Should I Visit Hawaii In September?

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With its attractive beauty, Hawaii is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Here, you will be able to enjoy the amazing gifts that Mother Nature bestows on people and engage in fun outdoor activities. On the other hand, each month in Hawaii will provide you with unique adventures. Let’s take a look at this article if you’re planning a trip to Hawaii in September.

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Overview of weather in Hawaii

Hawaii’s environment is generally pleasant, and the weather is tropical, so you may visit at any time of year. When you arrive in Hawaii, you’ll be surrounded by the spectacular splendor of the ocean, which includes majestic beaches, jagged mountains, and lush rainforest.

All of these elements combine to produce a lovely image of nature and a spot where you can relax and enjoy the cool winds from the East, which are moistened and soften your skin. You’re neither too hot nor cold, and you’re really comfy. Thanks to the intriguing tropical weather conditions, you can go to the highlands and volcanic areas, but the temperatures are still much cooler than in other tropical tourist locations.

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Weather in Hawaii in September

Hawaii in September has rain. The weather is humid but hot because the rainfall is not long and moderate here. Despite the fact that September is the rainy season, you can rest assured that the weather will not influence your trip.

Because Hawaii is tropical, the ocean temperature will be warm in September, making it a great time for you to swim and play on the beach. If you want to go swimming, the best time is at noon, when temperatures can reach 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Make the most of your trip by soaking up the sun and bathing your salty brown skin. And feel the blue sea and white sand’s inherent fatigue-busting energy.

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weather in hawaii in september


Because Oahu is the most favorable place to visit in Hawaii in September, it is featured first. Aside from the natural beauty, September on Oahu offers a variety of cultural events, time pages, food, and major film releases. Furthermore, the number of tourists is not as high at this time, and hotel charges are lower than during peak season in Hawaii.

September is a fantastic month to visit because of these aspects. Diamond Head State Monument and Waikiki Beach are two of the many attractions to see while on Oahu.


Kauai, often known as Garden Island, is known for its breathtaking underwater beauty. At the snorkeling locations at Ke’e Beach, Hanalei Bay, and Tunnels Beach, you may immerse yourself in the world of the sea while spotting marine life. The famous Napali Coast, one of the parks that attract many visitors from the Kalalau route, is a great place to wander in the sand and take pictures.

On a helicopter trip, you can see the grandeur of the Napali Coast from above. Suppose you enjoy learning about different cultures while traveling. In that case, September is an excellent time to visit Kauai because two festivals take place during this month: the Kauai Marathon and the Kauai Mokihana Festival.

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If you dislike crowds when traveling, September is a perfect time to visit Maui and enjoy a less crowded environment. Furthermore, going during this month will save you even more money because hotels here frequently have fantastic deals this month.

If you want to swim or participate in water sports, do it first thing in the morning because the temperature will range from 60 to 77 degrees Celsius in September. Take advantage of all the enjoyable activities available. Play in the water before the winter winds start to blow.

After that, go on a waterfall tour and trek to the 1,200-foot Iao Valley State Monument, which is famed for being the location of the Battle of Kapeniwai. The rainforest hike and the Interactive Nature Museum will be a hit if you’re traveling with children.

Big Island

Exploring the spectacular beauty at Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, getting lost in nature in the Waipio Valley, and shooting Instagram-worthy images at the stunning Akaka Falls State Park are just a few of the top things to do on the Big Island in September.

Swing by the Hilo Farmers’ Market for some nostalgic crafts and snacks in between major spending at other boutiques! Hawai’i is known for its alluring shopping environment, especially in Waikoloa and other cities, so be sure to stop by!

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If you visit Hawaii in September, visit Molokai, a lovely, unspoiled island with Hawaii’s longest white sand beach. It is known for having the world’s highest cliffs and gorgeous beaches where visitors may enjoy spectacular snorkeling. The cultural attractions are also plentiful.

Visit ancient temples or heiau and historic rockfish ponds to immerse oneself in true Hawaiian culture. There are many other great sites to see in Molokai in September. Watching the gorgeous sunsets at Papohaku, exploring Kalaupapa National Historical Park in the beautiful weather, enjoying an exploration drive through the Coastal Road to Halawa Valley, and taking part in the lively Aloha Festival are just a few examples.


Lanai, often known as Pineapple Island, is a small and peaceful Hawaiian island. In September, the weather is pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 77 to 60 degrees Celsius. The beach has a one-of-a-kind beauty, particularly with dolphins swimming around in the water.

With activities for couples such as cycling around town in a jeep, taking in the magnificent surroundings, and enjoying the cold breeze together, the experience with your partner is fantastic… The Aloha Festival in Lanai is also a terrific time to visit in September. You may also watch the unique Hawaiian dance, eat native cuisine, and watch beautiful parades.

Should I visit Hawaii in September?

Although not as popular as the summer months, September is one of the best months to visit Hawaii because of the abundance of natural resources, activities, and festivals available.

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Is Hawaii expensive in September?

Is a trip to Hawaii in September cheap, given the magnificent vistas, various activities, intriguing culture, and delectable food? Let’s look over each vacation expense one by one!

Hawaii airfare

Because September has a little amount of rain, demand is low this month, and as a result, the price of planes falls. So don’t worry. September is a fantastic time to book Hawaii tickets. You should, however, book your plane tickets as early as July. August is a good time to book if you’re not in a rush because costs will be much lower (most likely). Just make sure you do your homework and check pricing and offers from other airlines.

Hawaii hotel rates

Not only did aircraft tickets become much cheaper, but so did hotel and excursion expenses. Hotel room costs will drop from an average of $200 per night to $350 per night. September is unquestionably one of the most affordable months to visit Hawaii.

Visiting Hawaii on a budget

In September, you may visit Hawaii on the cheap. All you have to do now is weigh your options and make the best financial decisions possible. Remember that most of the fun activities in Hawaii are free, and only a few are inexpensive.

Choose a hotel in the mid-range price range. Replace that $400 hotel deal with a more affordable $150 choice. You may also add a low-cost massage to complete the pampering experience.

Take group trips instead of hiring a car to save money (and use public transit when possible)!

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What can I do in September in Hawaii

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You can enjoy the following festivals in September in addition to the exciting water sports, beach and town walks, and picturesque bike rides with your partner at the Hawaiian sites listed above:

  • Hawai’i Big Island Poke Contest (Big Island)
  • Clyde “Kindy” Sproat Falsetto & Storytelling Competition (Big Island)
  • Annual Waikiki Ho’olaule’a (Oahu)
  • True Hawaiian Spirit Celebration Ho’olaule’a (Maui)
  • Kauai Mokihana Festival (Kauai)
  • Annual Richard Hoopii Leo Kiekie Falsetto Competition in Kapalua (Maui)
  • Maui La’ Ulu Festival (Maui)
  • Maui Festivals of Aloha (Maui)

Should you travel to Hawaii in September or not? I hope that you have been able to answer yourself with the information above. If you still want to find out more interesting places for the trip, please visit the other articles on the page!

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