Should I Visit Hawaii In August?

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Visiting Hawaii at the proper time of year is like stepping into a tropical paradise. You may still go to Hawaii in August, even if you booked your plane ticket earlier in the year. To make the most of your time in Hawaii in August, read on for helpful tips on what to do and what not to miss out on.

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Overview of the weather in Hawaii in August

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Hawaii in August is still worthy to visit

It’s important to be prepared for a few rainstorms if you’re traveling to Hawaii in August. In other words, the likelihood of rain is lower in August and September than it is in the other months.

Hawaii in August is a fantastic destination due to the pleasant weather and plenty of sunshine, especially the Big Island. 

After a usual daily temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the overnight temperature drops to a refreshing 70 degrees Fahrenheit, resulting in a pleasant overall climate. Despite the fact that August’s average rainfall is higher than that of June’s lowest rainfall period, this month is still regarded to be a dry month.

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Rainfall in Hawaii in August

Now let’s move to the rainfall of each island of Hawaii in August.


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The island of Oahu receives an average of 0.93 inches of rain each year (and the same amount on Waikiki Beach). As a result of these differences, rainfall in Ko Olina is somewhat lower than the rest of Hawaii, while rainfall on the North Shore is much greater.


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According to Lihue, the island of Kauai gets an average of 2.13 inches of rain in August. It is not as dry as the South Shore, but it is also not as wet as the North Shore, which is located in the southeast of the island.


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The island of Maui gets an average rainfall of.5 inches in August. Consider the fact that Hana gets far more rain than the rest of Maui on a consistent basis.

Big Island

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It is predicted by the Kailua-Kona weather forecast that the Big Island will get an average of 0.67 inches of rain each year on average. With about 10-12 inches of rain falling throughout the year in the Kohala Coast (north of Kona), the region is substantially drier than the rest of the state.

In August, the eastern section of the island, as well as Hilo, get an average of 9.85 inches of rain every month. Due to the fact that the city of Hilo, Hawaii, is classified as one of the rainiest in the United States, the weather is virtually continually gloomy.

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In accordance with weather data collected at Kaunakakai Airport, Molokai gets an average of 0.45 inches of rain per year on a yearly basis. On the other hand, there are periods of mild rain that come and go on the eastern half of Molokai.


weather in hawaii august

In August, the island of Lanai has an average rainfall of 1.40 inches, with the highest totals occurring in the upcountry and Lanai City. Lanai’s Manele Bay is noted for its rainy weather, and it rains more often in the latter area than in the former.

Should I visit Hawaii in August?

According to the Hawaii Tourism Authority, the month of August is often a busy one for tourists visiting the Hawaiian islands. A decrease in the number of visitors to this tropical locale is seen as the month advances.

A trip to Hawaii in August with your loved ones or your children is the ultimate vacation. Families may spend quality time together outdoors while the weather is nice since most schools are closed at the beginning of each month.

This tropical paradise is not only a wonderful honeymoon destination, but it is also a wonderful location for weddings and anniversaries.

Visit the island’s highest summits if you want to see the island from a different point of view; otherwise, don’t go.

According to data published by the Hawaii Tourism Authority, August is a very busy month for tourists to the state of Hawaii. A decrease in the number of visitors to this tropical locale is seen as the month advances.

Taking a vacation to Hawaii with your loved ones during the month of August is the finest time to do it (and children). Families may spend quality time together outdoors while the weather is nice since most schools are closed at the beginning of each month.

Special events such as weddings, anniversaries, and other celebrations are made even more memorable in this tropical hideaway.

Going up to the island’s highest peaks is an excellent option for travelers who wish to view the island from a different perspective.

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Is Hawaii expensive in August?

This is definitely an essential consideration while embarking on a journey. We’ve got the results about the cost of traveling to Hawaii in August.

Hawaii airfare

hawaii in august weather

It’s difficult to predict how much flying will cost to Hawaii in August, particularly during the first several weeks of the month. It is expected that the cost of flights from the United States to Hawaii will increase this month.

Hawaii hotel rates

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When it comes to hotel rates in Hawaii in August, research shows that expenditures are higher than typical during the first week of August, but that they begin declining near the end of the month. The first week of the month is peak season, which means it is more expensive than the last week of the month, which is the beginning of low season, which is the second week of the month.

Visiting Hawaii on a budget

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You should plan your flights and lodgings as far in advance as possible, regardless of when you want to go to Hawaii.

If you want to save money and get the most out of your vacation dollar, avoid visiting Hawaii during the summer months.

What can I do in August in Hawaii

Hawaii in the month of August is jam-packed with festivals and events, while the exact number and kind of activities change from year to year. The following are the many sorts of activities that you may participate in when visiting the Hawaiian islands.

Duke’s OceanFest

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Duke’s OceanFest 2019

Attendees who like water sports are invited to participate. Duke’s OceanFest features a wide variety of water sports each year, including swimming, longboard surfing, paddleboard racing, stand-up paddling, and beach volleyball, to name just a few.

Celebrations are held in Honolulu to honor Duke Kahanamoku’s legacy as an athlete as well as a man.

Location: Oahu

The Heiva I Kauai International Tahitian Dance Competition

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International Tahitian Dance Competition

An annual traditional Hawaiian dance and music competition, Heiva I Kauai, draws together hundreds of contestants from all over the globe to compete in traditional Hawaiian dance and song.

Additionally, there will be lively community displays during the event, ensuring that everyone who attends will have an amazing experience.

Location: Kauai

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30 Days of Aloha on Hawaii Island

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Hawaii Island Festival

This is another event in Hawaii that is rich in the tradition of Native Hawaiians, and it is celebrated on Hawaii Island in August. 

There are a number of events taking place on the Big Island during the whole month of September.

Location: Big Island

Ho’oku’ikahi Establishment Day Hawaiian Cultural Festival

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Ho’oku’ikahi Establishment Day Cultural Festival

The Ho’oku’ikahi Establishment Day Cultural Festival is held on the largest Hawaiian island every year on the first of January.

To complete this celebration of Hawaiian old culture, there will be more than 20 antique demonstrations along with ancient art and craft workshops, traditional Hawaiian music and activities.

Location: Big Island

The Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament

This five-day fishing contest is intended for serious anglers! Fishermen from all over the globe are invited to take part in the Kona International Charter Fishing Tournament, which takes place every year in Hawaii.

The winner of the HIBT Governor’s Trophy is typically awarded to the fisherman who took first place in the event.

Location: Big Island

Made in Hawaii Festival

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Made in Hawaii Festival previews COVID protocol at Ala Moana Center

In August, this magnificent event takes place in the Neal S. Blaisdell Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, and is highly popular among visitors.

It is the largest arts and crafts expo in the world and has hundreds of exhibitors including arts and crafts items, books, culinary goods, gift items, clothes, jewelry, and other uncommon local commodities.

Location: Oahu


After reading our piece, we hope you have a better idea of what to expect from Hawaii in August. We hope you have a wonderful vacation with your loved one, family, and friends in this particular paradise on Earth.

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