How Long of A Flight is It to Hawaii from United States?

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It is very important to know every detail about your flight to Hawaii. Once you have decided to get on a trip to Hawaii, you should know everything about it. In this article, we will show you how long of a flight is it to Hawaii, with some tips for handling jet lag and even some advice on how to book the best flight to Hawaii. 

How long is the flight to Hawaii?

The very first thing you need to know is how long of a flight is it to Hawaii

First of all, how long is the trip from Los Angeles to Hawaii? Well, to be honest, it all depends on where you’re coming from and where you are going. According to our experiences as well as researchers on flight length, the flight usually takes just 5-6 hours to fly from the west coast to the east coast (which is about 6 hours for going and 5 hours to come home). 

To be specific, to answer the question of how long a flight is to Hawaii, you have to spend 7 to 9 hours flying from the midwest to Atlanta. For your information, well, America is an enormous nation with many places, that is why there is definitely a huge difference between Denver and Atlanta). Furthermore, flights from the east coast might take up to 10 hours . In our own opinion, the experience here is very different and unique. Even though these are direct flight schedules, the vast majority of planes to Hawaii connect on the west coast. Many people love to travel a bit longer since they like the feeling of being aboard!

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Way to adjust with jet lag traveling to Hawaii

how long is flight to hawaii
Tips to stay away from jet lag

Jet lag is not a deal! Because Hawaii does not follow Daylight Savings Time, the time zone difference, which is mainly depending on the time of year you are traveling there. Compared to the west coast, the flight usually takes up 2 to 3 hours behind Central Time, then 4 to 5 hours behind Eastern Time, and lastly, when it is almost complete 5 to 6 hours behind Pacific Time! As a result,just like we have said before, depending on where you’re visiting, your jet lag experience will differ significantly. If you’re coming from the west coast, you may not notice much of a difference at all.

According to our observations after a lot of traveling back and forth, it is far more difficult to adapt while returning home than when traveling there. It’s mostly because you’re heading in the other direction from where you started, but we also believe that trying to adjust to your normal routine after a trip isn’t nearly as enjoyable. So, how to deal with jet lag? Here is some advice from us, let’s take a closer look at it, shall we ?

  • Stick to home schedule as much as possible 

The home time zone shedule that we are mentioning here is a wake up time – sleep time schedule that you are following everyday. A very helpful tip for staying away from jet lag is following strictly to your home schedule. To be specific, since you have stuck with my sleeping n waking time schedule, you will get up easily at 5 or 6 am in Hawaii without getting tired. 

  • Staying awake while still on the plane 

According to the flight timetable, most of the flights to Hawaii usually arrive in the afternoon. We highly recommend you to not take any nap or get some sleep, even short or not during this time. You should stay awake and busy as much as you can, this will help you to stay away from jet lag! 

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Tips for booking the best flights to Hawaii

how long is a flight to hawaii
Booking airline tips that you should know

Here it is, a special part that we all believe that everyone is looking for – tips to book some of the best flights to get to Hawaii. But please note that in this section, we do not consider the “best” flight to be the cheapest one. One of the most obvious reasons for this is that most of the cheap flights are usually bad and might bring out the “nightmare” experience for you.

Here are some tips that you might be interested in to get the best flights. Let’s take a closer look at it, shall we? 

Always book directly 

The very first tip, or maybe even a rule to get a perfect flight is the booking directly. You should not book your flight tickets through a third one/ company. Some third party companies we can mention such as Expedia, Travelocity or even Costco. Traveling by plane is unpredictable. It is usual to see flights getting delayed or even canceled, or maybe sometimes plans getting derailed too. Once you have booked your flight through a third party company, it is difficult to get a commitment that they will support them in those situations. Remember that, if you book your flight with a third party, they will be the person who holds your reservation! 

Be flexible 

Yes and of course, another thing that will help you to get the best flight is being flexible. The more flexible you could be with your travel dates, the more likely you will have a chance to find a deal or even a discount for the flights. We wanna share with you a very helpful tip: Planning your flight before 2 or even 3 weeks! Why? Here are the reason: 

After setting the date, you will have a period of time to find deals. You can seek deals and discounts for your trip on air. 

Book the best airline to fly to Hawaii

 The destination that you travel from will determine the best airline to choose for your Hawaii flight 100 percent of the time. When someone from the west coast tells you that you should only fly Hawaiian Airlines, it’s reasonable to believe it. However, if you’re flying from a city where you’ll have to make 3-4 connections across two different airlines to get to your final destination, Hawaiian Airlines might not really be a smart choice. 

To be specific, some airlines that fly to Hawaii can be mentioned such as: 

  • American Airline
  • Delta and United Airline 
  • Hawaiian Airline 
  • Alaska Airline 
  • Southwest Airline 

You can take a glance at some of these airlines to book your flights too. These flights are straight into some of these major islands in Hawaii! 

  • Honolulu, Oahu (HNL)
  • Kahului, Maui (OGG)
  • Lihue, Kauai (LIH)
  • Kona, Hawaii (KOA)
  • Hilo, Hawaii (ITO)

To conclude, the best airline that we are looking for is the one that have to 

  • offers a direct flight to the island that you are going to visit 
  • has a nearby hub to the place you are living 
  • has a correct flight time to Hawaii

So yes, as we have said before, the best airline is not the cheapest one! The best airline is the one that gives you a good experience! It is worth the money, we promise! 

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Why should you pay more for flights to Hawaii?

As we just said before, the best airline is the one that gives you great experience! Flights to Hawaii are about 5 to 6 hours from the West coast while it takes you 8 or maybe 9 hours from the country’s center. So why should you pay more for flights to Hawaii? 

For a direct flight 

For your information, it will be cheaper if you can land a direct flight, especially when you are near a west coast center. The further flights you book, the higher price you have to spend going to Hawaii. 

Airlines such as Hawaiian Airlines are now beginning to expand their service outside the west coast, allowing you to discover some excellent offers on direct flights from locations such as New York, Boston, Orlando, and Austin in certain situations. Booking direct flights to Hawaii will help you save a lot. 

For fewer connections 

Flights which have fewer connections are sometimes a bit more expensive, but they will make our traveling a lot easier and reduce the possibilities of missing the last trip to Hawaii due to delays on an earlier flight. If you can, just book flights with fewer connections! In our view, the more flight options, the bigger chance you will have a flight. 

For a better seat 

Several airlines provide seat upgrades to the bulkhead (in which there are no seats in front of you) or perhaps an exit row for a modest cost (typically $40-60), and having the additional leg space may make all the difference on a lengthy journey, particularly when traveling internationally.

For a better aircraft 

Not all routes to Hawaii use the same aircraft, and some are unquestionably superior to others. And yes, if it is your first trip to Hawaii, the aircraft can make a huge difference. Because of that, we highly recommend you to book a flight at Hawaiian Airline since it is popular for its aircraft quality. 

For a better connection coming home 

When booking a return flight from Hawaii to the mainland, many travelers overlook the one-hour time difference. West Coast time is 2-3 hours ahead of Hawaii time (depending on daylight savings time). So even if your budget is limited, you should at least check to see what kind of situation you’ll be in before making a decision. Travelers to the west coast aren’t affected by this, but those who really want to make some other connection before returning home are.

Tips for the flight to Hawaii

And here it is, the second part that you are looking for is all the tips for flights going to Hawaii. This is a list of all those tips, let’s take a closer look at it, shall we? 

  • Charge all of your devices

Please make sure all of your equipment is well charged, and don’t forget to bring your cables and a battery pack for good measure.

  • Everything should be downloaded: 

Netflix, an audiobook, or your favorite Spotify playlist are all good options for binge-watching. It’s possible that you won’t have access to Wifi aboard the aircraft. Just remember to download all those entertainment or books to spend some time on board! 

  • Nothing compares to the experience of reading a real book:

 A screen is fantastic for viewing movies and television shows, but for reading, nothing beats the feel of a real book in my hands.

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  • Bring the proper headphones:

 While many people now choose to use wireless headphones, if you want to make use of the in-flight entertainment, you’ll need to bring the old-fashioned sort with the jack (the circular connector, not the flat one that iPhones use!).

  • Bring your own food

Snacks, cookies or candies, all of those snacks should be brought along with you. However, we still recommend you to eat before getting on board first. If you have time before your trip, eat a healthy lunch (but nothing too filling) and a couple snacks to keep you going. If you’re pressed for time, prepare a meal in advance and bring it with you.

  • Consume lots of water

While you should consume copious amounts of water after you board the aircraft, if you’re already dehydrated, this won’t be as beneficial. As a result, be sure to drink lots of water the day or two before your departure.

  • Get up and walk around

Moving and waking around will aid in the circulation and reduction of edema. Additionally, while you’re drinking a lot of water, you’ll be forced to get up and go to the toilet, which is a win-win situation.

  • Put on some warm clothes and bring along a small blanket

Sure, you’re headed to the tropics, but they’ll let you change clothes once you get there, so dress in layers and bring a blanket. On planes, the customers should always get chilly, and there’s nothing we despise more than being uncomfortable. Leggings, a tank top, a long sleeve shirt, and a sweatshirt are some of out to go outfits. They are fast and easy to change, and mostly comfortable. 

  • Keep an eye out for germs. 

This isn’t simply a COVID issue, though. Planes, as well as airports, have always been unsanitary. Make sure to clean the surfaces surrounding your seat with antibacterial wipes before sitting down. Bring antiseptic hand sanitizer. You’re not going to like having to wash your hands in that little washroom. Bring face towels with you too because after a long trip, you should take some time to clean your face. You should take a dose of Emergen-C along with you. Traveling may be detrimental to your immune system, which is why I usually take an Emergen-C packet every day for a few days after returning from a flight.


And that’s all the information that you need to know about flights going to Hawaii. In this article, we have shared with you not only how long of a flight is it to Hawaii and some handy tips as well as advice for traveling to Hawaii by plane. If you find our sharing helpful and interesting, please share it with your friends and loved ones. Thanks for your reading and we all hope that you will have the best Hawaii trip!

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