Ray of Hope Shipwreck, Nassau Bahamas: What to Know?

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The Bahamas, with more than 700 large and small islands, is known as the “paradise of the world”. The Bahamas is famous for its breathtaking scenery, captivating beauty, and wild and extremely romantic nature. If you’re planning a trip to the Bahamas, consider stopping by Ray of Hope ship in Nassau. If you are passionate about discovering interesting things, you should not miss this place. Let’s explore what this sea has to offer.

History of Ray of Hope ship

Nassau city (Bahamas), located on New Providence island, once a stronghold of pirates, Nassau city, Bahamas is also one of the most beautiful diving spots in the world. In particular, the waters of the sunken Ray of Hope ship are most loved in part by the spectacular image of giant sharks surrounding the wreckage.

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In 2003, in the City of Nassau (Bahamas), a ship – Ray of Hope, a 200-foot long Haitian cargo ship. A special thing about this incident is that the ship was completely intact when it sank into the sea. No major damage around the ship at all. Therefore, this ship allows divers or those interested in exploring mysteries under the sea to penetrate inside the cabin or even the rooms in the ship.

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Just 40-60 feet below the water’s surface, this is the ideal depth for professional or amateur divers. It is even home to many marine species living in this sea, such as sharks, reefs, rays, turtles and other fishes, including sea anemones. It shows that the class of creatures on the seabed is very rich and diverse.

It seemed that this was a natural shipwreck, but it was not. From what was examined of the ship, it was shown that this was a purposeful sinking. That’s why the wreck was so intact. And next to the Ray of Hope is another wreck called the Bahama Mama. However, the hull of the Bahama Mama ship was too old. It decayed over time, so there was an additional appearance of Ray of Hope to create more scenes to attract explorers and tourists for NewProvidence Island.

And, of course, wreck diving will require a helper if you are afraid of the depths, unprofessional people and afraid of sharks because these things will endanger your life if you ignore the potential dangers around.

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My experiences of exploring Ray of Hope ship

If you want to visit Ray of Hope shipwreck, read through the shares and experiences to know what to keep in mind when deciding to participate in a dive in New Providence. Perhaps sharks are the most dangerous for newbies. First, let’s listen to the story of Leon Joubert and Claudia Pellarini so that you can learn from the experience.

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The sharks were cared for and fed by Leon Joubert and Claudia Pellarini for many years. However, wild animals always have the property of attacking their prey. Over the years, there have been countless wounds created from shark teeth. From minor to serious injuries, even once faced with the risk of losing a limb, the most dangerous time is directly related to their lives.

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Leon is the guide and support for shark feeding at The Ray of Hope ship in this journey. There are mixed opinions about shark feeding in the world. Because they are animals that have not been domesticated by humans when feeding sharks at different times of the day due to the number of tourists requesting to feed, their behavior has changed. Because of the disturbance, leading to the sharks losing their trust in humans, they gradually become accustomed to the appearance of humans. Once they are completely unafraid of divers, they can see you as prey and food and attack you at any time.

Because of the seriousness of the feeding, when led to a gathering place full of sharks. Will be equipped with a rope protector like armor inside the diving suit to ensure safety. There are also extra-long skewers for pinning frozen fish and feeding them,

Waiting for the sharks to gradually disperse and swim away from the wreck when they are full, this is the right time to fully admire the beauty of The Ray of Hope. Start exploring from the inside of the ship’s cabin and then to the outside of this wreck. The beauty of coral reefs living on the hull and small fish swimming around give the ship an indescribable mysterious beauty. They attract tourists at first sight as if being immersed in the space of a fantasy magic world.

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Watch closer to the Ray of Hope ship in this video!

Although the danger of sharks is there, they are also a tourist attraction globally. Create a distinctive feature to attract “big-hearted” tourists to explore this magical land. Ray of Hope ship is currently the 16th wreck to sink New Providence Island. This article can give you a good experience and arouse interest in exploring this land. We hope you will have a great practical experience.

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