Detailed Guide To Go Ice Skating Rinks in the Poconos

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In the winter, there’s no better place to be than in the Pocono Mountains. The Poconos are a gorgeous winter paradise, with sub-zero temperatures and more than five feet of snowfall each year. So grab your warmest down coat and trendiest scarf and come to the Pocono Mountains this winter! There’s a lot of different winter enjoyment to be experienced here. From dog sledding to snowshoeing, you may try your hand at it all. Ice skating in the Poconos is also a great way to have some old-fashioned winter fun. We know when and where to go, as well as how to prepare. So curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and use our free Vacation Guide to start arranging your winter holiday to the Poconos!

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When’s the best time to go ice skating in Poconos?

Indoor ice skating is available all year at certain sports facilities. This is ideal for those who wish to master the sport or simply can’t get enough of it! Winter weather, on the other hand, is ideal for ice skating. This is particularly true in the Poconos!

For most of the winter, our location remains at or below freezing. Lakes, ponds, and streams are able to freeze as a result of this. These frozen bodies of water provide excellent opportunities for gliding while taking in stunning views of our region’s natural splendor. If you’re visiting the Poconos for the holidays, we recommend going ice skating!

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How to prepare for a day in skates?

ice skating pa
What to prepare for an ice skating day?

If you’ve never attempted ice skating before, it might appear to be a difficult endeavor! Lacing up, maintaining solid on the skates, and feeling comfortable with motion are all skills that can be learned with practice. If you’ve never tried rollerskating before, go to Big Wheel Roller Skating in Stroudsburg, PA. You can get some practice on skates right here! Take a class at Bethlehem Ice Rink if you want to get right on the ice.

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Where to go ice skating in the Poconos?

One of the most popular winter locations is the Poconos Mountains in northeastern Pennsylvania. From skiing some of the greatest routes in the area to snowmobiling over frozen lakes, you’ll find plenty of exciting activities in the Poconos. We’ve got you covered if you’re searching for a nice spot to go ice skating in the Poconos. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced skater, there’s a spot for you. In the winter, you may go ice skating at one of the state parks or visit one of the indoor rinks, which are open all year.

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Nearby state parks

ice skating in pa
Ice skating in nearby the Hickory Run State Park

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The excitement of ice skating in the Poconos at one of the gorgeous outdoor parks has something unique about it. However, before delivering to one of these places, make sure the ice is thick enough. You are skating at your own risk because none of these venues are supervised by a professional. You may use an auger to determine the thickness of the ice, ensuring that it is safe for you and your family. The ice should be at least four inches thick for solitary skates and at least seven inches thick for a small group, according to the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Check out Gouldsboro State Park if you’re staying in the region and want to go ice skating in the Poconos. When the weather is safe, you may park near lot four and walk over to a one-acre ice area where skating is permitted. Hickory Run State Park also offers ice skating. Aside from skating, this public park provides cross-country skiing and snowshoeing as well as other winter sports.

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Indoor skating rinks

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Ice skaters can enjoy wonderful winter fun on Skytop’s weather-protected rink

If the weather isn’t cooperating outside, or if you’re coming during the winter, but you still want to go ice skating in the Poconos, visit one of the numerous indoor rinks. The view is, of course, the most appealing aspect of outdoor skating. Indoor skating, on the other hand, maybe just as exhilarating. The Toyota SportsPlex is a huge, well-equipped facility that is ideal for the whole family to enjoy. This rink features enough room for all skaters, as well as lots of seating for those visitors who don’t want to get out on the ice. Seniors and children under the age of four may skate for just $4, while the adult entrance is still only $8.

Head to Hickory Run State Park for the greatest ice skating in the Poconos now that you’ve mastered the basics. This Pennsylvania wilderness state park covers approximately 16,000 acres! Sand Spring Lake, which is located inside the park, is available for ice skating throughout the winter. Keep in mind that ice thickness is not checked, so check the winter weather forecast for the most up-to-date information before venturing out!

Finally, we have all of the reasonable explanations for why we should choose ice skating Poconos, as well as how to control it. I hope you find a great day off with your family in this place. We’re delighted to share this information with you. I’ll see you next time in a more broad post.