Where Is The Best Horseback Riding in Poconos?

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Imagine yourself perched atop a majestic horse, gliding through lush woodlands while fresh mountain winds brush your hair. Isn’t it like something from a fairy tale? It’s a lot easier than you think! In the Poconos, there are numerous wonderful sites to go horseback riding Poconos. Take a look at a few of our favorites below!

Note: Horse riding and horseback riding are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but have different meanings depending on the regional flavor of English being used. Horseback riding is often used by those speaking American English, while horse riding is used more commonly around the world by people not speaking in the American style of English.

What is a horseback riding?

Horseback riding is the practice of riding on horseback. It can be done for recreational, competitive, or transportation purposes. Horseback riding has been practiced for centuries and remains a popular activity today.

Horseback riding requires a great deal of skill and coordination to be successful. While there are many different disciplines within horseback riding, each with its own unique challenges, horseback riders must be physically fit and have excellent balance and coordination. In this sense, horseback riding can be one of the most difficult sports to master.

Horseback riding is a great form of exercise that offers many physical and mental benefits. Physically, horseback riders develop core strength, flexibility, and coordination while riding. Mentally, horseback riding can improve focus and concentration skills as well as provide an outlet for stress relief.

Horse riding Poconos is a popular activity. The Pocono Mountains offer horse trails of varying lengths and difficulty levels. Below is the list of the best horseback riding Poconos you should give it a try.

The best places for horseback riding Poconos

Apollo Farms Ltd.

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Apollo Farms Ltd has been in existence for more than 10 years, and the fact that it is family-owned has a significant impact on how it is handled. Before you mount your horse for a trail ride, you’ll learn about basic horse care. Trail rides are only accessible by appointment, so make a reservation ahead of time.

If you’re nervous about horseback riding Poconos since it’s your first time, there’s also a ring that many people find less daunting. If someone in your party does not want to ride, there is a stocked pond where they may fish while the rest of the group rides. Pony yoga is a fun way to spend time with horses in a new way.


Half Hour Private Lesson ( Beginner ) Assistant Trainer $55.00

Hour Private Lesson w/Delia (Please Inquire)

Hour Ship In Lesson (Please Inquire)

Hour Therapeutic Lesson ( inquire)

(We specialize in working with individuals with autism, behavioral, and/or emotional challenges. Certified OT on staff )

  • Address: 3070 Summer Mountain Rd. Palmerton, PA 18071
  • Phone: +1 610-900-4120
  • [email protected]

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Bushkill Horseback Riding Stables

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Bushkill Riding Stables, about an hour from our inn, is another lovely destination to go horseback riding Pocono Moutains. On the 45-minute trail ride, experienced riders will appreciate the gorgeous surroundings. Beginners will learn the fundamentals of equestrian riding before embarking on a 30-minute trail ride. The roads wind through quiet forested trails and dense grasses, making this an excellent pastime for a relaxing day in the woods.

  • Address: 124 Golf Dr, East Stroudsburg, PA 18302
  • Contact: (570) 588-5192
  • OPEN: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • CLOSED: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Daisy Field Farm

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Daisy Field Farm will provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience! This establishment’s lovely grounds are home to a private farm and nature preserve with horses, agricultural animals, and plenty of wildlife. Schedule a trail ride at Daisy Field Agricultural ahead of time if you want to enjoy the fresh mountain air and gorgeous farm views while horseback riding. During your ride, you’ll get up and personal with wild deer, turkeys, and other wildlife. But wait, there’s more! Wagon rides, sleigh rides, and pony rides are all available at this family-owned farm, which will please visitors of all ages.

  • Address: 542 Oley Valley Rd, White Haven, PA 18661, US
  • For an Appointment & Information, please call +1 (570) 839-0925

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Deer Path Riding Stable

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Deer Path Riding Stable is an excellent spot to go if you want to get better exercise out of your horseback riding experience. That’s not to suggest this ride isn’t suitable for beginners (it is! ), but you should expect to be active. You’ll ride through the trails on their lovely property, and your horse could even accelerate up to a lively trot at times!

  • Address: 95 PA-940, White Haven, PA 18661, US
  • Contact : +1 570-443-4431
  • Open: 10:00 to 3:30 (Summer). 10:30 to 3:00 (Off season)

Mountain Creek Riding Stables

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You can’t go wrong with a trail ride at Mountain Creek Stables, which is about 20 minutes from the French Manor. Their private and picturesque one-hour trail rides are great. Take a group ride through beautiful woodlands and over a brook. It’s also one of the most romantic areas in the Poconos to go horseback riding. Their one-hour private trail ride is ideal for special events, proposals, and other critical times, in addition to being wonderful for new riders.

  • Address: 6190 Paradise Valley Rd, Cresco, PA 18326, US
  • Contact: (570) 839-8725

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The Woodlands Stable

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The Woodlands Stable provides access to over 100 acres of beautiful forested property. The pathways wound their way through the gorgeous property, and you’ll feel calm and connected to nature as you take in the pure mountain air and surrounding views and sounds.

  • Lesson pricing

60min. Indyvidual Lesson $50

60min. Group Lesson $45

30min. Lesson $35

15 min. Ponny ride $2

  • Address: 364 Freytown Rd, Covington Township, PA 18424, United States
  • Contact: 347.738.0182

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Mountaintop Lodge

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Each of these renowned stables is only a short drive from Mountaintop Lodge. After an amazing horseback ride in the Poconos, return to our welcoming lodge to unwind. The bright, airy rooms are thoughtfully furnished with everything you’ll need throughout your visit.

A stay at Mountaintop Lodge includes a complimentary breakfast, as well as complimentary access to all of the Lake Naomi Club’s fantastic facilities. It is the ideal location to unwind after a day of Pocono adventures riding stable.

Transcend the mundane and indulge in a one-of-a-kind adventure in the Pocono Mountains. The picturesque scenery, natural splendor, and tranquil environs of this lovely Eastern Pennsylvania hamlet are well-known. You may escape the crowds, reconnect with nature, and partake in a variety of rejuvenating activities, such as horseback riding in the Poconos.

  • Address: 2137 PA-940, Pocono Pines, PA 18350, US
  • Contact: +1 570-646-6636

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Can you ride a horse in Poconos with no experience?

Yes, horseback riding in the Poconos can be enjoyed with no prior experience. You’ll always have an experienced guide join you to ensure that you learn the necessary basics and are safe while horseback riding in the Poconos.

Are horseback riding trails open all year round?

Yes, horseback riding trails are open year-round in the Poconos. However, some trails may be closed due to inclement weather or other conditions. It’s best to check with local horseback riding outfitters for trail availability before planning your ride.

Do you need horse riding lessons in the Poconos?

No, horseback riding lessons are not required in the Poconos. However, horse riding lessons are recommended for those with no prior experience to ensure a safe and enjoyable horseback riding experience.

What should a beginner horse rider know?

A horseback rider should always wear a helmet, boots with heels and keep them down, sit up straight with shoulders back, look where you want to go, and keep your fingers closed around the reins.

Beginner horse riders should also work with a trusted trainer in regular lessons. Additionally, horseback riders must remember to be patient and gentle with their horse. Horses are intelligent animals, and horseback riders must establish trust and respect before attempting more difficult riding tasks.

Additional Tips:

Always approach a horse from the horse’s left side, keep your hands low, and speak in a calming voice. Keep all movements slow and deliberate, avoid sudden or jerky motions, and always make sure you have a firm hold on the reins. Horseback riding safety is key to enjoying this sport!

With horseback riding in the Poconos, riders can explore breathtaking scenery while developing horsemanship skills. The Pocono Mountains are an ideal horseback riding destination for both experienced and beginner horse riders alike. So grab your horse and saddle, and take in the beauty of horseback riding in the Poconos!

Do you have to wear jeans horseback riding?

No, you don’t have to wear jeans horseback riding. In fact, many riders find jeans to be especially uncomfortable to ride in. Instead, you can wear leggings, tights, or the casual riding pants listed in the horseback riding outfit recommendations above. Whatever outfit you choose, make sure it’s comfortable and allows for unrestricted movement. Safety should always be the highest priority when horse riding Poconos!


On the whole, horseback riding Poconos is an enjoyable and thrilling experience that can be enjoyed by both experienced and beginner riders alike. Horse riding trails in the area offer a variety of horseback riding experiences, from easy scenic rides to more challenging adventures. It’s important for horse riders to follow horseback riding safety guidelines and dress appropriately for horseback riding. With the right horseback riding knowledge, you can explore the beauty of horseback riding Poconos with confidence and ease!