You Shouldn’t Miss 10 Activities In Great Harbour Cay

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The Bahamas is a remote group of islands off the coast of southern Florida that make up one country. Great Harbour Cay is part of the Berry Islands Bahamas, a group of 30 islands and at least 100 cays located about 200 miles southeast of the Florida peninsula. Its convenient position and accessibility have made it one of the most popular vacation spots in the Bahamas. In this article, we will introduce you to the top 10 activities you must try when visiting here.

Things to do in Great Harbour Cay

We’ve put up a list of activities to do at Great Harbour Cay during your Bahamas vacation:

Hire a fishing boat for the day

hire a fishing boat for the day

The fishing in the Berry Islands (the chain of islands that Great Harbour Cay is part of) is regarded as some of the greatest in the Bahamas and the globe. Because of the abundance of fish, the area is nicknamed as “The Fishbowl of the Bahamas.” If you go out with a knowledgeable guide, you’ll be able to see all of the greatest sea life in the region. The boat may be rented for full or partial days.

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Mingle at Great Harbour Cay Marina

mingle at great harbour cay marina

The Great Harbour Cay Marina is, without a doubt, the most exciting spot on the entire cay of Great Harbour. It is one of the most sheltered marinas in the country, making it a sailing sanctuary. It also draws anglers from throughout the world. It has beachfront rental houses as well as seaside lodging. Before returning to the open seas, you may relax at the marina’s bar and restaurant.

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Enjoy the expensive beachfront

enjoy the expensive beachfront edited

Great Harbour Cay’s natural beauty is breathtaking. It features seven miles of beachfront beaches with secluded coves, tunnels, and wide stretches of sand. Some of the beaches along the seven-mile stretch include Beach Club Beach, Dannenberg Beach, Shelling Beach, Shark Creek Beach, and the historic Ship Yard Beach. They’re all lovely, but they’re all very much the same. You may easily locate a beach to yourself and relax for a day of sand-chilling solitude. The advantage of Great Harbour Cay is that the beaches are never crowded because most visitors come for easy fishing.

Take a day trip to Nassau

take a day trip to nassau
Photo by Victor Maschek via Shutterstock

Nassau is the heart of the Bahamas’ activities. It is feasible to travel practically anyplace in the Bahamas from Nassau. It isn’t simply a hub, though. Beachgoers, nightlifers, and people with a strong interest in culture and the arts will find the country’s capital to be a highly active destination. There is something for everyone, and at just under sixty miles from Great Harbour Cay, you are only a short distance away from a fun-filled day excursion.

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Soak up the sun at Sugar Beach

soak up the sun at sugar beach 1024x682

Sugar Beach is regarded as one of the most gorgeous locations in the Bahamas, yet the beach is only the beginning. The beach, according to some, has a Mediterranean feel to it, with caverns, ruins, and a plethora of thatch berry bushes. Spend an afternoon strolling along the beach, exploring the surrounding stream, and keeping an eye out for interesting species. Bring the entire family out for a fun-filled day in the sun.

Play around at Stingray City Bahamas

play around at stingray city bahamas

Have you ever fantasized of swimming with genuine stingrays? You may now do so in Stingray City, Bahamas. The pure water is only a foot or two high, making it a terrific draw for the whole family. Stingrays swim about you and brush up against you like old friends, so you can virtually rest on your knees on the white sand. They are not hazardous and are kind! In addition to the admission charge, you will receive food to feed the rays as well as snorkeling equipment for a better view.

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Visit the Spanish Wells Bahamas

visit the spanish wells

Spanish Wells is a tiny island connected to North Eleuthera that is packed with adrenaline-pumping activities. Water sports, fishing, and diving are all popular activities at Spanish Wells. Plus, at a distance of only 70 miles, Spanish Wells Bahamas is a great day excursion from Great Harbour Cay, especially if you’re flying to save time. You may make your reservation right now.

Relax on Pink Sand Beach

relax on pink sand beach
Photo by Vecteezy

Harbour Island is just over 75 miles from Great Harbour Cay and would be a great day excursion by flying with Bahamas Air Tours. The world-renowned Pink Sand Beach (where the sand is literally pink) is a terrific spot to spend an afternoon on Harbour Island, which is regarded for being a tranquil, relaxing, idyllic island retreat. On Harbour Island, there are lots of things to keep you occupied throughout the day.

Play a round of golf at Great Harbour Cay Golf Course

play around of golf

For your golfing and viewing enjoyment, golf course designer Joe Lee built an 18-hole course on high cliffs and plains that overlook the sea. Great Harbour Cay Golf Course in Great Harbour Cay has some of the most beautiful views you’ll ever see on a golf course. Play a game of golf on this beautiful course while visiting Great Harbour Cay for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Take in the culture at Bullocks Harbour

take in the culture at bullocks harbour

The major community on the island is Bullocks Harbour (also known as The Village). Because it is isolated from Great Harbour Cay by a tiny ocean inlet and high cliffs, it used to be connected by a manually cranked bridge. Because there is now a permanent bridge linking the two, the Village is where all of the island’s population live. A trip here generally includes some socializing with the locals.


Great Harbour Cay is a place to get away from it all, to discover the type of peace that money can’t buy, to stay in a hotel that feels like home, and to experience the most beautiful sceneries that nature has brought to us.

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