Guide On How To Get To Spanish Wells Bahamas? (Updated 2023)

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To make your trip to Spanish Wells Bahamas memorable and unforgettable, we propose a complete guide that we believe will be useful in meeting your expectations.

Located in a small town called St. George’s, which is on one of the most picturesque islands in the Bahamas, Spanish Wells Bahamas is famous for being a center of fishing and tourism with gorgeous beaches and intriguing out-door activities and special services. Allow us to make your travel planning easier with this detailed guide! Simply take your time to savor your special moments with your family or partner and recharge over your vacation.

Where is Spanish Wells, Bahamas?

Spanish Well is a small town on the island of St. George’s Cay, which is 2,860 meters long and located about 500 meters off the northern tip of Eleuthera Island. During the 17th century, the Spaniards used this as a safe harbor while transferring their wealth from the New to the Old World. In addition, Spanish Wells also served as a transshipment point for illicit recreational drugs being shipped from South America to North America in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Currently, Spanish Wells is extended by a 5.8-kilometer-long bridge that connects it to neighboring Russell Island and has become an integral part of the community. It develops into a hub for lobster fishing and tourism in the Bahamas. 

How To Get To Spanish Wells?

There are a variety of methods to get to Spanish Wells Bahamas, including by boat and air. Flights from Nassau or Florida to North Eleuthera Airport will get you there faster and provide a more pleasant experience than the slower ferries.

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St. George’s Cay is a simple seven-mile taxi journey overland from the airport and a one-mile boat ride off the shore of North Eleuthera.

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How to go around Spanish Wells?

Spanish Well is a small and easily navigable neighborhood, many visitors prefer to walk around and take in the sights. Golf Carts are another popular mode of transportation in this small town.It can be rented from Harbourside Rentals or Abner’s Rentals at the ferry port. If you live at the Spanish Wells Yacht Haven Resort & Hotel, you can rent their Yacht Haven Carts. Or for Spanish Wells Rentals, contact Johny Underwood via email.

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What to do at Spanish Wells Bahamas?

Ocean Activities

For a day on the sea in the lovely Spanish Wells Bahamas, going fishing, snorkeling, diving, or just sightseeing are great ways to lower your stress level. Whether you want to catch big fish or explore the ocean world, we ensure that your day is full of fun, excitement and relaxation. 

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Pig Adventure

Do you want to go swimming with pigs Bahamas? Sounds strange, don’t you? Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance in the BahamasI’m confident that this appealing tourist activity will provide you with a wonderful experience. You will get humorous images that make you laugh when you look at them after immersing yourself in the beautiful blue water and playing with the charming pigs.

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Activities on shore

Don’t worry if you don’t like water because there are other activities that are suitable for you.

Wandering on the pure white sand, basking in the warm sunshine, snapping a selfie with your family, and reading a book while taking in the serene and refreshing ambiance are all wonderful activities. Your time is still valuable as long as you can forget about the work deadlines and the hardships you’ve faced.

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Where to stay in Spanish Wells?

There are numerous types of accommodations to select from whether you are traveling with your family, a group of friends, or even alone with pets. If you want to make the most of your trip, you can contact hotels directly through their websites. The majority of them are near the beach, so you may inhale the beach’s scent for the duration of your journey. Houses, cottages, bungalows, and condos/apartments are the additional options. The nightly rate begins at $169. It saves you money while still providing the greatest service.

Where to eat in Spanish Wells?

What could be more satisfying than eating fresh seafood straight from the ocean? For lobster fans, Spanish Wells is the place to go. In Spanish Wells, there are a few good (but pricey) restaurants. There are many Bar and Chill Restaurants with excellent outside seating where you may taste Mediterranean, Seafood, Greek, Bahamian, and Vegetarian-Friendly cuisine.

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What’s nearby Spanish Wells Bahamas?

St. George’s Cay (Spanish Wells island) is surrounded by islands and activities that may provide you with a diverse range of activities to fill your Bahamas schedule.

Harbour Island

With three miles of nearly undeveloped pink sand beaches on the ocean side and even more white sand beaches on the channel side, it’s difficult to imagine anyone not finding peace on Harbor Island.

Dunmore Town

The most populous part of Harbor Island is Dunmore Town. Residents take pleasure in their community and do everything they can to keep it clean.

The biggest lure to Harbor Island’s beaches, as previously indicated, is the presence of pink sands.


Nassau is both the country’s and the country’s cultural capital. At night, you can expect the greatest nightlife/nightclubs, vibrant beaches, and crowded pubs.

It may lack the charm and isolation of other less-traveled areas of the Bahamas, but it boasts the most conveniences and choices in terms of lodging, stores, and restaurants. You will feel more at ease in Nassau than you will on other islands outside of your resort.

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Gregory Town

Dunmore town with its home of cute, brightly colored townhouses will bring you much delight. This place is proud of its residents and has been preserved for many years. In particular, there are countless motels and resorts located along the coast here. Besides, this place also has extremely beautiful pink sand beaches.

Atlantis Paradise Island

Atlantis Resort is located right on Paradise Island, which possesses an extremely beautiful location. Coming to this resort means you’ll have the convenience of finding your way to the dominating Aquaventure Water Park, the world famous Shark Walk and the Dolphin Cay. In particular, there is also a bridge to New Providence Island so you can easily participate in events there.

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That’s all the information we’ve provided to help you understand Spanish Wells Bahamas. Wishing you a pleasant journey and encouraging you to browse our other articles to learn more about this location if you require additional information.

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