Top 4 Best Places to Watch Sunset Palm Springs

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Sunset is the time that brings people the most indescribable emotions. If you are a person who likes to watch the sunset, you should definitely refer to this article to know where the ideal sunset viewing places are. Depending on each person’s preference about where to watch the sunset, all have one thing in common, that is to fully observe the scenery, and the most suitable places to watch are high places or empty areas like deserts. The desert is an ideal place to watch the sunset.

Palm Springs is a great place to watch the sunset. Here are the 4 best spots to watch sunset Palm Springs.

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Rooftop at the Kimpton Rowan

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Referring to the United States, people often think of luxurious and flashy beauties, but the desert city of Palm Springs seems to be a different exception when it comes to blending the beauty of modernity in harmony with the natural landscape. Although this city is often mentioned with sand dunes and large deserts, it is not arid and harsh like other desert cities in the world. Instead, people consider this city as a resort paradise with high-class, high-class and luxurious resorts.

Kimpton Rowan is one of Palm Springs’ most upscale hotels. Therefore, the quality of service at this hotel gives visitors attentive service and a great experience when choosing this place to stay. Kimpton Rowan’s rooftop is probably the most expensive because you can watch the beautiful sunset at every intersection of day and night.

You will admire the panoramic view of the city gradually being covered by the light at the end of the day, gently and peacefully, and gradually pulling the night to cover Palm Spring. What better way to enjoy the view, enjoy food, drink and relax on the rooftop to watch sunset Palm Springs

  • 100 W Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs, CA 92262
  • 760-904-5015

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Indian Canyon Drive

The next place that will introduce you is Indian Canyon Drive. From downtown Palm Springs keep moving north towards the highway, and you will reach the next Palm Springs sunset spot. This is a place where no people live because it is covered by windmills on a large scale. It can be said that this is also an ideal place for ideal outdoor camping.

palm springs sunset indian canyon drive

This area is easy to recognize because its biggest feature is a large space covered with giant windmills and wild grass. It is also one of the iconic places in Palm Springs. Due to the nature of the terrain, this is also a place where many tourists come to admire the sunset along with the majestic unspoiled natural scenery. Remember to bring a tent if you intend to spend the night in this area.

  • S Indian Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA
  • 760-416-7044

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Tommy Bahama in Palm Desert

sunset in palm springs tommy bahama in palm desert

What could be more wonderful than enjoying a peaceful moment under the gentle sunlight of the sunset and enjoying a romantic meal for couples? Great family moment? Or a place to enjoy self-love? Tommy Bahama is a definite must-visit when coming to watch sunset Palm Desert.

Follow the east side of Palm Desert, and you’ll see Tommy Bahama, a famous restaurant in the area. They are not only famous for the quality of their food but also for their dining space. Focusing on the customer’s experience, Tommy Bahama has taken great care in restaurant services, organizing events and even organizing gatherings. The enjoyment of delicious cuisine will be more prominent and worth enjoying when the sunset is supported. Hurry up and choose a seat in the courtyard to catch the sunset and enjoy delicious dishes here. 

  • 73595 El Paseo Suite B1212, Palm Desert, CA 92260
  • Daily, from 11:00 to 21:00
  • 760-836-0188

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Key’s Point in Joshua Tree

sunset palm springs keys point in joshua tree

If you come to Palm Springs without visiting Joshua Tree, this trip is meaningless. Of the four suitable places to watch the sunset in Palm Springs, Key’s Point in Joshua Tree is the most popular. Not because there are restaurants and hotels here, but because the view here is so great.

Sunsets at Palm Springs and Joshua Tree will both be captured when viewed at Key’s Point because this is where you will have sweeping views and the entire majestic valley with strong cutting lines of hills, golden sand and gravel. The natural setting is unspoiled and attractive.

There is a warning for you that if you go in the peak tourist season, come here early to be able to find yourself a parking space, because of the large number of guests, the number of parking spaces is limited. If you go late, you may miss out on admiring the beauty of the sunset covering the entire valley here.

  • Keys View, California.
  • 760-367-5500

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Out of the 4 locations above, where do you feel are the best spots to watch sunset Palm Springs? Everyone will have their own preferences about choosing where to watch the beauty of the sunset, but no matter what location you choose, don’t forget to bring your camera to save valuable moments during your trip. Wishing you a great experience at Palm Springs.

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