Is Disney World Open On Christmas Day? What To Expect?

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Disney-themed Parks are well known as the most beautiful parks in the world. There are a variety of activities, so don’t worry that it would not fit your age. Many people said that Disney would look magnificent in snow, and it is definitely a perfect destination for you and your loved ones to hang out on Christmas. So, is Disney World open on Christmas Day?

Is Walt Disney World open on Christmas Day? 

And here is our answer! The answer is YES! As it turns out, Disney World really opens on Christmas Day! For your information, a lot of theme parks open every day, which means they still open during holiday seasons. 

A very special part of Disney World during Christmas is that Disney will operate lots and lots of holiday-related games! On Christmas, there are a variety of activities and games for kids, and adults too, to play and try! Walt Disney World usually has four themed parks, and during Christmas, or every holiday season, all those four theme parks have holiday decorations around the park. Guests and customers will be impressed by the magical Cinderella Castle and tons of special treats with other seasonal surprises. It is usually said that The Magic Kingdom typically hosted a nighttime party on Christmas day which was Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. At Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, you will have a chance to enjoy the date with characters in their holiday best, merry music and even special holiday versions of rides like Space Mountain! Even though this event needs to be paid an extra when you go to Disney World, other dates will still include lots of seasonal fun and decor.

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The Walt Disney World will be transformed into the Magical World in Christmas

For Walt Disney World location, please check on the Walt Disney World website:

So what are you looking for? Let’s put down some notes from our article to create the best Christmas Day ever for your friends or family! 

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When does Disney World Christmas start? 

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When does the Disney World Christmas start? Here is our answer 

So when does the Disney World Christmas start? Please take note that the Christmas holiday season at Walt Disney World officially begins from November 12 every year. The decorations and fun activities still stay up until the New Year. But remember that the tickets can be sold out quite soon. In fact, the two weeks around Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, all of the tickets are sold. If you are planning a trip for a Christmas date with your loved ones like friends or family, you might wanna plan carefully and buy those tickets before a half of month or even one month. It is really important to take care of the dates, save on your visit, book your hotel and just immerse yourself in the Disney magical land. We highly recommend you to check the website regularly for tickets, and if you are lucky, you might even get some discounts. 

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When is the best time to visit Disney World during Christmas? 

As we just shared above, Disney World Christmas usually starts in early November, you might want to ask when you should visit Disney Christmas? Here are our answers:

The best time for Christmas Disney will rely on three main factors: daily ticket prices, estimated foot traffic and last but not least, average temperature for that time of the year.

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Let’s get the best Disney Christmas date! 

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The most important factor you should consider carefully is the ticket prices. It is quite important to look at the ticket prices if you want to save some money. Disney World ticket prices fluctuate due to different days. It is said that when it comes to the least crowded days, the Disney World tickets will have the lowest price. Your mission is to figure out when is the least crowded day on Disney World Christmas days! As a general rule, we often see that the largest crowds happen during the first few Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Parties. So here you go, just stay away from that day, you will get yourself a low price ticket to visit Disney World during Christmas. For more information, you can go online and search for the Disney Crowd Calendar. It is reported that the Disney World Christmas is busiest around Thanksgiving and also the two weeks leading to Christmas and New Year’s Eve. 

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To get the best Disney World ticket price, just check on the Crowd Disney World calendar to get the least crowded day! 

Another thing that you need to take a closer look at is foot traffic and average temperature for the time you wanna go. You should do some research to find how far you have to go and what the temperature will look like on the month of a day you want to go. 

In conclusion, we think these are the best dates to plan a Walt Disney World Christmas for you and your family and friends:

  • In November, you should go: November 29th or November 30th
  • In December, you should go: the first of December to the 15th of December

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