Detail Instructions About Ways From Orlando To Clearwater Beach

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Despite the fact that Florida is a huge state, the distance between Orlando to Clearwater Beach is very short. Traveling by car from Clearwater to Orlando takes around two hours and twenty minutes and covers about 120 miles.

Both areas are popular tourist destinations in the Sunshine State, so it could be fun to organize a vacation that allows you to visit both. Traveling from Orlando to Clearwater Beach is an all-inclusive holiday option that includes everything from seeing Disney and Universal Studios to resting on Gulf Coast beaches.

Overview about Clearwater Beach

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Clearwater beachfront

With several kid-friendly activities such as Pier 60 and the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, a trip to Clearwater Beach is fun for the whole family. Beautiful beaches and hiking trails surround the city; two of Florida’s most spectacular public state parks are Honeymoon Island State Park and Caladesi Island State Park.

Clearwater Beach has something for everyone, from kayaking to gourmet dining. On a lovely summer day, seeing the sun warm the beach is motivation enough to travel the kilometers between Orlando and Clearwater Beach.

Between the two cities, you’ll pass via Lakeland, Florida, and Tampa, Florida. Travelers can visit Florida Southern College in Lakeland, which is home to the University of Florida.

For those traveling with kids or anybody else who might want a toilet or food, making a few stops between Orlando and Tampa is an excellent idea. The travel from Orlando to Tampa may be relaxing, simple, and as interesting as you want it to be.

Traveling by automobile is the most convenient way to commute the few miles between Orlando and Clearwater Beach, but there are several other choices.

Brocato’s Sandwich Shop or Cafe Hey in Tampa are great places to stop for coffee or lunch on the way from Orlando to Clearwater Beach. Furthermore, Busch Gardens, a roller-coaster, and adventure park, is located in Tampa.

Busch Gardens amusement parks, which were created as marketing vehicles for Anheuser-Busch, still feature stables where many of the company’s Clydesdale horses are kept. With 335 acres and upwards of 2,700 animals, the theme park is one of America’s largest zoos.

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How far is Clearwater Beach from Orlando?

how far is orlando from clearwater
Clearwater Beach

The distance between Orlando and Clearwater Beach is roughly 120 miles. There are three main ways to go from one city to another. The first route follows I-4 West for 108 miles and takes roughly two hours to complete.

Between the two places, this path is practically a straight line. The most direct route is to go via I-4, which passes through both Lakeland and Tampa. If you have smaller children in your vehicle, I-4 is the ideal route to use because it has the quickest trip time.

The second route is somewhat longer at 122 miles and takes roughly two hours and thirty minutes. Travelers will drive immediately west from Orlando to Clermont, Florida.

Clermont is a little town, but it’s a great spot to stop for lunch or supper, with restaurants like the Clermont Fish House, Root & Branch, and the Rusty Truck Diner to choose from. The road heads south from Clermont, joining I-4 on its way to Tampa, Florida, and eventually to Clearwater Beach.

The last route takes roughly two hours and thirty minutes to complete, although it is the longest at 138 miles. Traveling northwest along Lake Apopka, this road connects to I-75 via crossing Country Highway 470 W. This path is picturesque, with views of wildlife preserves and wilderness.

However, until your car reaches I-75, where major chain eateries and petrol stations are accessible at numerous exits, there are fewer choices for pit breaks. I-75 eventually ends in Tampa and continues on Florida Highway 60 West to Clearwater Beach.

Natural beauty and state parks, as well as cafés selling wonderful meals, make the two- to two-and-a-half-hour drive simple to complete.

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How to get to Clearwater Beach from Orlando?

Orlando to Clearwater Beach by Car

Clearwater beach to Orlando driving time, traveling by vehicle is the quickest and most convenient method to go from Orlando to Clearwater. The distance between these two cities is 106 miles, and if you’re lucky enough to avoid traffic, it’ll take you just under two hours to travel from Orlando to Clearwater. That’s so short that you won’t even need to account for stopping for petrol.

The quickest approach is to take I-275 S towards St. Petersburg/Tampa before turning right onto FL-60. Be aware that this is a toll road. If you’re renting a car, find out what the rental company’s toll road policy is. You may be charged an additional cost in addition to the toll. It may be less expensive to purchase your own pass.

Taking the I-4 W to the FL-60 is another alternative that does not require tolls. Another common route that is just slightly slower is I-75 to FL-60. Expect to pay tolls on this trip as well.

Take the I-4 W and then the I-75 S to get to Clearwater Beach, which is located on a barrier island.

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Orlando to Clearwater Beach by an Organized TourSee more

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You don’t want to remain in Clearwater for the night? It’s no issue. For a change, book a Clearwater Beach Day Trip from Orlando and let someone else handle the driving and arranging. This 12-hour trip includes collection and drop-off from six Orlando sites for a single charge, as well as a variety of tourist activities. Taking a day excursion from Orlando to Clearwater is by far the most enjoyable and educational way to travel.

The departure time is 7 a.m., so plan on getting up early. You’ll arrive in Orlando at about 7 p.m., just in time for supper. The hour-and-a-half coach trip to Clearwater Beach’s sugar-white beach and emerald-green ocean passes in a flash.

You have the option of lounging in the sun, frolicking in the waves, or exploring the area’s quaint shops and eateries while at the beach. While lunch is included, bring additional cash because snorkeling equipment, water sports equipment, and beach chairs and umbrellas may all be rented on-site.

Upgrade your trip to include a one-hour boat ride on the Sea Screamer, a boat that speeds past the coast at 35 mph — hold on to your hat! For an extra charge, add a deep-sea fishing expedition. You could get lucky and catch dinner. If you want to take your catch home with you, bring your own cooler.

Orlando to Clearwater Beach by Bus

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The bus is the cheapest mode of transportation between Orlando and Clearwater, however, it is not a direct route. Greyhound buses leave from the Orlando Bus Station on N John Young Parkway and arrive at the PSTA Transit Center in Pinellas Park-St. Petersburg between three and eight hours later, depending on traffic and the number of stops along the way.

There’s also an Amtrak bus that runs from the Orlando Amtrak station to the St. Petersburg-Clearwater Amtrak station in around two hours and forty minutes. Then you’ll have to figure out how to get to Clearwater. The driving distance from Orlando to Clearwater Beach depends on where you catch the bus.

The PSTA operates a bus service between downtown St. Petersburg and downtown Clearwater. In roughly an hour and a half, Route 18 will take you from 1 Ave N and 6 St N in downtown St. Petersburg to Park Street Terminal. You may also make things easier on yourself by taking a cab.

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Orlando to Clearwater Beach by Train

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The picture of Clearwater beach

Depending on whatever route you take, taking the train from Orlando to Clearwater might be one of the slowest and least direct modes of transportation. The closest Amtrak station is at Pinellas Park, about 13 miles southeast of Clearwater. This station, also known as the St. Petersburg-Clearwater Station, serves visitors to St. Petersburg.

A direct Amtrak train from Orlando to St. Petersburg-Clearwater station will take roughly two hours and 40 minutes. While you probably won’t need to rent a room for such a short trip, upgrading to a cabin is a luxurious way to travel. Each room includes mattresses, linens, a private bath and shower, and complimentary meals.

You’ll need to travel to Clearwater after you’ve arrived. Hailing a cab or using a vehicle service is the quickest and easiest method, taking little over 20 minutes. Another option is to take a bus to Clearwater from a nearby bus station. It will take roughly one hour to complete this task.

A rail ride to Tampa Union Station, roughly 23 miles east of Clearwater, is another alternative. It will take around two hours to go from Orlando to Tampa by rail. You can either take a cab, which will take around 40 minutes without traffic, or take the bus, which will take about two hours.

Orlando to Clearwater Beach by Plane

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Please don’t be fooled by the headline; there are no flights from Orlando to Clearwater. By flying, the closest city is Tampa. Flying, on the other hand, can bring you practically to Clearwater, but it is not a direct path and will take some time.

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Flying from Orlando to Clearwater is the most expensive option. You must first book a flight with an airline such as American Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Jet Blue, or Delta. Their flights depart Orlando International Airport and finally land at Tampa International Airport. We say eventually because most of these flights include multiple stopovers, extending your trip time to anything between two and a half and more than ten hours.

You’ll need to grab a cab, hire a car, or take the bus after you arrive at Tampa International Airport. Regardless of the technique you use, you should expect to spend an extra 40 minutes. Hence, you should consider about take the flying option.

However, it would be a deserve trip for you and your family after full working month. If you are a beach lover, it would be a fantastic choice if you have a look on Clearwater beach. 

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