butterfly garden to enjoy and over 100 acres of Texas Hill Country to explore at the property.

Location: 424 Co Rd 404, Spicewood, Texas

Dolan Falls

dolan falls
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The Devils River Nature Preserve must provide authorization to visit Dolan Falls. The preserve is striving to conserve this region, and they want to reduce the influence of tourists on the natural beauty. The climb to the falls is challenging. The Devils River Falls span the length of the river; visitors must stay on the Devils River State Natural Area, which is open to the public, and not cross onto Dolan Falls Preserve territory without permission to witness the falls.

Location: Devils River State Natural Area 

Madrid Falls

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In Texas, Madrid Falls is the state’s second-highest waterfall. Near Lajitas, Texas, is a waterfall. The magnificent countryside may be seen by walking the 3-mile round journey.

Location: Lajitas, Texas

Westcave Waterfall

westcave waterfall

The 30-acre Preserve includes Westcave Preserve Falls. The falls can be reached with the help of a guide or by consulting guidebooks. The Westcave Preserve Falls plunge forty feet over the travertine columns (limestone deposits). The Grotto and Texas Hill Country include the Westcave Waterfalls, which need a guided tour to see the savanna, limestone grottos, and waterfalls with a pool below. A cave and canyon region are also accessible. Weather permitting, tours are only accessible on weekends. Adults pay $15, children pay $7, or an annual pass costs $75.

Location: Westcave Preserve

Wildcat Hollow Waterfall

wildcat hollow waterfall
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After heavy rainfall, a beautiful waterfall emerges in a state park best renowned for its dinosaur trails. A recently defined route goes to the Wildcat Hollow Waterfall on the park’s northern edge, passing via several spectacular overlooks. The 50-foot Wildcat Hollow Waterfall is only active after heavy rains.

The state park’s Dinosaur Trackway is a must-see attraction. The trackway is covered when the Paluxy River is high, which is paradoxically the ideal situation for seeing the cascade. Users may get the most out of their visit by staying for a few days and sleeping at the park’s campsite.

Location: 1629 Park Road 59, Glen Rose, Texas

Window Trail

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Photo by Devyn Reyna

Windows Trail Waterfall is located in Big Bend National Park. Although the spring that feeds the waterfall is little most of the year, it is still a lovely site to spend a few hours. The walk takes you to a brook that empties into the Rio Grande. The climb is 5.2 miles round trip with a 948-foot elevation increase to the waterfall’s peak. Hikers will begin their journey at Terlingua, Texas. From spring through fall, the track is considered a moderate trek with an abundance of birding chances.

Location: Big Bend National Park 

Wichita Falls

wichita falls

The river that runs through Lucy Park was customized with rocks to create Wichita Falls, which has a 54-foot drop. The falls are divided into various sections, each with a walking trail and steps to showcase the stunning scenery. It’s easy to forget that man played a role in this natural-looking beauty. The backdrop is enhanced by large rocks and pieces of wood in half-barrel design with concrete, and the attractive falls are frequently utilized as a wedding site. Because it is part of Lucy Park, just off I-44, there are lots of parking spaces.

Location: Lucy Park 

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Boykin Creek Waterfall

boykin creek waterfall
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This national recreation area in East Texas’ Angelina National Forest has a trickling waterfall on Boykin Creek. The modest waterfall is nestled in a peaceful woodland, and the sound of running water creates a soothing atmosphere. The Sawmill Trail leads to this constant waterfall after a one-mile stroll.

Several tiny water features along Boykin Creek may be seen on the Sawmill Trail, especially when water levels are high. Other water-based activities are available at Boykin Springs’ Boykin Lake. Boykin Springs also has basic campsites and a picnic shelter built by the Civilian Conservation Corps. Hurricane Rita wreaked havoc on the area in 2005, but the region has since recovered.

Location: Boykin Springs Recreation Area, Angelina National Forest

Capote Falls

capote falls
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Capote Falls is located on private land near Marfa. To walk to the falls, visitors must first obtain authorization. Take a helicopter trip above the falls for a unique and daring perspective of the water pouring into the pool below.

Location: Marfa, Texas, on Private Property

Beef Creek Falls

Because Beef Creek Falls is located in East Timberland, a guided trip is required. Close to Sam Rayburn Reservoir, the falls plunge down Hog Creek.

Location: Jasper, Texas, on the East Texas Timber Trail

Cattail Falls

cattail falls
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Cattail Falls got its name because they look like cattails, and the surrounding environment is covered in the plant, Texas beach towns. The falls are located in Big Bend National Park’s Chisos Mountains. The trip is one of the most difficult waterfall in Texas, as it requires people to climb a steep slope. Cattail Falls is a three-mile round-trip journey that takes you from the desert to a lush paradise. Black bears have been spotted in the vicinity.

Location: Big Bend National Park, Texas

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Mexicano Falls

mexicano falls
Photo by Cathryn Hoyt

Mexicano Falls is the third-highest waterfall in Texas, standing at 80 feet. Big Bend Ranch State Park contains a waterfall. Visitors may watch the falls from Ojito Adentro, which lies at the base of a tiny mountain, or trek the mile-long route to the canyon and witness them up close. In the canyon, there is a little trickle that makes an oasis.

Location: Big Bend Ranch State Park

There are 17 incredible waterfalls in Texas that you must see at least once. We’re delighted to share this with you. See you soon, and have a wonderful holiday.

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