How Far Is Universal Studios Florida From Disney World? (Updated 2023)

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Are you going to go to Universal Studios during your Walt Disney World vacation? Many families do because Walt Disney World and Universal Studios are especially popular vacation locations in Orlando, Florida, and both are fantastic. After reading this article about how far is Universal Studios from Disney World, you will know the distance between the two famous places as well as which means of transport is useful for your trip. 

How far is Universal Studios from Disney World?

how far is universal studios florida from disney world
How far is Disney World from Universal Studios Florida?

Universal Studios is only about 10 miles away from Disney World. It appears to be a little longer due to the lack of direct roads you’ll have to take to get from one to the other, but it’s really not that far. The average commute time in the area is between 12 and 30 minutes, depending on traffic and the route you choose. I-4 is still by far the fastest, but it is also the least scenic.

Because the distance between these two popular resorts is so short, it’s easy to see why families prefer to visit both in a single trip. However, planning your trip so that it runs smoothly and without breaking the bank is a little more difficult than simply getting from one resort to the next.

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How can you get Universal Studios from Walt Disney World?

By Public Transport

Public transportation, by far the least expensive option, can be a wonderful and secure way of traveling from resort to resort. There is a bus system and a trolley that can transport you from one park to another for a few dollars per rider.

The disadvantage of public transportation is the amount of time it takes. A trip that would normally take 20 to 30 minutes of your time in a car will take over an hour, or even two hours, on a bus. If you were hoping to have plenty of time to play at Universal, this will drastically shorten your day.

Another problem with public transportation is the pandemic response. Some routes are closed, and buses have a lower capacity, so depending on the time of day, you may not be able to fit your entire crew.

By Mears Taxi

Taking a taxi may seem archaic, but it can be advantageous at times. Taxi drivers frequently know the lay of the land better than most, and they can provide you with some cool insider information about the area.

The disadvantage here is the average price, which is significantly higher than Lyft or Uber, as well as the lack of car seats, which is similar to the ridesharing apps.

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By Uber or Lyft

Because it isn’t a long drive from Disney to Universal, Lyft and Uber are excellent options for getting from one to the other. On average, you can expect to pay less than $30 for the trip and arrive in less than a half-hour.

The disadvantage of this method is that if you have more than three to four people in your party, the price will rise. Another disadvantage is the scarcity of car seats if you have young children in your group. In a Lyft or Uber situation, safety isn’t always easy. In this case, public transportation may be a better option.

By Shuttle

Mears also offers shuttle services, which are generally shared with other guests. This service must be reserved, and you’d be picked up in a van or bus to take you to and from Universal. Mears charges per person, with prices ranging between $21 and $22. However, keep in mind that the Shuttle service may stop at other locations before Universal, such as Sea World (and other locations), so it is not always direct to your destination.

We’ve also heard of people having to wait a long time for their shuttle to pick them up so they can get back to Disney World.

Rent a Car

If you’re staying away from the two resort sites, or if you just want some independence, renting a car might be a good option for you. Because parents frequently fly with their children’s car seats, you’ll be able to install them in your rental car and travel safely anywhere you want.

You can also come and go wherever you please if you drive yourself. If you go to Universal and the kids get dull after Harry Potter Land, you can just walk home instead of calling an Uber or waiting for the bus.

Another advantage is the ability to bring an extra bag, change of clothes, or snacks. All of the other options would require you to wait until you returned to your hotel to change or bring everything with you, which can become tiresome very quickly.

The City of Orlando has an incentive system for renting electric vehicles, so you might be able to save some money if you go that route.

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Our Recommendation

If you’re traveling without children, we recommend taking an Uber or Lyft, and renting a car when you’re planning to travel with them.

Traveling with children alters your perspective on safety and comfort. Renting a car is an excellent option for families with children because it allows you to easily place them in safety seats, which is not possible with other modes of transportation. You can also leave snacks, games, and other personal items in the car to use on your trip between resorts, and you’ll be able to run out of additional supplies if necessary.

Ridesharing seems to be the best option for an adults-only trip. You can split journey expenditures with friends to save money, and you’ll still be able to get from one resort to the next with ease. For some people, the cost of renting a car may still be worthwhile. Most of us would rather spend our money on souvenirs or Disney’s magical food.

Should I visit Universal Studios during a Disney World vacation?

how far is disney world from universal studios
Disney Big World

To provide you with the best real-world advice, here are some observations from a visitor who has visited both Universal and Disney World.

He stated that his family is a true Disney Family, a big time Disney Family, and that they are content to simply enjoy everything that Walt Disney World has to offer. However, they spent 17 days in Florida last year, so they allowed for a quiet first day at Disney Springs, then booked Universal for two days, followed by 14 days of Disney World fun.

They had a lot of fun at Universal Studios and Island of Adventure. It was definitely worth doing with their kids being a little older and tall enough to ride everything. The Harry Potter lands and attractions are fantastic, and they had a great time. He enjoys movies, so there was plenty to keep him entertained. They also enjoy roller coasters, and we had the opportunity to ride some very large thrill ride coasters.

In a nutshell, the experience was distinct from Disney while also eerily similar. If you have younger children, you should consider what you want to do at the Universal Parks. If you have children between 3 and 12 years old that is the best age for Disney World and Universal Studio, you will have a great time.

Where to stay near Disney World or Universal Studios?

how far away is disney world from universal studios
Where to stay near Disney World?

Where you stay during your trip has a big impact on what you’ll need to do to answer the question: how far is Disney World from Universal Studios Orlando. Both resorts have hotels on-site that charge fees and welfare payments for your time in the parks, but does staying at just one make sense when you want to spend time at both?

A straightforward solution would be to switch hotels halfway through your stay. For example, you could get a deal on a four-night stay at Disney with all of the benefits of staying inside a resort, and then spend the final three days of your trip in a Universal resort hotel to get those benefits.

Staying a few days at each location is only feasible if you believe you will be able to devote at least a few days to each park. It’s not practical if you only want to spend a day or two at Universal and five or so at Disney, so keep that in mind when making your decision.

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Whether you’re at Universal Studios or Disney World, we hope you have a wonderful time with your family and friends and that you don’t have to worry about how far is Universal Studios from Walt Disney World. 

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