Drinking Age In Bahamas: Everything You Should Know And Follow

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The Bahamas is an ideal destination for holidaymakers. Like many other tourist destinations, the tourist area in the Bahamas will be very fun and interesting if you do not have problems related to the law, especially alcohol consumption.

Alcohol is widely available in the Bahamas, there are numerous bars and nightclubs throughout the country, and liquor is sold at most convenience stores. However, drinking can be a tricky business here – especially for tourists who don’t know the local laws.

If you’re planning on drinking in the Bahamas, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the local regulations. In this article, we will outline some of the basics about drinking age in Bahamas. We will also provide some advice for travelers who want to enjoy a drink or two while they’re here.

The most common reason for the age regulation of alcohol use in countries is the negative effect on the nervous system of adolescents. Since the brain and nervous system are still developing, alcohol consumption will have adverse effects on long-term memory and cognition at this age. In addition, liver damage and hormone imbalance are also long-term consequences of alcohol use during puberty.

In addition, at the developing age, the awareness of alcohol use has not yet been completed, which greatly affects the irresponsible consumption of alcoholic beverages and increases the risks of alcohol abuse to injuries and accidents when yeast is present in the body.

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If you’re planning a trip to the Bahamas, but you’re not old enough according to local regulations, you may be wondering if every country has the same rules for this?

You will be surprised to know that the most common drinking age worldwide is actually “no”.

legal drinking age in bahamas

Right! As many as 96 countries in the world do not have an age limit for the use of alcohol, namely countries in Africa and Angola.

However, that does not mean that the rest of the countries are lenient and do not have laws for drinking. Most territories around the world have legislation on the use and sale of alcohol by minors in public. In some countries, it is illegal to drink alcohol in any form and any place. However, in others, it is still allowed for minors to consume alcoholic beverages under the supervision of minor adult supervision.

Besides, in addition to the age limit, there are regulations on the amount and type of alcohol that diners can consume based on their age in some localities. In Belgium, children as young as 16 can buy and drink beer and wine but cannot buy spirits until they turn 18.

The second most common legal drinking ages in the world are 18 and 21. However, WHO states that globally, on average, children start drinking between 12 and 15.

In addition, some countries completely ban the purchase and consumption of alcohol, regardless of age, for religious reasons. These include Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Sudan, and Somalia.

You know about the minimum legal drinking ages in other countries and why they exist. So at what age can you legally enjoy a drink in the Bahamas?

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As mentioned above, the laws regarding the drinking and purchase of alcohol can be quite complex in most countries. In the Bahamas, however, the drinking age regulation is relatively straightforward.

How old to drink in Bahamas?

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If you’re 18 or older, the good news is that you can safely buy and consume alcohol while vacationing in the Bahamas. Remember that the legal drinking age you need to follow does not depend on your country of residence but your current country. This means that if you are from the United States or Canada, where the drinking ages are 21 and 19, you can safely consume and purchase alcohol while on vacation in the Bahamas.

All you have to do is provide legal proof of your exact age with your passport or ID.

However, you should keep in mind that alcohol is not sold every day in the Bahamas. Unlike other countries, you won’t find any shops selling alcohol on Sundays.

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Despite the clear 18-year age limit for drinking alcohol in the Bahamas, there are plenty of ways to get around the law to enjoy this drink. Except for high-end resorts and fully-registered amusement parks, you can easily see that there are no specific procedures for ID or age checks. In addition, small groups of minors congregating can still buy and drink alcohol with the help of adults.

However, here’s why you should strictly adhere to the legal drinking age in Bahamas, no matter the situation.

Although there are loopholes, the laws are clear and provide severe punishments for those who break them.

While it is rare for minors to be convicted of underage drinking in the Bahamas, you must not be negligent about it.

As a legal penalty for underage drinking, you can be fined hundreds of dollars. Besides, you can even get locked up if you behave irrationally or dangerously after drinking illegal alcohol.

That’s why the safest option is to avoid alcohol if you’re under 18 while visiting the Bahamas.

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Yes, whether you’re in the Bahamas’ capital Nassau or any other city, the legal drinking age remains the same. You can’t legally drink or buy alcohol if you’re under 18!

  • The legal drinking age in Nassau Bahamas is 18.
  • The drinking age Bahamas Atlantis is 18 year or older.
  • The drinking age in Bimini Bahamas is 18.

You might hear many people say that age doesn’t matter or that you won’t have any restrictions when it comes to getting to the Bahamas. However, safety is always better than any form of apology or punishment. You should be extra careful about the age limit for drinking and other activities if you are traveling with children under 18. In addition to being illegal, potentially fatal risks and effects to health and well-being are also consequences to be considered.

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The minimum drinking age in Bahamas cruise lines is 18, making it one of the lower drinking ages among popular cruise destinations. This makes it a great choice for travelers who are looking to enjoy a relaxing and fun vacation at sea while enjoying a few drinks with their friends or family. Depending on each cruise line, there will be different drinking age requirements, see more here.

What is the CocoCay Bahamas drinking age?

The Coco Cay drinking age is 21 years old, as it is in many other destinations around the world. If you turn 21 during your trip, you may be able to order alcoholic beverages after verifying your age at the Guest Services desk, using your valid ID. Whether you’re headed to Coco Cay for a relaxing day on the beach or an adventurous excursion, be sure to stay informed about local drinking laws so that you can have an enjoyable and safe trip.

In addition to the legal drinking age, in the Bahamas there is a legal age threshold for consuming many other drugs.

Smoking is considered legal for all ages. Anyone can legally smoke cigarettes without any security concerns.

However, not everyone can legally buy cigarettes in the country. If you want to buy cigarettes, you must be 18 years or older. This means that if you are under 18, you can only enjoy one cigarette if an adult buys it for you.

Similarly, marijuana is completely illegal to consume and buy anywhere in the Bahamas. But no one can sell, buy or smoke while on holiday in the country, no matter what age they are.

Travelers found in possession or use of drugs can face severe legal penalties, according to government law.

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Now that you know all about the legal drinking age issues in the Bahamas, it’s time to add some more information to your holiday.

You will be surprised to know that other activities also have an age limit!

drinking age bahamas

For example, you must be at least 17 years old to drive a car in the Bahamas. However, you must have formal driver training and a valid driver’s license. Even if you’re old enough to drive, you must be 21 to rent a car in Nassau. Before you plan to rent a car in the Bahamas, check the car rental company’s policy.

Similarly, scuba diving and a few other water sports activities are only for children aged ten and up. In addition, all children aged 10 to 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times but will not be allowed to dive. Even if you are 18 years old, you must present a document signed by your parent or guardian to be eligible to participate in scuba diving.

In addition, there are many other activities such as snorkeling, fishing excursions and swimming with sharks, which are not suitable for children. You should look at the legal age policies for each of these if you’re planning a family vacation, so your kids don’t feel left out.

Try the swimming with pigs in the Bahamas activity, which has no age limit, you will be more comfortable with your family and friends.


At this point, you must have enough basic information about drinking age in Bahamas or the regulation of using drugs and enjoying some activities when visiting here, right?

Most people plan their vacation with a lighthearted, carefree mood, but this often makes them forget about important aspects to consider when entering a foreign country. That’s exactly the local age limit for alcohol use. Please keep the above information in mind and enjoy a safe and responsible holiday!

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