Is Blue Hole Bahamas Worth Exploring?

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The natural world is full of wonders and mysteries, in which amazingly deep blue holes are also masterpieces of the Creator. Blue hole Bahamas are likened to underwater caves, created from the erosion process of limestone. The blue hole looks like a dark blue circle submerged in the deep ocean.

The Bahamas is one of the most widely known Blue Hole places globally. Not only attracted by the beauty but also by the adventure for those who love to explore and conquer nature. So what places have Blue Hole Bahamas, and what special attractions attract tourists?

What is a Blue Hole?

A blue hole is a term used to describe any vertical, deep and water-filled cave or sinkhole with an entrance below the water’s surface. Blue holes are underwater caves created from the erosion of limestone. It looks like the deep blue pearl of the ocean when viewed from above. Due to the cave’s depth, the blue hole will be darker in color than the water outside due to absorbing more sunlight. This creates strong contrast with the light blue color of the seawater outside, and the blue hole is easily visible from the surface.

Today, blue holes usually sink below sea level, but thousands of years ago, they were shallow craters or located in shallow coastal waters. The weathering process has created large vertical caves. When the ice melts, the sea level rises, engulfing these caves and creating deep blue holes that contrast sharply with the pale blue of the surrounding shallow water.

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Blue holes often appear in coastal lowlands – where thousands of years ago were land above sea level. The process of rain or spring water dissolving limestone, dolomite and gypsum has created large vertical caves. As sea levels rise due to the melting of glaciers, these caves will flood.

Blue light is the longest-lived part of the spectrum, other parts of the spectrum (red, yellow, and blue) are absorbed in the water path, blue light reaches the white sands and back again. By reflection. These Bahamian blue holes are formed by deep groundwater, the water gradually dissolving the limestone until it reaches the bare roof of the rock and causes it to collapse. Then the sea level rose and filled the holes.

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Why should you try to dive into a blue hole?

The Bahamas blue holes are like dark blue pearls, standing out in the middle of a vast body of water. Because it is located in a remote area of ​​the population and is little known, this underwater landscape has never been destroyed or swept away by human impact. The wild beauty of marine life and the scenery of the blue hole will surprise anyone who discovers them.

However, hidden under that beauty is the deadly danger that divers worldwide must be wary of. Referred to as the “graveyard of divers”, some blue holes have nitrogen gas released at a depth of about 40m, causing divers to fall into a state of stupor, like drinking alcohol. In the deep pit, water circulation is not regular, so this area is always seriously lacking in oxygen.

So if you like the adventure of blue holes, then prepare well for the expedition, or if you are not very experienced in diving, seek the help of the experts. Conquering the wormhole will give you a great sense of accomplishment in your career of exploring nature.

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4 Bahamian islands to explore a blue hole

Bahamas Island is a tropical island surrounded by white sand, a clear blue sea and brilliant coral reefs. Not only that, but this place also hides a secret that the “blue holes” on the seabed are as beautiful as the blue ocean caves.

It can be said that Bahamians are home to the bluest holes in the world, with many different sizes and depths of these blue holes. A few can allow you to experience snorkeling without any specialized equipment for deep diving, or even a guide to dive into these blue holes is not necessary. The following will list four islands with many blue holes of different sizes for you to experience.

Andros Island 

There are about 200 different blue holes around this area. This can be said to be the paradise of adventurers or organizing small adventures for friends. Just choose the right blue hole. With the ability to explore, there will be a memorable experience. The Crater is one of the best blue holes to explore for both experienced and novice explorers.

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Long Island 

Dean’s Blue Hole near the town of Clarence on Long Island, Bahamas. This is the deepest blue hole in the world. Normally, the average maximum depth of blue holes in the world is 110m, but Dean’s Blue Hole is more than 200m deep.

Dean’s Blue Hole also has a circular shape with a diameter of 25 – 35 m. At 20m from the water surface, the Dean’s Blue Hole has a more expansive structure with a large cave 100m in diameter. With such a significant depth, no one has yet been able to reach the bottom of Dean’s Blue Hole, so there are many things that humans have not been able to discover about the blue hole here.

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Nassau, New Providence

This is another destination that attracts many scuba diving enthusiasts globally. With The Lost Blue Hole’s up to 100 feet in diameter, more than 200 feet deep. This is also an ideal habitat for many different sea creatures such as sharks, eels, sea turtles, snappers, etc. However, the special thing about The Lost Blue Hole will be shared with you in the last part because it is one of the most famous places in the Bahamas.

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Great Abaco Island

A special feature of this place is an ideal place for those who are passionate about fishing and boat trips. However, few people know that the bottom of this island contains more than 100 blue holes and limestone caves full of adventure. Treasure Cay Blue Hole is the most famous place here with its location among pine forests, deep caves, both fresh and saltwater, and without any marine life. This is a great place for exploration.

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2 famous blue holes in Bahamas

Below will share two famous Bahamas blue holes that you cannot ignore. Is there anything special about them than anywhere else? Or is it just media hype? These are personal opinion reviews. Read and feel if they are worth what the media says about them.

King Kong

If Dean’s Blue Hole is the world’s second deepest, then behind it is King Kong, aka Great Blue Hole. Located in the Andros area, the Bahamas can be considered the cradle of blue holes in the world. To enter King Kong, you need to pass the entrance with a height of 12 meters.

Because King Kong is connected to other holes in the mainland, it is affected by the tide, so the feeling of this place gives scuba divers quite strange. King Kong is like a large siphon when diving at the right time. Blowing and suction force will be regulated according to the tide.

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Lost Blue Hole

Lost Blue Hole is an amazing place with marine life such as seahorses, sea cucumbers, gobies, blue sea turtles etc. In addition, the habitat is covered with seagrass when diving about 10-12m.

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With a diameter of 25m, surrounded by a vertical wall of about 90m, Lost Blue Hole forms an amazing hole with the topographic and geological formations that make up this area. With the lower temperature in the hole, the deeper you dive, the more limited visibility becomes, even if you use a diving light when you exceed 5m. Because of the nature of both saltwater and freshwater, the depth of the sea will be bluer than many different holes.

The above article is a summary of information about blue holes as well as famous places with blue hole Bahamas. However, if you consider the option to explore the blue hole, then prepare carefully and have a certain understanding when making a scuba diving trip. There are many good and interesting things about blue hole discovery. Visit the Bahamas blue hole to experience this excitement on many different levels, suitable to give you a choice to conquer nature.

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