Everything You Should Know About Shark Cage Diving Oahu

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Sharks do not harm humans, but many people are afraid of this animal. There are many ways to overcome this fear but the best way is to join shark cage diving Oahu. If you’re already planning your trip to Oahu, don’t miss out on booking your tickets in advance to join the shark cage diving Oahu. Some of the shares given in the article below will help people have an overview of this activity.

Overview about shark cage diving Oahu

Hawaii is chosen by many tourists because of Hawaii shark cage diving. This site is also rated as one of the best in the world with pristine blue water and the appearance of more than 40 species of sharks. Besides, it also has many professional tours to help all visitors get the best experience.

These tours feature adventure activities that involve getting into a cage, but don’t worry if you don’t like this, you can also choose freestyle swimming tours for an easier and more comfortable activity.

When choosing a tour here, in addition to watching sharks, people will also have the opportunity to see other creatures such as turtles, dolphins and whales. Surely this will be an exciting adventure that everyone should try once.

Is shark diving ethical?

Since shark diving is a relatively toxic activity, there are many questions to be answered. While learning about this trip, many people will question whether being in a cage and watching sharks is an ethical activity. The answer will give you peace of mind because this tour has been assessed by famous experts as completely ethical.

The reality shows that people are constantly working to preserve and educate people about the best things about sharks. Because there have been horror movies about the cruelty of sharks before, many people always feel extremely afraid of this fish.

The main purpose of this tour is to help people overcome their fears and learn more about the animals that live in the water directly. Besides, the tour also helps to increase the revenue from the tour. That money will be used to recruit professional guards to stop shark finning violations and illegal fishing.

When you choose to travel at legal and ethical companies, your trip will become more meaningful. All activities of the company are guaranteed not to affect the environment or cause harmful effects to animals.

It is safe to say that shark cage diving in Oahu is an ethical practice. Not only that, this is also a great way to contribute to preserving these sea giants from danger. This is one of the most popular and popular tours on the island.

cage diving hawaii
Shark diving is an activity that does not affect morality

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Types of Sharks in Oahu

With such a large space, people will have to wonder what types of sharks they can see. It has been pointed out that Hawaii is home to more than 40 species of sharks of various shapes and colors. Thereby people will admire special types of sharks that may never be seen.

In Oahu, there are many species of sharks but you will easily encounter some such as: Galapagos, White-tip Reef, Sandbar, Scalloped Hammerhead and Tiger. Galapagos and Tiger sharks are considered the most ferocious, their bodies can grow up to 20 feet long and weigh 1,500 pounds.

Best shark cage diving tours in Oahu

Pristine waters of Oahu shark dive

Departure point: Haleiwa

Time: 2 hours

One of the notable experiences when taking a tour here is the option of diving in a shark cage in Oahu. Especially to make the trip more interesting, you should choose unspoiled seas. One can look for any type of shark when coming here, but the most popular are still Sandbar and Galapagos sharks. Pay attention to slowly looking from the floating cage close to your surroundings so you can see as many fishes as possible.

Besides, there will be some interesting activities along with the experience of snorkeling equipment. If you do not know how to dive, do not worry, here will have a team of experts to guide you right from the basic steps.

Pick Up Location: Haleiwa Boat Harbor is the initial pick up point for tourists who choose Pristine Shark Cage diving.

Experience Level: Anyone 5 years of age or older can join with no experience required.

Tips: Experts also often give advice when participating in shark cage diving. First of all, always keep your body above the water and use a snorkel and mask. Next look over the shark cage and expect to see as the shark glides across the water. You should not dive for a long time if you are a person who often suffers from seasickness.

Please plan to prepare food, drinks, sunscreen, towels and swimwear as these services are not provided. In addition, people with disabilities or heart disease will not be allowed to join this tour.

Tour details: When you choose this service, you’ll be picked up and dropped off from your arrival at the shark cage dive site in Oahu to your return to your hotel. If you cannot stay for a long time, it is best to choose a time of 2 hours. This time is suitable for people to witness the peak shark species.

You should not miss the diving experience as it is truly amazing, you will have a chance to get closer to the sharks while in the cage. The scenery here is also very wonderful with the blue color of the sea. If you want to make things more interesting, you can learn more about the biology and natural behaviors of sharks. All guests who choose this trip will be provided with a professional crew and available snorkeling equipment. On this one trip, people are prescribed a maximum of 9 people.

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Pristine Waters of Oahu Shark Dive

Big Blue Pacific Oahu Shark Cage Dive

Departure point: Haleiwa

Time: 2 hours

The North Shore is also one of the great spots with many interesting experiences for shark cage diving Oahu. You can rest assured when you choose this tour and see the sharks. Because people already have shark cages to protect as well as a team of professional sailors who are experienced and know how to handle sharks.

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Some common shark species are the Sandbar and Galapagos sharks. Besides, visitors also have the opportunity to see many other marine animals such as dolphins, turtles and humpback whales.

Pick-up location: The shark cage diving oahu Big Blue Pacific will pick up guests at 66-101 Haleiwa Rd, Haleiwa, HI 96712. As for transportation, everyone will be at their own expense to Haleiwa Port due to the pandemic.

Experience Level: Anyone can join this tour without any experience. However, this tour will not be wheelchair accessible, so extra caution is required.

Tip: To capture every moment of this exciting adventure, don’t forget to prepare a waterproof camera.

Tour details: The starting point of the dive is Haleiwa Boat Harbor. From Boat Harbor you will travel by motorboat to the open ocean, this is where sailing to the most convenient shark-watching location. The experts will also instruct you on safety measures before diving.

With a viewing area over 200 feet long, everyone can easily see the sea. Swimming sharks will make you feel excited and want to watch them all day. Galapagos, Hammerhead and Sandbar sharks are some of the famous species you will have the chance to see on this trip. When participating in shark cage diving Oahu, people can choose to dive in groups with 2 adults or 8 people at the same time.

When diving in a shark cage, you also need to pay attention to the weather as well as how the water fluctuates. This is also an opportunity for people to overcome their fear of sharks. Each tour in this trip will be given a maximum limit of 14 people.

Swim with Sharks… Cage-Free!

Departure point: Haleiwa

Time: 2 hours

Swim With Sharks Cage-Free with its location on the North Shore of Oahu is considered a great place to have interesting experiences. People do not need to worry when watching sharks because there are experienced guides to ensure the safety of all visitors.

Pick up location: 66-105 Haleiwa Rd is the location where visitors will be picked up. Everyone in the same group, if traveling separately, will meet at Haleiwa Small Boat Harbor.

Experience Level: This adventure does not require any experience, kids can also join as long as there is adult supervision. However, there is a caveat that the trip is not suitable for people with weak physical abilities and wheelchairs.

Tip: Before going to the shark cage diving experience, get a good night’s sleep. Always be alert and follow the instructions of the guides.

Drinking Dramamine an hour before the start of the trip will be a solution to reduce seasickness. For the best experience, stop thinking about shark stereotypes.

Tour details: The adventure will take place when all visitors leave the shores of Haleiwa. A further three miles and you’ll be able to reach the perfect shark spot with a depth of 250 feet. Together with an experienced diver, you can observe the sharks. This trip is special because people do not sit in cages, but relying on the support of experts everyone will always be safe. The time people can swim freely next to the sharks is about 40 minutes.

For ease of movement, it is best not to carry any heavy equipment. You don’t have to go to the store to buy diving gear because when you board this trip you will be provided with everything. Here you will also see a top shark spot with a diversity of nearly 40 species of sharks.

cage diving with sharks hawaii 1024x683
Swim With Sharks Cage-Free is an activity for the adventurous

Swim & Snorkel with Sharks in Haleiwa

Departure point: Haleiwa

Time: 2 hours

Shark cage diving Oahu often takes place on the North Shore of Oahu with many spectacular spots. You can go on this adventure in Oahu that includes snorkeling 3 kilometers from Haleiwa Harbor, then the perfect spot for shark watching. Besides sharks, you can also see some other sea creatures such as whales, dolphins and turtles.

Pick up location: Service providers will pick you up on this shark cage diving adventure at 66-105 Haleiwa Rd. Everyone will then meet at the blue One Ocean Diving kiosk.

Experience level: To participate in this exciting activity, everyone just needs to be in good physical condition, not any experience at all. Young children have the opportunity to participate, as long as an adult supervises at all times. Women who are pregnant and have unstable health conditions will not be able to participate because of many unfortunate problems.

Tips: Each tour will have an expert guide, everyone needs to pay attention to follow their instructions. Tracking important information related to sharks will help you get more interesting experiences.

Tour details: Oahu’s North Shore has received numerous reviews as a great place for snorkeling because it’s home to an abundance of marine life. Shark cage diving is a popular activity that anyone who comes here should try once. This tour has been led by marine biologists with many years of experience in the profession. They received training from renowned shark experts Ocean Ramsey and Juan Oliphant. That’s why it always gives visitors the most peace of mind.

Before you go on a trip, learn something new about sharks and other sea creatures.

You’ll also learn more about conservation efforts and how to get involved. Learn what to do when sharks are approaching and approaching you. One Ocean Diving is renowned as the first company in the country to thrive, offering tours where you can swim with sharks without being in a cage. You can contact the company for enthusiastic advice and have the most meaningful trip.

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Pelagic shark dive tour in Mo’o

Departure point: Haleiwa

Time: 2 hours

Mo’o is also known as a shark cage diving oahu of choice for many visitors. In addition to shark watching, people can also go swimming or snorkeling on Oahu’s North Shore.

The Pelagic Shark Diving Tour gives people the opportunity to get a close look at the diversity of native sharks. It also helps you learn the safest way to interact with local animals.

Some of the famous sharks here are: White Reef Shark, Shell Hammerhead Shark, Tiger Shark, Galapagos Shark, Gray Reef Shark and Sandbar Shark. Learning about the cultural identity of the indigenous people here will also help you have the most memorable trip.

Pick up location: Departures are made at Haleiwa Marina.

Experience Level: Like many other locations, no experience is required here. It just doesn’t allow people who are sick, physically weak, and wheelchair-bound.

Tip: Sharks will often glide closer when they see humans. Even if they come back, you should not touch or interfere with their habitat. Allow yourself to enjoy the sharks and marine life that you can’t find anywhere else.

Tour details: The shark-watching experience will keep everyone entertained in the open waters of Oahu’s North Shore. There are several types of sharks available that you can see easily and often during diving.

Don’t worry too much about the experiences here because there are always

guide help. Through this process, people will learn to interact with sharks in the safest and most natural way with the support of a guide. When taking a trip in winter, people need to pay special attention to dolphins and humpback whales.

Mo’o is also known for watching Scalloped Hammerhead, Gray Reef, Tipped Reef and Sandbar sharks. These are the top predatory sharks, you will be able to admire their every behavior.

During the trip, everyone will have a stopover at Island View Hawaii. The service providers will also provide you with bottled water, snorkeling equipment and even safe divers. During that trip, there must be at least 2 tourists and a maximum of 5 people.

great white shark cage diving hawaii
Immerse yourself in the exciting space under the blue ocean

Shark cage diving Oahu tips

Should you go shark diving with or without a cage?

Shark diving offers beautiful scenery but poses health risks so it requires a great deal of courage. The guides when operating

Experienced tours will often help you choose between diving with and without a cage.

It is considered that shark diving in a main cage is one of the extremely interesting experiences. This feels like a thrill-seeking adventure. Everyone can rest assured that the environment is safe and controlled. Therefore, swimming with a cage will be suitable for those who do not have swimming experience.

Shark diving without a cage means you will be swimming with the sharks without barriers. People are not confined within a framework but can freely swim outside. Whether you have swimming experience or not, the divers will guide you in the safest way.

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Is shark diving in Hawaii safe?

Since everything has been carefully prepared, diving with sharks in Oahu is a safe choice. The fall or winter months on the islands will be crowded with visitors, but Hawaii is home to less aggressive species.

Just during the experience, you listen to the opinions and instructions of the guides and you will take safety precautions. There have also been people who have died from fighting with sharks, so observing the guide is very important.

What kind of sharks will you see?

Each region will have different types of sharks, so seeing which species will depend on where people dive. Galapagos, Tiger and Sandbar; Silkies, Blue Sharks, and Hammerheads will occasionally make a surprise appearance for everyone to see.

How much does shark diving cost?

Tickets for children will be $90 per child, and for adults, $120 to $150. If you choose to book online, of course, the price will be cheaper.

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Shark cage diving Oahu offers a lot of exciting activities with new experiences that everyone should try once. The holiday is coming, spend time with your family and have the most meaningful vacation. Hopefully with the above sharing, everyone will gain important knowledge when participating in shark cage diving oahu.

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